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Fall Annual Fund Postcard

Fall 2012 PostcardLook for our next appeal for the 2012 Annual Fund that celebrates the diversity of speakers who have visited the Athenaeum. The Annual Fund supports the numerous programs and services provided by the Athenaeum and our goal for 2012 is $95,000. Please donate today!

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Athenaeum to Partner with St. Johnsbury Academy for Humanities Project

The Academy will be working with the Athenaeum to support their new humanities initiative for the freshman class. The students will be working with several cultural institutions in St. Johnsbury to create public exhibitions of original work as part of the Academy's efforts to provide "real-world" experiences and learning opportunities.

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Summer Readers Obtain Certificates

Summer Reading Program Pictured are Children's Librarian Gloria Molinaroli and volunteer Sandy Jones with energetic young readers as they celebrated the completion of the four-week "Dream Big" summer reading program sponsored by the VT Department of Libraries. The event was held at the St. Johnsbury Pavillion and the students celebrated with cake and ice cream sundaes. The Summer Reading program consisted of 11 programs with 515 attendees. 1,350 books were read and final certificates were awarded to 92 children. The event was sponsored by the Acorn Club.

Summer Raffle Winner

Congratulations to Dale Wells from Danville, VT! He was the winner of the Summer Raffle - a trip to Yosemite National Park. Our thanks go to everyone who supported this important fundraiser!

Rare Book Group Meets

The public is invited to the Athenaeum’s Rare Book Club meeting on Saturday, September 29 at 1:30 PM. Caroline DeMaio will discuss Henry Schoolcraft’s Archives of Aboriginal Knowledge ... of the Indian Tribes of the United States, published in 1860. Caroline compares the sympathetic artist renderings of people, settings, and objects, with the harsh, monolithic written descriptions of Native Americans.

The goal of the club is to explore the Athenaeum’s significant holdings of 19th Century books (many of which were part of the founding collection), artists’ books, and other important works. Members will have the opportunity to present to the group at a monthly meeting.

The Club welcomes members with an interest in any aspect of book arts, and scholarship derived from the study of these texts. For more information, please contact Bob Joly at 748-8291 or by email.

Colors of the Kingdom

In partnership with the Northeast Kingdom Chamber of Commerce, the Athenaeum is participating in the Colors of the Kingdom Festival. Events include free balloons and children's books from the Acorn Club, a book sale from Second Hand Prose, The Friends of the Athenaeum are hosting their famous pie sale and the Art Gallery will be open with free admission from 10 - 4. Activities run while supplies last and it all starts at 10 a.m.

Vermont Humanities Council First Wednesdays Schedule

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October 3 - In Want of a Wife: Romance and Realism in Pride and Prejudice - Dartmouth Professor Emeritus James Heffernan.

November 7 - Welfare Brat - Dr. Mary Childers

December 5 - Finding Higher Ground: Adaptation in the Age of Warming - Scientist and author Amy Seidl.

January 2 - Remaking the Landscape, 1958-1978: Interstate Highways Come to Vermont - UVM professor Paul Bierman.

February 6 - America’s Foreign Policy Agenda - Diplomat and Vermont State Senator Peter Galbraith.

March 6 - Early Photographs of Native North Americans - UNH Vice Provost and professor Lisa MacFarlane.

April 3 - Free Speech Isn't What It Used to Be: Sexting and Cyberbullying Meet the Constitution - UNH Law Professor Sarah Redfield. Location: St. Johnsbury Academy, Fuller Hall.

May 1 - The Patchwork Quilt of American Evangelicalism -
Dartmouth professor of American religious history Randall Balmer.


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