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Welcome to Eco-Family News (EFN), a free resource e-newsletter (and website) based on the principles of Whole Children, Whole Planet (WCWP).

Spring has sprung and as the flowers bud, blossom and flourish, I too implode with new and creative ideas ... lots of big ideas. This can be a bit scary for me, as I have a tendency to hatch far too many ideas at once. However, I am learning how to honor my limits, so with the birth of EFN and EFN Radio this year, WCWP Expo will (once again) be taking a year off between shows and will return in the spring of 2010. More details will be announced in our next issue of EFN.

EFN Radio continues with a new show on the third Wednesday of every month (listen anytime - 24/7), and in alignment with EFN and WCWP's vision, we are now working to bring sustainable education directly to high school students in the community. What this experience has shown me is how brilliantly creative and talented these teens are, and how they can soar with a little bit of knowledge and support from faculty members, parents and business owners.

News on the social network wave ... I am now officially a social network junky, (not that I really know what I am doing) and if there are any of you out there with the same addiction, you know what I mean. I think someone should invent a device - energy efficient of course - that goes on your computer that periodically yells, "STOP! Close that window, and step away from your computer!" It would also be great if the voice would remind us to take breaks and exercise.

All kidding aside, please follow us on Twitter, MySpaceEFN and WCWP, and Linkedin and read our blog at for additional thoughts about products, happenings and adventures.

Thank you for following, reading and listening.

Kathy Arnos
Great Ideas for Parents
The Complete Teething Guide
From Birth to Adolescence
by Kathy Arnos

Mamas Munchies

The Complete Teething Guide - From Birth to Adolescence by Kathy Arnos, looks at how the teething process contributes to many of the health problems of today's youth. It's more than just a book about teething, it is an education about raising healthy children. While most people associate "teething" with infancy, it actually lasts through young adulthood and can affect children in different ways at different stages.

The Complete Teething Guide offers information on nutrition during pregnancy, while breastfeeding and for the newborn through adolescence; how breastfeeding and bottle-feeding affect tooth and jaw development; fluoride controversy and healthy treatment options for teething-related symptoms such as fevers, nightmares, ADD/ADHD, sleeplessness, depression, headaches, earaches, anxiety, croup and sinus to help restore balance to the child and household.

For more information visit:

Eco Kids USA

Eco Dough

Eco Kids USA
offers eco-friendly non-toxic creative play options - eco-dough, paints and puzzles. Making eco-dough has always been a favorite pastime for owner Cammie Weeks, former nanny and mother of one. She uses a family recipe that has been passed down for generations and is made from an organic flour base and plant, fruit, and veggie extracts.

After hearing about the recalls in the toy industry, Cammie felt it was time to take action and realized there was a need for her product. It was Cammie's husband who helped turn the idea into a business, by calling around to farmer's markets and getting a feel for consumer reaction to the product.
After hearing about the recalls in the toy industry, Cammie felt it was time to take action and realized there was a need for her product. It was Cammie's husband who helped turn the idea into a business, by calling around to farmer's markets and getting a feel for consumer reaction to the product.

Mamas MunchiesCammie says she feels safe in knowing that any of the art supplies she makes can be ingested by her son, with no worry of future recalls for toxic chemicals. Everything the company makes is sustainable, compostable, natural, and reusable. The tubes are made of 100% post-consumer waste, the labels from fiberstone, and the containers from cornstarch, making the entire package compostable.

For more info visit:

Nourish America Needs Your Help.
Nourish America logo

Nourish America™ is an award-winning 501(c)3 non-profit organization committed to providing nutritional support to those in need in America.  Every day, tens of thousands of Americans in need receive nutritional supplements and nourishing foods (including naturals and organics) from Nourish America's 400+ partner sites in 42 states. This includes 30,000 needy and malnourished children, 34,000 low income seniors, 8,000 National Guard men and women (Spring 2009), as well as disaster victims and relief workers on disasters such as hurricanes, wildfires, and floods. Through the generosity of their donors, last year Nourish America distributed $3.7 million worth of nutritional products.

Ten years ago, Michael Morton oversaw the management of several homeless shelters on the Central Coast of California. Every day as he watched the homeless families leave the shelter to face their challenging day on the streets, he wished that he could help them by supplying basic nutritional supplements. In 1999, a group of philanthropists had the same vision and approached Morton to be the Executive Director of a new charity they wanted to found. He agreed and recruited his wife Mary (co-author of their book 5 Steps to Selecting the Best Alternative Medicine) to help build the charity into a success. Together, along with many others' efforts, they have accomplished their vision. For every one dollar donated, Nourish America secures ten dollars worth of donated nutritional products.

Currently NA is looking for the following donations to help flood victims: cash funds, water, protein and meal replacement bars, drinks, and powders, energy drinks, canned goods, ready to eat snacks and cereal, shelf stable juices, baby food, prepared foods, and dairy products, multi-vitamins, cleaning solutions, and body and skincare products. To donate, please call 866-487-1484, or visit
Conscious Entertainment
Luna Logo

Los Angeles, hosted by LUNA, 100.3 The Sound, and Writers Boot Camp will take place on Friday, April 24, 2009 from 7-10pm at Writers Boot Camp at Bergamot Station in Santa Monica. The event is a program of 10 short films by, for, and about women, celebrating the unique, inspirational, and touching roles of women in our local, national, and international communities.

The event kicks off with a Healthy Lifestyle reception, featuring all natural and organic delights from Theo Chocolates, Clif Family Winery, and Whole Foods, as well as entertainent from Hoopers from Hoopnotica and Sr. Aguilar's Coloring Revolution. There will also be a Healthy Lifestyle Raffle with prized including, eco-jewelry, a bike, gym memberships, yoga classes, organic body care products, and more!

General admission is $20, and student tickets are $10. Ticket prices include admission to the reception, the LUNAFEST screening, a goodie bag, and one raffle ticket. In addition, LUNAFEST attendees are eligible for discounted classes at Writers Boot Camp! 100% of proceeds to go the Breast Cancer Fund.

LUNAFEST films are shown across the U.S. and Canada from September to May of each year. This year, you can catch LUNAFEST in Boston on April 16th, Portland on April 17th, and San Francisco on April 26, 2009. 

For more info vist:

Moby Wrap

Mamas MunchiesMoby Wrap was launched in 2003 by two women who loved the idea of being able to wear their babies while playing and tending to other children. Gillian Beerman (below left) and Simone Sprague (right) decided it was time to create a comfortable, 100% organic cotton baby carrier to support the nurturing principles of attachment parenting.

Mamas MunchiesThe Moby Wrap is ergonomically correct and uses your back and shoulders to support baby's weight. It is large piece of fabric that is designed to be wrapped around the wearer for a perfect fit, so not only can parents and caregivers use the same wrap, but it's versatile enough to work from preemie up to 35lbs.

Currently, Gillian and Simone are excited about their relationship and work with Ricki Lake (right) and Abby Mamas MunchiesEpstein (left) co-creators of the powerful documentary about birth options, The Business Of Being Born. Together the two groups have designed a special wrap with proceeds going to the work of the film.

Additionally, Moby Wrap will again be a contributing sponsor for Anna Getty's Pregnancy Awareness Month (PAM), and the ladies are proud to be taking small steps toward a better planet.

Lake and Epstein Photo Paulo Netto

For more information, please visit:
Lotus Blossom Style

Lotus Blossom Style Tabby Bidel 2Tabby Biddle is the founder and CEO of Lotus Blossom Style, a company that offers a line of clothing made from organic cotton, bamboo, or prima cotton through fair trade, sweatshop-free practices.

The lotus has long been a symbol for transformation, and Lotus Blossom Style was created from Biddle's vision of a transformed future. The company's mission is to uplift and inspire women to take part in their own personal transformation, and to empower them to live in their feminine truth and honor themselves as strong, wise, and powerful beings.  

Lotus Blossom style logoBiddle sees Lotus Blossom Style as a platform through which to empower one another to live our own truths. She believes that as each of us steps forward in our own personal truth, we bring a deeper and more compassionate understanding of our human condition, a fact that she believes will lead us towards the possibility of peace on earth.

For more info visit:
Food for Thought
Peas of Mind

Jill Litwin, Founder and CEO of Peas of Mind, was living in Vermont and working as the Color Forecasting Director for a prominent snowboard company. One of Jill's co-workers mentioned that she felt guilty for always being too tired to cook a nutritious meal for her son. Jill, who had always enjoyed cooking and had an affinity for eating well, offered to prepare some ready-made meals for the boy. That was when a business idea began to take shape, and Jill started developing all-in-one meals that were quick and easy to prepare and contained all the nutrients necessary to provide a healthy start for a growing child's development. So began Peas of Mind and the Puffet!
Peas of Mind ladies
Puffets are frozen mini casseroles that come in six delicious flavors, including two non-dairy options, and are made with all organic ingredients. Recently, Peas of Mind introduced their new Veggie Wedgies, which are great snacks made with vegetables and nutrients, and are gluten free, fat free, and vegan. Veggie Wedgies come in four delicious flavors - Baked: Broccoli, Cauliflower, Carrot, and Apple, and resemble baked french fries. Kids love them even if they are vegetables! Pictured above is Kelly Walsh, POM marketing manager (left) and Jill (right).

Be sure to check out the widget on the Peas of Mind website that keeps track of food recalls announced by the FDA!

For more info visit:

First Juice
Mamas MunchiesDavid Glasser is the CEO and Founder of First Juice, a company that offers an organic fruit and vegetable juice beverage inrecyclable bpa-free, phthalate-free and lead-free sippy cap container.

After years of service in  the beverage industry (spirits and beer), and with the birth of his two daughters, Glasser's frustration with the lack of healthy beverages for kids led him to take his many years of experience in the industry and re-invest himself in providing a tasty organic nutritional product for his kids, as well as other children

Glasser conceived the idea in 2005 and began developing his business plan. In 2006 he met Cheryl Thomas, another parent at his daughters' school with similar passions for raising healthy children and the environment. Together they began formulating great-tasting fruit and veggie recipes, along with the company's concept and branding.

Mamas MunchiesFirst Juice is so named to reflect Glasser's intention for the juice to be the first juice choice for parents, and states, "It is important to start children off on the right path, from a taste preference development perspective, instead of getting them used to sweet-tasting juices and having to correct that later. It's much easier to start off developing good habits straight from the start."

For more information visit:

Laptop Lunches
BB logo
Amy Hemmert and Tammy Pelstring met at a new mother's group nearly fifteen years ago. They shared an interest in nutrition, fitness, and the environment and became instant best friends.

Years later, when they began volunteering at their children's schools, they saw the waste created by the poor-quality lunches children brought from home. Amy and Tammy started thinking about how to help parents pack healthy, low-waste lunches for their kids. In the winter of 2001, Obentec, Inc. and the Laptop Lunches were born.

Obentec's mission is to create fun, practical food containers that promote nutrition and waste reduction. Today the complete Laptop Lunch System includes the Laptop Lunch with all containers and utensils, the User's Guide, an insulated carrying case, and water bottle.

Obentec, Inc. is committed to quality innovative products, respect for the natural environment, and community involvement and support. A portion of the company's profits are donated to schools and environmental organizations.

For more information, visit them online at

Moms on a Mission
Pregnancy Awareness Month
Anna Getty

Anna Getty
Meet Anna Getty: holistic lifestyle expert, chef, pre-natal yoga instructor and founder of Pregnancy Awareness Month (PAM).

May 2009 marks the second year of PAM, the objective of which is to offer four key initiatives: education, exercise, nutrition and wellness, and nurture. Getty's goal is to empower pregnant women with information that inspires them to incorporate those four initiatives into their daily routines. Each week of May will be dedicated to one of the four initiatives, commencing with education on week one.

PAM will kick-off this year with a free lifestyle event called "Motherhood Begins Now." It will take place at Little Dolphins in Santa Monica, California on Saturday, May 2, 2009, from 10-2:30pm. The event includes a delicious organic lunch, live music, a mini fashion show, and expert panel discussions about "How to Raise a Healthy Child in a Toxic World," and "Things You Need to Know from Conception Through Infancy."

Mamas MunchiesThe Mommy Lounge will offer spa services, and there's also an activity area for the kids!  The event is free, and promises to be a day full of fun and information. In addition to Getty herself, this year's celebrity hosts include Ricki Lake, Kelly Rutherford and Josie Maran.

For more information please visit:
Susan Stiffelman

Susan StiffelmanSusan Stiffelman is a licensed Marriage and Family Therapist, an Educational Therapist, a parent educator, and the editor of the Passionate Parenting newsletter, which also has a Facebook group. Stiffelman offers psychotherapy services to adults, couples, families, teens, and children. Her workshops, newsletter, website and presentations have helped thousands of parents connect --or reconnect-- with their children and teens, avoid problems once thought to be inevitable, and help launch kids into a successful adulthood. Her work includes practical strategies for helping reawaken a child's natural instincts to follow and cooperate with parents instead of peers.

Stiffleman incorporates a cognitive approach developed by Byron Katie called "The Work," which identifies and loosens the grip of stressful thoughts. This technique delivers new creative avenues for addressing anxiety, depression, and other mood instabilities for all ages, as well as academic difficulties such as Attention Deficit (Hyperactivity) Disorder.

Susan also provides unique insight into how to help kids deal with frustration and most of all how to help parents manage their reactions and keep their cool, even when the parenting going gets tough.

Watch for her upcoming book, From Chaotic to Calm: Raising Kids Without Power Struggles, Negotiations or Meltdowns.

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