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June 7, 2012

Eastern Massachusetts is home to each exhibition in this blast. We found three excitingly different shows on an eastbound route---from the heart of Concord to the tip of Provincetown. If you find yourself out this way the first two weeks of June, make sure to swing by these venues. Also, don't forget to check out our blog on the artscope website. It is equipped with updated headlines and rotating featured content -- a great way to stay connected to art and culture news in between artscope issues and email blasts! Online advertising is now also available on the blog as well.

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Phyla at NK Gallery
in Boston, Massachusetts now through June 22nd


Blast by Jodi Colella.

Last weekend, NK Gallery opened its doors to teacher and mixed media sculptor Jodi Colella and her solo exhibition, Phyla. Colella uses found and manufactured materials to communicate processes of the biological world, reflecting her degree in Biology from BU. Her artistic integrity, combined with her methodical and meditative work practice, stands as proof of her dedication to the discipline. When discussing her own process, Colella said, "I create structures that act as metaphors for being human often taking on anthropomorphic gestures and emotions. I want to inspire questions about where an individual ends and the world begins." Copper wire and found fishing rope are assembled into intricate circuits resembling our nervous systems, steel wire and aluminum screen chambers are married into renditions of communal honeycombs, all by the hands of Jodi Colella. She most definitely achieves the effect she aims for with her idiosyncrasies. "The repetitive handwork techniques mimic the incremental growth and accumulations that happen in nature. I want to engage - to create a physical attraction that beckons the viewer to "touch" and be "touched" by what they see." Phyla will be on view in Boston at NK Gallery now through Friday, June 22nd. It will be showing in Gallery II, running concurrently with Erica Licea-Kane in Gallery I.

Sponsored by: Artist's Resource Trust (A.R.T.) Fund, Jo-Ann Boback, ART Night Bristol & Warren, North Bennet Street School and Gold Gallery

Artist's Resource Trust (A.R.T.) Fund
August 1st Deadline


Grants available for painting, sculpture, printmaking, or mixed media to mid-career artists with financial need in New England, Columbia and Northeast Dutchess counties, NY. Nonprofits wishing to show, commission, or purchase work by mature artists in New England can apply. Applications must be submitted online at

Berkshire Taconic

Jo-Ann Boback




According to Webster, a GESTURE is a form of
non-verbal communication in which bodily actions
communicate messages in place of speech.

I see my work as a means of dialogue.

This body of work dances between experience and imagination.
Thru many strokes and gestures I seek to
engage a conversation with the viewer.

June 1st thru June 18th
Opening Reception: SATURDAY, JUNE 2ND - 5:00 - 8:00 P.M.

508 - 642-6026


ART Night Bristol & Warren

A fun night out on Rhode Island's beautiful East Bay - ART Night on June 28th features 14 galleries and open studio tours of two featured artists. Ride the free trolley between venues in Bristol & Warren, RI.

Distinctly Encaustic at Bowersock Gallery
in Provincetown, Massachusetts now through June 18th


Twighlight by Catherine Nash, encaustic & black denim paper.

"The ancient art of beeswax painting a decidedly modern look." The four artists featured in this exhibition are skilled masters of the medium, each harnessing the characteristics of encaustics in a way that is unique to their individual concepts. Although very different, these artists are similar in the sense that they are always one step ahead of what the medium calls for--which is why their works are always so refreshingly modern. Distinctly Encaustic features the wax works of Kim Bernard, Alison Golder, Catherine Nash and William Thomson. Bernard is best known for her incorporation of movement into the wax. The fluidity and limitless borders of her works use a selective color palette and repetitive imagery to achieve this sense of shifting, moving and transcending. Golder takes an even more abstract approach with her signature surfaces, compelling and complex all at the same time. Her formula lies in the simplicity of tracking, leaving a bubble of open-ended ambiguity that surrounds the objects in her pieces. Most of what Nash brings to her works comes from her worldly experiences. With specialties in Japanese and Western hand papermaking, Nash possesses a quality of authenticity that reiterates itself in her wax paintings. Thomson is a veteran of four decades to the medium. He uses his knowledge and experience to evoke a certain power of emotion in his pieces. He accents this with warm, rich earth tones, helping to create the entire atmosphere of a piece regardless of subject or mood. Distinctly Encaustic is showing at Bowersock Gallery in Provincetown now through Monday, June 18th. All four of these featured artists are talented in their own ways, bold in the best ways and fearless always. The showing of Distinctly Encaustic coincides with the International Encaustics Conference. More information about the conference can be found here.

Cycles of Renewal at Concord Art Association
in Concord, Massachusetts now through June 18th

 Blaze by Brenda Cirioni.

"All of life's meaning can be found by walking through the woods," says collage painter Brenda Cirioni, whose wisdom has accumulated through personal experience. When she was just sixteen years old, Cirioni's family home burned to the ground, leaving the impressionable teen with senses of impermanence way beyond her years. "The fire and consequent loss of everything inside provided a great learning experience for me, to attach myself to things that last: earth, water, air, in other words, to nature, as well as to art and community," Cirioni explains. She creates collage paintings on wood panels with acrylic paint, ink, bits of painted paper, fiberglass screen and debris. These differing materials create a story on the surface, in addition to the many stories and mysteries encumbered beneath the layers. Viewing Cirioni's barn paintings leaves me with a tug of incertitude--how can I perceive something so tragic as beautiful and breathtaking? Some structures stand tall despite the lick of flames barking up their sides, while others are swallowed whole by the raging fire. Perhaps this is the exact emotion she is trying to convey. Cirioni wants us to see both the destruction and the regeneration, a celebration of nature's insurmountable capabilities that will forever trump those of our own. Cycles of Renewal is on view now through Monday, June 18th at the Concord Art Association. A reception will be held this Saturday, June 9th from 2-4pm.

North Bennet Street School


Make a Windsor rocking chair, learn calligraphy or the fundamentals of jewelry making. Summer workshops in bookbinding, jewelry, woodworking and carpentry. Interested in turning your craft into a career? NBSS has eight full-time professional programs and is currently accepting students for September.

Learn more at

Gold Gallery

Water #422

Louise LeBourgeois:
Infinite Pull

Gold Gallery is pleased to announce Infinite Pull, the debut solo exhibition by Chicago-based artist Louise LeBourgeois. In a collection of oil paintings on panel, the artist investigates the horizon, a fictive space where the limitations of our perception dissolve into infinity, inspiring the viewer to contemplate both the limited and limitless.

Gold Gallery
655 Tremont Street
Boston, MA 02118

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