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We have launched TalentIgniter! Thank you for your patience.


Sincerely, Kathy Hara, Editor

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Announcing TalentIgniter!

After more than a year of setting up and refining TalentIgniter.com, our unique assessment tool, we are so excited to at last be "live."

As most of our readers probably know, our first product on TalentIgniter is the Ruf Estimates™ of Levels of Gifted Online Assessment.  This is the result of many, many years of Dr. Ruf's research, experience and work, and there is nothing else like it.


This inventory, which parents complete online from their own records of their children's early development, gives an estimate of where a child fits intellectually compared to others the same age. It gives parents an idea of the eventual tested IQ range, intellectual strengths and weaknesses, and then what a child like this needs in order to thrive academically, socially, and emotionally - at home and at school. The Ruf Estimates™ Developmental Milestones information is from birth to age six (although, for exceptionally bright youngsters, it can be done as early as age 3). The whole idea is to arm parents with important information before they choose a school, before their child starts underachieving or having any problems in school. One size does not fit all, so parents need to know what their own children need and how their own children are likely to fare in school.  Dr. Ruf has always been concerned about empowering parents to make more of their own decisions regarding their children's educations, and helping them educate themselves is the first step in that process.

The heart and hallmark of TalentIgniter will always be the Ruf Estimates™ of Levels of Gifted Online Assessment. However, our long range goal is to provide a "cradle to grave" site which will offer tools to help both children and adults make the most of their innate abilities. Soon we will be adding tools and resources about personality differences, gender differences, Ruf Estimates™ for adults, and much more. 


Our low introductory price for The Ruf Estimates™ Online Assessment, $45, is available until October 1. This introductory rate includes a free one-year membership to TalentIgniter. Members will receive monthly newsletters, will receive discounts on our new products as they are developed, and will have access to our online ForumIn addition, the site will provide a regular blog about gifted issues. 

Please take a look at TalentIgniter. Once you've looked at our Home page, we suggest you click on the Ruf Estimates tab and read How Smart Is My Child? Using the Ruf Estimates™ of Levels of Gifted.

We hope you will visit TalentIgniter. Please let us know what you think by sending a note to me at kathy@talentigniter.com.

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Dr. Ruf's book, 5 Levels of Gifted: School Issues and Educational Options (2005) (formerly published as Losing Our Minds: Gifted Children Left Behind), is available through Great PotentialPress.

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