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                                                    Main Stage

                       Mamas Munchies    Mamas Munchies    Mamas Munchies
           Rachelle Carson Begley   Rachel Avalon    Tamara Henry

                       Mamas Munchies    Mamas Munchies    Mamas Munchies
                            Cindy Click            Powerful            Jaraneh Nova

                          Mamas Munchies            
                                          Eco Kids                             Kerry Bishop
                                                                                 as Princess Aeracura

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                                     Workshops sponsored by:

             Episencical  NewCenturycookware  EarthMamababyangel

                                     Creating A Safe Environment

        AmyBren   Robina SUWOL   MCor   Jen Taggart
           Amy Brenneman  Robina Suwol   Mary Cordaro   Jennifer Taggart 
                                       Vaccines: Risks & Benefits

                        Dr. Jay    Dr. Lauren Feder   Dr. Sears
                       Dr. Jay Gordon   Dr. Lauren Feder   Dr. Bob Sears
                    Natural Solutions for Autism, ADD and ADHD

                       Kristen Stills      Dr. Bruce Johnson     Dr.JimBlumenthal
                        Kristen Stills   Bruce Johnson, DDS   Dr. Jim Blumenthal


                                               Water Wisdom

       Sustainable Landscapes, Edible Gardens & Water Conservation

          Buzz Boetcher    Mud    D Butler   Phillips
           Buzz Boettcher      Mud Baron          Darren Butler    Anne Phillips

    Jane Goodall's Roots & Shoots           Plastic Marine Pollution
                     Mamas Munchies                               Mamas Munchies
                      Ariel Yakura                                       Dr. Marcus Eriksen
                                                                                      & Anna Cummins

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                                 Creating Healthy Eating Habits

          Getty, A   Green, Alan Dr.  Koff, Ashley   Anni Daulter
            Anna Getty   Dr. Alan Greene  Ashley Koff, RD  Anni Daulter, MSW
             No Child Left Inside
              Media's Influence On Children

       Saterdalen      Randy Moore     Devens   Lisa Profumo
      Pamela Saterdalen    Randy Moore        Mimi Devens     Lisa Profumo

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                                    Mom Lounge Sponsored by:

      Mamas Munchies  Mothering

                            The Sexy Mom Expert & Friends

                            A Pratt       J Maran   Sheinina
                            Allana Pratt           Josie Maran      Sheinina West
                  Voices of Conscious Parenting & Birthing Experts

             Mamas Munchies     Mamas Munchies      Mamas Munchies      
       Barbara Nicholson   Lysa Parker      Ana Markel        Kim Walls


   Yoga Lounge Sponsored By:
 Heal and Soul
                                             FREE CHILDCARE!                 
  Courtesy of College Nannies & Tutors
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