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September 29, 2011

Without inspiration, there is hardly creation. Regardless of your task, process, or goal at hand, you're going to need some sort of insight before you get there. So, take a breather and check out these three shows. They'll be sure to help you find that muse you need to get started. Also, don't forget to check out our new blog on the artscope website. It is equipped with updated headlines and rotating featured content -- a great way to stay connected to art and culture news in between artscope issues and email blasts! Online advertising is now also available on the blog as well.

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Blooming Dialogue at the Gallery at the Piano Factory
in Boston, Massachusetts October 6th through October 30th


La Ventana (The Window) by Catalina Viejo Lopez de Roda, acrylic on panel.

When we think of paintings, it is usually the subject or portrait that is the main focus of the piece, and this is typically the case. But how often do we consider the importance of the space that surrounds the painting? To help us see the "big picture," artists Catalina Viejo Lopez de Roda and Joshua Durant are showing in Blooming Dialogue, an exhibition that features some of their independent work, as well as a few collaborative pieces. As for the importance of the space surrounding a portrait, Viejo dissects her subjects so much so that we're left wondering who these individuals are and where they come from. The answers to these questions can be found, of course, in the space that surrounds her paintings. Her versatility with style and color allows her to explore the division of the painting surface while adding character and background to the piece. The space that surrounds Joshua Durant's paintings is important in a very different way. The solid white spaces that encompass his exploding birds help to propel and accentuate the combustion. As these majestic symbols of freedom and divinity shatter in front of us, we are left with a concrete consciousness of the world we live in. Of his focus on birds, Durant says, "Birds have been thought of as a supernatural link between heaven and earth because of their connection to the sky. They represent a saved, departed or immortal soul as well as freedom, victory and spiritual awareness." Blooming Dialogue also features collaborative work by Viejo and Durant. These pieces integrate realism and abstraction in crafty manners through which each artist's individual patterns are still recognizable. Between Viejo's daring colors and Durant's regard for the celestial, viewers will find themselves abandoning the physical, immediate dimension and transcending the walls of the sublime. Blooming Dialogue opens at the Gallery at the Piano Factory on Thursday, October 6th and runs through Sunday, October 30th. An opening reception will be held on Saturday, October 8th from 5-9pm. Come see the eruption of talent when figurative paintings meet expressive paintings, and all the space that surrounds them!

Sponsored by: Boston Sculptors Gallery, Galatea Fine Art, Heartwood College of Art and Grand Circle Gallery

Boston Sculptors Gallery


Sculpture Scoop
November 9 - 13, 2011

Opening Reception: November 8th, 6-8 pm
Gallery Hours: Wednesday - Sunday 12 -7 pm

Sculpture Scoop is a sale of sculpture, drawings and jewelry by all 36 members of the gallery. For a limited time, more than 75 sculptures will be available to scoop up! With the majority of the works priced under $300, this is a unique opportunity to own art created by some of the Boston area's premier sculptors. Included in the show are many local artists with national reputations.

Galatea Fine Art

galatea fine art

Call to Artists!

Due to expansion, GALATEA FINE ART, a contemporary cooperative gallery in the SOWA District in Boston's South End is screening for new artist members. If you are interested in being considered for membership send EITHER a link to your website, OR 5 jpg images, resume and artist's statement to [email protected] by October 8, 2011. We are located at 460B Harrison Ave., #B-6, Boston, MA 02118; (617) 542-1500. Visit

Heartwood College of Art


Heartwood College of Art has launched a Surface Design program to prepare students for the interior design industry. This 2 yr. certificate/AA is a career path for artisans who work in fiber, clay, metal, wood and paper, developing creative thinking and awareness of surface treatments within a professional practice. FMI 207-985-0985 or

Between the Lines at Slater Mill Gallery
in Pawtucket, Rhode Island now through October 23rd


Sea Change by Adrienne Sloane.

Whenever we catch wind of an unusual medium that strikes our interest, we make sure our readers are the first to know. That is why we introduce to you the following. As if knitting clothing and garments isn't art enough, Adrienne Sloane has taken the craft one step further and evolved it into sculptural knitting. Aside from the basic aesthetics of knitting, Sloane's creations decipher their own kind of language that includes them in the bigger dialogues of craft, art, and politics. She pushes the boundaries of this "woman's medium" and forces us to abandon the gendered notions and simply consider the bindings and combinations she creates with the fibers. Some of her boldest fabrications will be on view in her solo exhibition, Between the Lines. In this show, Sloane uses the endless looping of fabric and fiber to help give spine to the constant assault of disturbing news that surges out of the radio on a daily basis. The seemingly limitless boundaries of her knitting lines, loops, and shapes serve as a hefty metaphor for the unfading events that plague us every day. With her knitting, Sloane attempts to give three-dimensional imagery to these unsettling words and events, an effort that serves as a coping mechanism for some. Of this process, Sloane remarks, "I knit to rejoin the frayed and unraveled places around me." Her work itself is uncanny in the way it yields beauty and insight through some of today's most depressing catastrophes. It is safe to say that Sloane has stumbled upon a tool to help us tread the waters. With her form, function, texture, and color, she gives us calming visuals that create new and powerful effects that have complex fiber tradition and the power of history behind them. Between the Lines is showing at the Slater Mill Gallery in Pawtucket, Rhode Island now through October 23rd. Come see the things Adrienne Sloane has to say with her language of fabrics and fibers.

Process Explored at University Place Gallery
in Cambridge, Massachusetts October 4th through November 14th


                          La Conquista by Wendy Brusick.

Inspiration is contagious and can come from just about anywhere. This is the message the Cambridge Art Association is trying to get across with its presentation of the small group show, Process Explored. This exhibition takes a peek into the creative processes of five individual artists, with the hopes of convincing the audience that everyone has the potential to create. Wendy Brusick, whose work is featured above, finds her inspiration in flea markets, antique shops, and even her own vintage photo portrait collection. She draws energy from whatever speaks to her most, and from there she combines the real with the surreal until, voil´┐Ż, something completely new emerges. Isn't as easy as it sounds? Sure it is, as long as you use familiar material from the world that surrounds you. Know your limits and channel your strengths and you'll be impressed with your final product. Take Janice Corkin Rudolf, for instance. She is fascinated by classical sculpture, opera, and figures. Therefore, she surrounds herself with these familiar icons of innovation and vision and captures their radiating energies in her sculptures. Fellow sculptor Greg Spitzer performs a different creative process when beginning a work of art. Typically, Spitzer starts with a conceptual image in his mind that makes its way to rough sketches and clay models. After much manipulation, Spitzer takes his image and confidence straight to the stone and begins carving. Brenda van der Beek owes her contradicting planes of depth and space to her infatuation with architecture's manmade qualities. With echoes of geometric forms and ordered structure ringing in her ears, it is no wonder van der Beek's work artistically examines the human ability to plan, develop, and construct a sense of place. The fifth featured artist of this small group show is Charlestown painter Nedret Andre. Similar to Spitzer's process, Andre doesn't turn to any one thing in particular to get the creative process going. Instead she begins with a few large brush strokes, then adds silkscreen patterns and textures, and builds up final layers in oil. From here, she lets lines and shapes take form, guided by her cultural references and multiple perspectives. It is this divergent thinking that helps to add character to each of her pieces. Process Explored is showing at University Place Gallery from Tuesday, October 4th through Monday, November 14th. An opening reception will be held on Thursday, October 6th from 5:30-7pm. It is free and all are encouraged to attend. As much as the artists hope you will enjoy seeing their works of art, they want to leave each viewer with the realization that they too can be creative. As Nedret Andre said, "We want visitors to understand that creative inspiration can come from anywhere and everyone has access to it."

Grand Circle Gallery


Journeys through the Mediterranean:
Maps, Guides and Posters from the Golden Age of Travel

October 14, 2011-December 31, 2011
Opening Reception: October 20th, 6pm-8pm
Grand Circle Gallery, 347 Congress Street, Boston

Presented by Grand Circle Gallery and WardMaps

The exhibit pairs the gallery's collection of vintage travel posters from the region with a selection of antique maps from WardMaps, including a display of antique Baedeker travel guides. The show will transport visitors to the most exotic, Mediterranean ports-of-call, with excerpts from the Baedeker guides exploring destination sites including Italy, France, Greece and Northern Africa.


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