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The Coming and Going.
September 15, 2011

The changing of seasons is just around the corner, and that could mean many different things. So whether you're coming or going, leaving or staying, we've found some flexible exhibitions in the New England area that will fall in suit with your mood and plans. Also, don't forget to check out our new blog on the artscope website. It is equipped with updated headlines and rotating featured content -- a great way to stay connected to art and culture news in between artscope issues and email blasts! Online advertising is now also available on the blog as well.

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RISD Reunion at South Shore Art Center
in Cohasset, Massachusetts September 16th through October 30th


Back Portrait #10 by Phyllis Gay Palmer, on display at the RISD Reunion show.

The upcoming show at the South Shore Art Center isn't as much about the coming together of five artists as it is about the places they've gone and the careers they've started after their time spent at one particular school of art. The foundations of the Rhode Island School of Design's core and curriculum can be traced throughout the RISD Reunion exhibition, reuniting the works of Todd McKie, Richard Merkin, Karen Moss, Leigh Palmer, and Phyllis Gay Palmer. Subtle hints at independent reflection and individual exploration and growth can be found in the works of all of these artists, despite their differing styles, subjects, and mediums. After receiving his BFA from RISD, McKie went on to further develop his seemingly impulsive paintings, prints, drawings, and sculptures, gleaning insight and inspiration from "primitive" art, untrained artists, and children. He currently lives in Boston where his work is represented by Victoria Munroe Fine Art (drawings) and Gallery NAGA (paintings). Once Richard Merkin received his MFA from RISD, he went on to teach painting and drawing at his alma mater for forty-two years. A busy and productive man, Merkin was known as an inventive painter and illustrator with an eye for surprise. His name will long outlive his life and his work is represented by Carrie Haddad Gallery in Hudson, New York. From RISD, Karen Moss went on to receive many commissions for public spaces and private projects in a variety of media, including paintings on steel, ceramics and watercolors. Her work itself lives in the space between what was and what currently is, giving it a magnetic quality. BCB Art in Hudson, New York represents her work. Leigh Palmer took his time at RISD and developed it into countless solo exhibitions across New England and beyond. Of his own work, Palmer has said, "I choose humble locations and treat them more soberly, more introspectively...I use beeswax (encaustic) paint because, in its unruliness, it encourages the accidental." His work is represented by Carrie Haddad Gallery in Hudson, New York. Upon receiving her BFA from the school, Phyllis Gay Palmer devoted her time to the Peace Corps in Peru. Ever since, she has worked directly from life, unwilling to overcome her infatuation with the figure and its ever-revolving story to tell. RISD Reunion opens Friday, September 16th and runs through Sunday, October 30th. Come see these products of the Rhode Island School of Design. They stand as a tribute to the school's influence and dedication to an important art education.

Sponsored by: Open Studios Pawtucket, Hampden Gallery at UMass Amherst, and Andovers Artists Guild

Open Studios Pawtucket


September 24 - 25, 2011 from 11 am to 5 pm
More than 90 artists in six mills of Pawtucket, RI
are opening their studios to the public.

Visit studios, view artwork, talk with the artists, purchase art
directly from the artists, and attend special demos in each mill.

Hampden Gallery at UMass Amherst


Opening Reception:
September 11, 2011 3 PM to 5 PM

September 11 - October 6,2011

Tim Winn and Zehra Khan explore notions of
the commercial and sentimental value of objects and
the negotiable value of drawing and art.

The pawnshop is a marketplace of desperation, into which one enters
when money is more necessary than possessions.
It takes the craftiness of a fox to capitalize and flourish
in these dregs of trade.


Going Places at Albright Art Gallery
in Concord, Massachusetts now through November 6th


Untitled by Raphael Griswold, 2009. Watercolor and mixed media on found paper, 5 " x 8.25".

It would be impossible to have the "comings" without the "goings," which is why the travels and experiences of being are so important to the lessons and culminations we take in. Varied media artist Raphael Griswold could be the spokesperson for this statement with his firm belief that actual locations are less important than the fact that artworks are made by either actively or passively visiting, viewing, and depicting the location in which they were created. He pushes the idea that the will to create is an innate habit of humans and we will do so with an unintentional notion to perform or express. The state of mind of the artist during creation will reveal much more than location ever could in a work of art. Through his paintings, film, and photography, Griswold allows us to consider the distinct facets of each individual "artobject," (in Griswold's words), helping us to draw the conclusion of the creation of the environment they inhabit. Griswold himself is a talented individual and has used his instincts and versatility to lead him into a world of accomplishments. After having spent two years in Madrid, Spain as an artist and teacher of English and showing numerous exhibitions throughout the United States and Europe, it is safe to say that Griswold is of a worldly mind, adding legitimacy to his artistic beliefs. He has also worked with master printers Peter Pettengill and Keiji Shinohara and in the fall of this year, Griswold will live and work in New York City as an artist and as president of Griswold Industries. If this information has whetted your appetite, you are in luck because Raphael Griswold has a solo exhibition currently running at Albright Art Gallery. Raphael Griswold: Going Places is showing now through Sunday, November 6th. If you are free this evening, make sure to stop by the show's artist reception from 6-8pm at the gallery.

Three at Chazan Gallery at Wheeler
in Providence, Rhode Island now through October 5th


                   Untitled by Tayo Heuser.

The ebb and flow of artistic expression certainly comes together with the following combination of accomplished artists. Add this synthesis of talent to your agenda because this is something you cannot afford to miss. Three, an exhibition of works by Tayo Heuser, Lynne Harlow, and Lisa Perez, is on view now through Wednesday, October 5th at the Chazan Gallery at Wheeler. This gallery is the paragon of nonprofit artists' spaces, providing a tasteful environment for a wide range of contemporary work by some of Rhode Island's best. This motto is upheld in their current exhibition, in which three women tamper with shape and space in three very different ways. Tayo Heuser, whose work is featured above, translates her interior visions with various inks onto Vivak substrates, handmade and hand-dyed abaca, linen papers, and burnished papers. As finished products, her works intersect drawing, sculpture, pattern and space, breathing life into the veins of her minimalist 3D drawing-sculptures. Lynnne Harlow, an artist who is constantly questioning our obsession with abundance, continues this exploration of space. With plexiglass, fabric, gouache, and paint, Harlow insists and proves that sometimes less is really more. Space is much more generous than we assume and Harlow harnesses the power behind this observation and uses it as strength in her works. Lisa Perez adds to the continuity of this exhibition with her small, site-specific installations of relief works using wood, paint, and hand-cut paper. Her sculptural works help move us through the exploration of shape and into the relief of light, shadow, and space. Through a handful of different mediums, Three transcends the ordinary and offers us a psychological and corporeal experience of shapes and spaces. There will be an opening reception for the artists on Gallery Night, Thursday, September 15, from 5-7pm. The public is invited.

Andovers Artists Guild


Art in the Park in Andover is a major outdoor art festival sponsored every year by the Andovers Artists Guild. The event is the main fundraiser that grants scholarships to high school students entering an art school.

Date & Hours:
  Saturday, Sept. 17, 2011, 10am-4pm
Rain Date: Sunday, Sept. 18, 2011 (same time)
Place: Central Park, Andover, MA,
Chestnut and Bartlet Streets (just off Main Street)

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