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Welcome Neely! 
Extensive Experience  November 2011 



The extensive experience of Neely Kennedy is here to help your book club discussions be the best ever!


Plus the latest in the adventures of Maria and Mrs. Martin for The Sisters of the Traveling Computers!


Some new selections and ideas for your next reading group discussion.  


And don't forget to order your copy of Reading Group Choices 2012 for your book group - special holiday pricing this month! 


All in this month's edition of the Reading Group Choices Newsletter!


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New Selections for Great Discussions
Novel-in-Progress and More in On the Bookcase
Family Book Clubs
Your Own Discussible Choices
Book Club of the Month
Holiday Gift For Your Book Club
Welcome Neely!
New Selections for Great Discussions

Chosen by Chandra Hoffman In Chandra Hoffman's novel Chosen, Chloe Pinter, director of Portland's Chosen Child domestic adoption program, is happy as she juggles the demands of her boss and the incessant needs of adoptive and biological parents. But the dream job that offers Chloe refuge from her turbulent personal life soon becomes a nightmare involving three very different couples. And when a child goes missing, perceptions of family and future are challenged. Juliette Fay author of Shelter Me says Chosen is "gritty and suspenseful; [it] draws us into the obstacle-strewn path of domestic adoption."

Proof of Heaven by Mary Curran Hackett A magnificent debut novel, Mary Curran Hackett's Proof of Heaven is a beautiful and unforgettable exploration of the power of love and the monumental questions of life, death, and the afterlife. Colm already recognizes the truth: that he's sick and not getting better. But Colm wants one last thing before he gives into his fate - to meet his father who abandoned his beloved mother before Colm was born. The quest to find the dying boy's missing parent soon becomes a powerful journey of emotional discovery. Marisa de los Santos, New York Times bestselling author (Falling Together, Belong to Me, Love Walked In), says Proof of Heaven is "a gorgeous paradox of a book: a deep, thoughtful exploration of a young mother's first year of widowhood that is as much a page-turner as any thriller."  


Novel-in-Progress & More in On the Bookcase 

Laura On the Bookcase The Fifth Installment of Novel-in-Progress from the Sisters of the Traveling Computers is here! Eight great writers are producing a progressive novel. Each one will write six chapters in a round-robin style without discussing it with each other. We're not telling which authors write the first eight installments - until you have had an opportunity to guess who wrote which chapters.  Go ahead - guess which authors penned the first five.  Here are the eight:

*Rebecca Rasmussen (The Bird Sisters)

*Caroline Leavitt (Pictures of You)

*Eleanor Brown (The Weird Sisters)

*Heidi Durrow (The Girl Who Fell From the Sky)

*Siobhan Fallon (You Know When the Men Are Gone)

*Therese Fowler (Exposure)

*Tanya Egan Gibson (How to Buy a Love of Reading)

*Sarah Pekkanen (Skipping a Beat)


Also in On the Bookcase, eavesdrop on authors Spencer Quinn (The Dog Who Knew Too Much) and Peter Abrahams (Quacky Baseball) as they discuss writing methods, pets and tennis!

And visit with two authors in this month's Authors On the Bookcase. Talia Carner tells us about the research behind her latest novel Jerusalem Maiden. The research all started with her own experiences! And Adrienne Sharp reveals little known "facts" about the main character in her newly-released book The True Memoirs of Little K.

Finally, in an On the Bookcase interview with author Sebastian Barry, we learn about the characters in his novel On Canaan's Side as well as his writing process.

Family Book Clubs
Family Book ClubsBook clubs provide a stimulating way to get together with friends and have some fun. What if you could share the experience with your whole family? Perhaps you can - an article in gives advice on how to facilitate a family book club. Some tips from the article include looking to children's classics for books the whole family can enjoy and having a discussion with the whole family - perhaps in an ice cream parlor. This could be a great way to promote reading for your kids or just to bring the family together in a different way!

Your Own Discussible Choices
Book Dots Congratulations to Sara Jane and The East Williston Library Book Discussion Group for winning the random drawing for this month's Discussible Book Choice!


The Immortal Life of Henrietta Lacks by Rebecca Skloot "The Immortal Life of Henrietta Lacks by Rebecca Skloot proved to be an unforgettable discussion. Why? We learned that one of our members had been a student nurse at Johns Hopkins Hospital in Baltimore one year after Henrietta passed away. Her personal insights and memories made the book come alive. Each member provided heartfelt reactions to this true and heart-wrenching story."

Sara Jane, The East Williston Library Book Discussion Group, East Williston, NY 



We enjoy hearing from book club members and sharing their choices with everyone. Please let us know about your group's discussible choices - you may win a book-related prize for every member of your reading group!


More Discussible Choices 


Book Club of the Month

Congratulations to Jan and the Escape Book Club for being selected as this month's Book Club of the Month! Here's what Jan had to say about her group. 


The Escape Book Club 


"We are twelve professional women who just celebrated our third year anniversary as book club. We are from the Outer Banks of North Carolina and haven't missed a monthly meeting in the three years since we were formed. Seven of us are charter members! The current twelve have been together for over a year. Our group consists of a school superintendent, a nurse, a loan officer, and retired teachers, among others. These busy women also volunteer for the community in various ways. Recently, at least three of our members have been assisting with hurricane recovery after Hurricane Irene devastated parts of our area, even though some of us were affected by the storm ourselves. We usually have around nine busy ladies at our evening monthly meetings. However, at our anniversary meeting last week, our school administrator pointed out that we achieved perfect attendance! 


"We have a Facebook page where we create an event for our meetings, post notices of our upcoming reading selections, share our ratings of books we have read and post questions for our hostesses to use in leading our group discussions. Links to Facebook pages of publishers, reading groups and other items of interest such as an upcoming movie based on a book we read are also shared. A website was created for our club even earlier than the Facebook page by the daughter of a member. The website is not quite up-to-date since our webmaster is busy with a precious baby boy who is a recent addition to her family." 


Tell us about your group!

Holiday Gift For Your Book Club!

Reading Group Choices 2012
Want to delight everyone in your book club with a gift at your holiday get-together? Just order a copy of the new Reading Group Choices 2012: Selections for Lively Book Discussions for everyone - and (shhhh, don't tell anyone) save at the same time!  This month only, you can get five or more copies for only $2.95 each!  Order the "stocking stuffer special" online - even "mix and match" your order with editions from previous years if you want.

The 2012 edition is filled with 70 discussible titles, complete with Conversation Starters and lots of additional information. See what's new from Lisa See, Marisa de los Santos, Cathy Lamb, Douglas Kennedy, Adrienne McDonnell, Shobhan Bantwal, and Marie Bostwick, and ponder the unique ideas of Adrienne Sharp, Evelyn Toynton and Marie Mutsuki Mockett.

Happy Holidays!
Thanks for keeping the joy of reading alive,

Welcome Neely! 


Neely Kennedy, Literary Director 

We are absolutely thrilled to welcome Neely Kennedy to Reading Group Choices as our new Literary Director! In her new role, Neely will be working with book clubs, authors, booksellers, and publishers to help guide our book selections. She'll use her extensive experience in the book business to provide lots of new ideas and entertaining, thought-provoking material to help make your group's discussions lively and fun. Stay tuned - you'll see the results of Neely's expert guidance soon on the Reading Group Choices website and the On the Bookcase blog.


Like many of you, Neely is a passionate reader and book group member. "I love anything having to do with books," she says. "Fiction has always been my favorite genre. I cherish my time as a reference librarian as well as the years that I spent running my own independent bookstore." To top it off, Neely worked in marketing and promotion at the Naval Institute Press. There, "I was lucky enough to see how a book goes from inspiration to finished title," she adds.


We couldn't be happier to have her with us! Please join us as we welcome Neely. 



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