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December 22, 2011

We put together this week's blast to celebrate the end of another artistically influential year. Here we have three exhibitions with talent and energy that promise to finish things off on a high note. With that, artscope wishes you all a safe and warm holiday season. We'll see you in 2012 with exciting shows to set the tone for the new year. Also, don't forget to check out our new blog on the artscope website. It is equipped with updated headlines and rotating featured content -- a great way to stay connected to art and culture news in between artscope issues and email blasts! Online advertising is now also available on the blog as well.

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Not a Pretty Picture at Gallery in the Woods
in Brattleboro, Vermont January 6th through February 26th


Holyoke by Wendy Cross, oil on canvas.

Just like the textbooks tell us, American landscape painting was born in the soil of the prosperous patrons. Their artists documented their ownership, both personal and national: our fields, flocks, and towns to our mountains, rivers, and skies. These wide views of reality have become a part of our history as a nation and now serve as a window into the past, letting us catch quick glances of what spacious skies and amber waves of grain used to be. Imagine being an art student with years of formal landscape studies under your belt, now released into the world to do what you've been trained to do. To your surprise, the trees and hills of yesterday have given way to forests of concrete and contamination. This was the experience of artist Wendy Cross, who entered the world of art in times of farm foreclosures and factory shut downs. Not a Pretty Picture: America in the 21st Century exhibits the recent paintings of Wendy Cross that document her journey across the nation in the cracks and shadows of yesterday. Cross' works of art render the landscapes in oil with glazing brushstrokes and inviting light. To say this is surrealism ignores the fact that Cross is painting exactly what she sees, drawing from memory, sketches for composition, and photographs of the scene. Of her technique, Cross herself said, "it is actually more akin to Primitivism...this free-flowing approach to painting continues to influence my style and technique to this day." The simple, unsophisticated nature of her paintings makes the landscapes she depicts all the more eerie. From rural devastation to inner-city drug deals, Cross shows us our new, ever-changing definition of landscape. Despite the gloom that encumbers her scenes, Cross always finds a way to let nature reclaim even the most urban landscape. Not a Pretty Picture: America in the 21st Century is showing at Gallery in the Woods from Friday, January 6th through Sunday, February 26th. There will be a reception for the artist at the gallery from 5:30-8:30pm on Friday, January 6th.

Sponsored by: The Art Connection, Fountain Street Fine Art, and Solomon's Collection & Fine Rugs

The Art Connection


To encourage art collecting, Art Connection plans fundraiser, Art BINGO,
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Jurors Michele Cohen (NYC Public Art for Public Schools) and
Steven Zevitas (New American Paintings) seek 2D artwork, will select 12.
Donations support Art Connection,
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Deadline 1/15/12.

Fountain Street Fine Art


Call For Art
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Solomon's Collection & Fine Rugs


Season's Greetings and best wishes to all
for a Healthy & Happy New Year.

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2011-2012 Fine Arts Work Center Fellows at PAAM
in Provincetown, Massachusetts January 13th through February 26th


All That is Solid Melts into Air by Rob Swainston, woodblock print on poly knit cloth.

'Tis the season at the Provincetown Art Association and Museum-and what better way to kick off 2012 than celebrating some of New England's finest talent. The 2011-2012 Visual Arts Fellows from the Fine Arts Work Center in Provincetown are showing their works in a group exhibition. This year's talented group is made up of the following artists: Golnar Adili, Jarrod Beck, Nicholas Des Cognets, Jonathan Ehrenberg, Candice Lin, Andy Ness, Jacolby Satterwhite, Jeannie Simms, Sarah Sohn, and Rob Swainston. The works featured in this exhibition range from abstract oil paintings and drawings to site-specific installation, video, new media and project-based conceptual artwork that reflect the diversity of contemporary artistic practices today. The 2011-2012 Fine Arts Work Center Fellows Group Exhibition will be showing at PAAM from Friday, January 13th through Sunday, February 26th. The public is invited to an opening reception on Friday, January 27th from 6-8pm. Pass on the word: this opening is a potluck and guests are asked to bring a dish to share for six people or a $7 donation. If you find yourself intrigued by these artists and their experiences at the center, here is some additional information. The mission of the Fellowships at the FAWC is to offer residency, exposure, and community to writers and artists in the early crucial stages of their careers. These are seven-month Fellowships that require residency in the invigorating atmosphere of Provincetown. Fellows are granted living space, studio space, and a monthly stipend during their residency. Fellowships are awarded to twenty applicants, chosen from a pool of over 1,000. Fellows may be citizens of any country. Juries of working writers and artists make the admissions decisions. Writers may apply in fiction and poetry. In the visual arts, 2D, 3D and time-based work is considered. The FAWC actively seeks applicants from diverse cultural backgrounds. Although the deadline for writing Fellowships has expired, the visual arts Fellowship is accepting applications until February 1st. See the FAWC website for application details.

Processes and Dreams at Panopticon Gallery
in Boston, Massachusetts January 12th through February 28th


Seen and Not Seen, #1311-3 by Ken Rosenthal.

In the realm of dreams, truth and fictitiousness endlessly intersect, leaving us with a difficult distinction between the real and the imagined. A similar experience takes place in Processes and Dreams, an exhibition that takes photography and stretches it past real world limitations and into the unrestricted imagination and different stages of consciousness. Standing in front of pieces like Ken Rosenthal's Seen and Not Seen (featured above), you will find yourself wondering if this was ever in fact your own, personal memory or perhaps you yourself experienced this in real time. This is the very theme that is explored throughout the exhibition: the ability of our unconscious mind to create false memories and misconnections, making us feel like we've been somewhere or done something that never actually occurred. Of his experience and process in creating his own works, Ken Rosenthal said, "Ten years ago, while paging through albums of family photographs, I was struck by the realization that many of the pictures that were bringing back strong memories occurred before I was born, or at times or places I was not present. These memories were vivid, yet were indeed false memories." Again, we see the subconscious and all its falsities exposed. Processes and Dreams features the personal, shared, and imagined experiences and photography of Jennifer Hudson, Ken Rosenthal, Michael Donnor, Tami Bone, Bryan David Griffith, Rachel Phillips, Curtis Werhfritz, and Emmanuelle Germain. The photographs all explore different states of consciousness, whether or not the awareness is present. Processes and Dreams will be showing at Panopticon Gallery from Thursday, January 12th through Tuesday, February 28th. A reception with the artists will be held Friday, January 13th from 5:30-7:30pm. This exhibit promises to be something of a reawakening of the mind, flooding its audience with memories both their own and foreign. It is up to you to decide what is real and what is fragmented.

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