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Segments or Fragments?
August 2, 2012

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Full Tilt at Silvermine Arts Center
in New Canaan, Connecticut August 5th through September 16th


Ricochet 5, 2011 by Bob Gregson, acrylic on plywood with turning panels.

The space between artwork and audience is a delicate one, a territory that most don't dare to linger in. It is here that artists render their personal visions into the realm of liminality, leaving them there for the audience to interpret within their own life experiences. Artist Bob Gregson prefers to live in this space, making it his personal goal to find the perfect balance that creates these new options, unexpected consequences and complex experiences. Gregson started his career in the 1960s by creating art experiences that involved sound and projections. In the 1970s and 1980s, he evolved his artwork into games and events integrated into cities and communities. Since then Gregson has been refining his work and making sculpture projects, the most recent of which are on view in his exhibition, Full Tilt, at Silvermine Arts Center in Connecticut. The show is made up of tilted plywood constructions and maquettes for sculptures with panels that lean to the side. With panels that can be rotated and mirrors that extend the edge of the picture plane, Gregson has installed a creative tension in his artwork that, while in front of an audience, will continue to reinvent itself. All of his decisions are made in the conscious effort to involve the audience and have them interact with his own visions. "For me, the act of creation is a balancing act between autonomy and connectedness. Like a performance, I like the idea that the work is continually reinterpreted and refreshed through those who encounter it," Gregson said. Full Tilt will be on view in the Vassos Gallery at the Silvermine Arts Center from Sunday, August 5th through Sunday, September 16th. A reception will be held on August 5th from 2-4pm.

Sponsored by: Bromfield Gallery, Compassionate Care ALS, Marblehead Arts Association and Donna Howard

Bromfield Gallery


At Bromfield Gallery in August:
Fragments: The Dishonesty of Memory by Linda Klein features new paintings based on drawings from several decades ago and these drawings were inspired by memories that happened long before.

Also on display is LARGE-SCALE PRINTS,
featuring 8 artists from Zea Mays Printmaking in Northampton.

Compassionate Care ALS


On August 18th, the second annual David's Old Silver Swim will take place on Old Silver Beach in Falmouth, Massachusetts. By swimming, participants raise money for Compassionate Care ALS, an organization that helps victims of this disease deal physically and emotionally with their diagnoses. For more information visit

Marblehead Arts Association


at the ocean's edge

Unique digital photo exhibition of prints on unryu paper
and canvas by Fran Gardino.

August 4th - September 2nd, 2012
Reception: Sunday, August 5th, 2 - 4pm

Marblehead Arts Association
8 Hooper Street
Marblehead, MA 01945

Interludes at Transcript Gallery
in North Adams, Massachusetts now through August 26th


Artwork by Jennifer Huberdeau.

If you're located anywhere near North Adams, you've probably heard of Jennifer Huberdeau, an award-winning journalist and the Transcript's digital news specialist and senior reporter. With all her grandeur in the world of communication, Huberdeau's talents and successes in painting are often overshadowed. Downstreet Art's Transcript Gallery has taken the opportunity to spotlight this local artist in their current solo exhibition, Interludes: Inspiration from bucolic places and literary pages. Huberdeau began painting at age ten and has transitioned her way from still life to landscape painting. It was during this change of pace that Huberdeau felt she really developed her own voice as an artist. Since then, Huberdeau's work has had several solo exhibitions at local coffee houses and has appeared in several local group shows, including the Berkshire Salon at the Eclipse Mill Gallery; La Mesa at the NAACO Gallery and the MySpace Friends Show at MCLA Gallery 51. In 2009, she was commissioned by the state Department of Conservation and Recreation to design and paint an Iron Ranger on the Ashuwillticook Rail Trail. In 2010, she was one of five artists chosen to participate in the Berkshire Arts Festival's Outsiders Art Show. Needless to say, Huberdeau has blazed her own path in the arts community and it's about time that everyone knows it. Transcript Gallery is helping to make this public with Interludes: Inspiration from bucolic places and literary pages, a show comprised of a variety of Huberdeau's landscapes and fairy tale themed paintings, which is on view now through Sunday, August 26th. All works on display are for sale.

Daniel Heyman/ Richard Klein/ George Perkins/ Kahn & Selesnick/ Paul Stopforth at Schoolhouse Gallery
in Provincetown, Massachusetts August 10th through August 29th


Featured artwork by Daniel Heyman.

Starting August 10th, Schoolhouse Gallery in Provincetown will have its hands full with some tremendous talent. Daniel Heyman/ Richard Klein/ George Perkins/ Hans & Selesnick/ Paul Stopforth will be on display Friday, August 10th through Wednesday, August 29th. These artists come together in an exhibition for Project: Jefferson Hayman. Daniel Heyman is a painter and printmaker from Philadelphia whose prints and works are the stories of whole experiences, whether they be his own or those of another. Heyman is a 2010 Guggenheim Fellow in fine arts and a 2009 Pew Fellowship in the Arts recicpient. Richard Klein presents his continuing exploration of the transcendental qualities of everyday, found objects in three new pieces: a tabletop sculpture that functions as a salt tray and ashtray; a wall piece resembling the Kohler urinal made out of eyeglasses and ashtrays; and a marquee-like construction made of used reading glasses. George Perkins' photographs are a series of intimacies with different states. He plays with light, time and temperature in a way that keeps the emotions fluid in his work. The results are beautiful, tender and provocative. Richard Selesnick and Nicholas Kahn have been collaborating since 1988 on a series of complex narrative photo-novellas and sculptural installations. In recent years they have developed their signature mix of speculative fiction and false history presented as large-scale installations featuring a wide variety of media and forms. Their 2012 exhibition will consist of new paintings, photographs, posters and sculptures. The paintings and works on paper of Paul Stopforth concentrate on fragments of history and memory including the influence of 50's movies posters, the remnants of military occupations, the influence of Hindu deities and renditions of political incident sites. Jefferson Hayman's photographs are handcrafted silver gelatin and delicate platinum prints that seem historically timeless. For this project, Hayman will present Our Time, a selection of new photographs in unique frames and objects. Hayman himself will be at Schoolhouse Gallery on Saturday, August 25th in the afternoon to discuss his work and sign copies of his new book. An opening reception for the entire exhibition will be held on Friday, August 10th at 6pm.

Donna Howard


My art explores life-changing decision making, addiction and the quest to find pieces of life worthy of examining further. The laughter is the best part of the journey. I'm the Mad Hatter at my very own tea party, opening people up to the absurd and encouraging them to thoroughly enjoy it. Now Showing Agora Gallery NYC & Centro Lowell MA

Studio: Official Boss of Myself
Donna Howard
44 North Warren Street
Woburn, MA 01801
p: 781.932.9227
e: [email protected]

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