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Reflexology in Hospitals and Integrative Medicine ProgramsJune 2010
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Evidence-Based Reflexology for Reflexologists

Evidence-Based Reflexology for Health Professionals and Researchers

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As reflexology and other CAM practices go mainstream, existing hospital programs provide examples of how the practices are integrated into traditional medicine. The CAM practices are judged on how they meet established criteria for medical practices: safety, efficacy, mechanism of action and cost effectiveness. A study at one Minneapolis hospital is an example of how traditional medicine is working to ascertain if CAM practices meet these criteria and how they can be integrated into hospital use. Paired with philanthropic funding, the hospital research explored how CAM practices can help relieve pain, a concern of the hospital staff and patients. In this study, the mechanism of action of all CAM practices provided is a given: eliciting the relaxation response. In addition, we present an article that notes the various ways hospitals across the country are implementing integrative medicine (IM) programs that include reflexology.

Research Shows Benefits of CAM and Reflexology for Pain Relief

lilyPain reduction is a significant result of reflexology work. Thirty-four studies show positive outcomes for reflexology work ranging from "significant difference in" pain to "reduction in" pain. Now a new study homes in on the potential for complementary and alternative medicine (CAM) practices including reflexology to help ease pain for hospital patients.

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Hospital-Based Integrative Medicine Program
Reflexology is showing up in more and more hospitals in the US. Here is a sampling.

Reflexology at Abbott Northwestern Hospital in Minneapolis
Reflexology at the Cleveland Clinic
Reflexology at St. Rita's Medical Center in Lima, Ohio
          Cardiac Care
          Palliative Care

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The Reflexologist's Professional Toolbox
Reflexologist's toolbox
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Now is the time for reflexologists to position themselves for the transition to the mainstream. Research is increasingly opening doors. Some of these doors are hospital doors. These doors are opening because many issues like pain are very difficult  to solve.

Those who are seeking out knowledge about research and reflexology have a greater chance to be rewarded for their efforts than ever before.

All the best,

Barbara and Kevin


Kevin Kunz
Reflexology Research Project