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Does Medium Matter?
March 3, 2011

From painting and mixed media to felts and fabrics, the language of art remains the same. Regardless of what the artist is working on or with, their mission remains the same: expression. Here are a few shows offering a wide range of media. Let us know if you think medium matters. Also, don't forget to check out our new blog on the artscope website. It is equipped with updated headlines and rotating featured content -- a great way to stay connected to art and culture news in between artscope issues and email blasts!

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Master Artists at Soo Rye Art Gallery
in Rye, New Hampshire March 17th through May 14th

            Stefani, Rain by Christopher Lee Donovan, 2010. Numbered giclée
            print, 16"x24".

Some of the greatest pieces of art come from hard work, dedication, and often times isolation. An appropriate way to show appreciation for these breathtaking masterpieces is to unite them under one roof to pay homage to their crafted skills and techniques. Soo Rye Art Gallery is providing just this kind of roof in its 2011 Master Artists show. Fourteen established artists from the New England area and abroad are featured in this spring exhibition. The artists, each practiced in original fields like ceramics, painting, photography, and mixed media, bring innovative interpretations of personal subject matter like still life, the figure, landscape, and abstract artwork. Despite their differing backgrounds, these individuals come together to revamp our definition of expression and visual storytelling. The artists involved in the 2011 Master Artists show are: Christopher Pothier, Mary Graham, Alison Williams, Maureen Mills, Sarah Heimann, Brian Crowley, Theresann D'Angelo, Bill Cass, Soo Rye Yoo, Christopher Lee Donovan, Leslie Parke, Marcus Greene, Polly Becker and Soosen Dunholter. The show is set to run from Thursday, March 17th through Saturday, May 14th. The gallery is open weekdays (Tuesday through Friday) from 10-5 and Saturday 10-3. If you would like to join the artists for light refreshments and conversation, an opening reception will be held on Saturday, March 19th from 5-7pm. Don't pass up the opportunity to experience such a plethora of talent under one roof for a short amount of time. These kinds of events don't happen often enough, so make sure to get out and see it!

Sponsored by: StoveFactory Gallery, Fountain Street Fine Art, Cambridge Art Association, and Massasoit Community College

StoveFactory Gallery

Photographer and Painter Exhibit at the
StoveFactory Gallery in Charlestown
March 11-13 and 19-20.

Photographer Russ Bolt and painter Joe Trepiccione are showing their recent works at the StoveFactory Gallery in Charlestown. There will be an artist reception on Friday March 11th from 6:00 pm to 9:00 pm. The gallery will also be open Saturdays March 12th & 19th from 1:00 pm to 5:00 pm and Sundays March 13th & 20th from 1:00 pm to 5:00 pm. See more at the artists' websites and

The StoveFactory Gallery is located at 523 Medford Street in Charlestown and is operated by the Artists' Group of Charlestown. It is accessible through the Orange line via Sullivan Square. Off-street parking is also available. For more information visit This is a free event and all are welcome to attend.

Fountain Street Fine Art

Lisa Barthelson [family debris series: an installation]
Virginia Fitzgerald [the dress project]
March 4th-27th, 2011

Open Friday - Sunday 11am to 5pm & by appointment.
59 Fountain Street,
Framingham, MA

Cambridge Art Association

Opens March 2, 2011
at Cambridge Art Association's University Place Gallery

March 2-31
RECEPTION March 4, 6-8 pm

Artists Sarah Meyers Brent, Jodi Colella and Sirarpi Heghinian Walzer each present unique perspectives on the temporality, duality and flux of existence in their upcoming show this March 2011.

Follow the progress of the show at More examples of work can also be found at, and

Dennis Lucas at Bridge Gallery
in Newburyport, Massachusetts through March 3rd - 28th

           Olive Grove, Ravello by Dennis Lucas.

When thinking about "great art," it's no surprise that Impressionism comes to mind. This 19th century art movement captured the skills of some of the finest artists and translated them into a certain technique. Impressionist art, with its fine brush strokes, depictions of light and movement, and remarkable visual angles, was done by some of the most renowned artists in history. These methods practiced by Monet and Renoir are modeled at the Cape Cod School of Art, instituted over a hundred years ago by Charles Hawthorne. Dennis Lucas, a traditional American Impressionist Painter from this very school, will be featured as a guest artist at Bridge Gallery, a cooperative gallery of area artists in Newburyport, this month. The gallery is pleased to have such an accomplished painter hanging on its walls. Lucas, a veteran member of the Provincetown Art Association, Lowell Art Association and Arlington Friend of the Drama, also teaches workshops at the Whistler House Museum of Art in Lowell. He has painted and designed many stage sets, traveled with fellow Cape School Artists to Provence and Amalfi, and his work is in possession of both private and museum collections throughout the United States and Europe. His exhibition at Bridge Gallery serves as the perfect insight to the depth of his work. Lucas' pieces demonstrate a deep understanding of the ever-changing light key and its monumental effect on color in nature. His paintings offer a breadth of colors and fresh angles in nature that aren't always apparent to the naked, observational eye. Dennis Lucas Featured Artist show will run from Thursday, March 3rd through Monday, March 28th. The public is invited to an Artist's Reception on Sunday, March 6th from 3-5pm. Expect to be astonished by Lucas' extraordinarily crafted visual effects.

B.Felt at Bromfield Gallery
in Boston, Massachusetts through March 19th

Image Shawl by Barbara Poole. Hand-felted nuno felt shawl, 24" x 72". Model: Yeketrina; photographer: Gregory Brown.

Comprehension of the formal language of art takes years of practice. Some artists feel like they can never truly "master" the craft because they can never stop learning about it. From this learning come new forms, different techniques, and foreign media. Barbara Poole, figurative painter and contemporary felt artist, has experienced this translation with her recent focus on the fiber arts. Her background as a figurative painter has allowed her to practice the language of art in form, color, and light. Bringing this knowledge to the table of felts puts Poole a few steps ahead. "My work is one of a kind. The pieces may begin as the same shape and size, but I approach each piece as a unique work of art; even a simple scarf will possess its own vision," says Poole. She creates garments not only to adorn the wearer, but also to demonstrate that art is all in the maker. A scarf or canvas, shawl or wood panel, art is an expression and it has a story to tell. Bromfield Gallery has captured this language of Barbara Poole and her fabrics and is putting them on display in Barbara Poole: B. Felt's Uniquely Crafted, Hand-Felted Art-To-Wear Pop-Up Store from March 2nd through the 19th. Make sure to see her creations from wool felt; a material she says has metaphorical similarities and connections to skin. Historically, felt has provided insulation from the natural elements. These very elements-earth, air, fire and water-are consistently underlying themes in all of Poole's work. Also showing at Bromfield is Barbara Poole: Invasive Species, Unintended Consequences, in which Poole explores what happens to an environment when humanity introduces it to an alien species. Carl McMahon: The Age of Un-Reason is also up at the gallery. This exhibition features deconstructed supplies painted white, then reconstructed into something new. The symbolism behind the white stands, "to start over, to whitewash, and to make light," says McMahon himself. Bromfield Gallery is the place to be this March. With so many exhibitions to offer, you'll be sure to find something that speaks your language of art.

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