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Dr. Sat Bhattacharya

Founder, President & CEO at Harlem Children Society

Founder, President & Chairman, Board of Trustees at Association of Science & Society

President at Rockefeller University Chapter of Sigma Xi Scientific Research Society

Research Consultant & Research Scientist at
Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center



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"I am very pleased to have met you and learn of your services over the past several years to our students in the Hopi Reservation and additional Native communities in New Mexico and Pine Ridge in South Dakota. It is essential that the HCS program gain additional support and resources to continue and expand work fundamental to our future in STEM disciplines."


"As a Native person and a Hopi Tribal member, and as the co-founder and founding chairman of the American Indian Science & Engineering Society (AISES), with more than 30 years of experience in training and nurturing 12, 00 graduates, I am very aware of what the Harlem Children Society accomplishes in our youth. The educational ethic embedded in the Harlem Children's Program gives us a unique opportunity to display that cultural differences are not a barrier to graduation at advanced levels of science, engineering and medicine."


"We as Native people applaud your role in bringing this high quality program to our youth. I wholeheartedly and enthusiastically endorse the approach of the Harlem Children Society Program in helping the student to see the world of education in a new way, and see themselves as a success. We in our communities must support programs such as the Harlem Children Society today with utmost vigor."

Professor Al Qoyawayma, Hopi

Cosmologist and Founding Chairman, American Indian Science & Engineering Society (AISES)





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Dear Friends & Colleagues,

I am writing requesting your good will and drive to serve as a mentor to one or more students in your lab/group for high school and under graduate students from Under-resourced and Under-served backgrounds and communities currentlyin our Intensive Harlem Children Society (URL:www.HCS2k.org) Internship Program in Science, Technology Engineering & Mathematics, and Allied Sciences. All students are local Residents.

"Dr. Sat, I commend you on this excellent program for training young minds. All of you (students) are indeed lucky to be in a program like this. You must make the best use of your time spend in this program and evolve life long connections. Congratulations"."

Nobel Laureate (Physiology & Medicine) Dr. Richard Axel, Columbia University


"You all are very luck to be in a program like this....Your hard work and discipline with this program will lead you to successes in the future..."

Nobel Laureate (Chemistry), Dr. Sidney Altman, Yale University

There is no legacy more lasting than providing educational opportunities and hope for the benefit of future generations - especially the under-resourced and under-served - who perhaps would not be able to make it without help from generous supporters.


The sessions typically start in June and last through the beginning of September; with a substantial number of students having the option to continue their work a few times a week all year round.


In Twelve years, since I started the program at Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center with just three students from two high schools (who since are at Engineering and MD/PhD programs) doing research in my laboratory, the program has evolved to cover over 800 students this year - 365 in NY alone; 100 spread across the country; and over 300 globally (in all continents) - from over 200 schools. We carefully follow these young students: All graduating students are at leading colleges and universities, with over 20% in Ivy league institutions, with over 80% retention in the sciences. Over 40% of our students keep returning back, of which over 25% are under graduates.


All the students come from extremely impoverished backgrounds and hardship situations. I select them individually based on their motivation, performance at school, drive to succeed and an intensive interview process. They are fully committed for research the entire summer, and some continue after school the entire year. Many already have years of research experience under their belt. This would be ideal for Graduate students, postdocs and research assistants and other investigators. There is no financial obligation to the investigators and they become an asset to any laboratory after a brief training without any disruption. 

"We need students who want to learn and want to experience the pure joy of discovery, ...mentors and scientists who are absolutely committed to sharing their love of science with others, and will open their lab up any time to help students,....families who are willing to support you and your pursuit of this vision, and ... visionaries like Dr. Sat, who have the energy to bring something wonderful like the Harlem Children Society to life."

Dr. Samuel L. Stanley Jr., M.D., President of Stony Brook University

"In reality, in a good society, it's the right of every child to have a full education, just as healthcare is a right. And that's what's remarkable about what Dr. Sat has done.... Dr. Sat's work is truly extraordinary. He has created this from the beginning, and he's done it in a way which society should have done. And he's done it from the bottom, that is to say, by working with people who need it, not from some bureaucratic position."

Professor Robin Briehl, Professor of Physiology, Biophysics & Biochemistry

Albert Einstein School of Medicine

I would be glad if you would be able to accommodate at least one student under your wings in your laboratory and help change a young mind and request your participation in a unique venture involving Science and Society to train our future Scientists, Doctors, Engineers and professionals; and furthering a dialogue with our communities, and forming a partnership in change.


I strongly believe that it would be an excellent experience for the students. As I have personally selected the students myself - you would be pleased with the student/s. I am urgently looking for additional mentors. I can promise you that this would be an extremely rewarding venture for anyone.


I must point out that, we arrange for all students to gain performance based stipends - this indeed provides the funds necessary for survival for many families.


HCS has been rated as one of the most outstanding programs of its kind in the US, and increasingly setting a global paradigm. We not only provide students an opportunity to gain valuable research experience, but we also prepare them for future educational pursuits. Students advance scholastically, socially, and professionally in the HCS program. HCS graduates have attended, often on full scholarships to some of the most prestigious colleges and universities in the US, including Columbia University, Dartmouth College, Cornell, Hunter, Swarthmore College, Penn State, Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute (RPI), and others. Several of our students are recipients of several awards and prizes including: New York Times, Posse, Gates Millennium, and several others. Please see the recent articles covered by prominent National & International Press and Media: like WNYC News, New York 1 News, New York Times, United Nations News, Scientific American, National Science Teachers Association feature, The New York Sun, Education Update, and others.


All this speaks highly of the tremendous support, mentorship and help provided by MENTORS LIKE YOU!


Besides these benefits, HCS sponsors its annual "Global Harlem Science Parades and Street Fairs & Festivals", the jewels in the crown of its programs, which showcase students' hands-on research. Joined by their families, university and industry mentors, community and government leaders, local community members and other invited experts; our students celebrate the binding power of scientific inquiry and cultural exchange. We are very excited to announce that our "Fourth Global Harlem Science Parade", a student procession through the New York City streets leading to the site of the "Ninth Annual Global Harlem Street Fairs and Festivals", will be organized on - Saturday, September 29th, 2012. Please save the date.


I have attached a flyer that you may use as well that you may circulate for other interested members in your department and institute.


Hopefully you can participate in the dream project literally changing the lives of students and communities in dire need and recommend it to others. If you are unable to participate this time, I request you to forward this plea on our behalf to other colleagues and partners that you feel right.


Please do not hesitate to call me at 646-643-8543 any time.


Kindest regards,


Sat Bhattacharya


Sat Bhattacharya, PhD, FRS

"I commend all affiliated with this unique program, for their hard work, dedication and commitment... which only gets better every year. In preparing our bright high school students and undergraduates for the future - further education and careers - you nurture the joy and the spirit of science and math, demonstrating the beauty of a mathematical equation or concept, and the wonder of scientific experiment, incidentally creating lifelong learners along the way."

Governor David A. Patterson, New York State Governor, NY


"...As you embark on what we know will be a long affiliation with this very, very special organization... You have been chosen for your very special talents and your accomplishments. And you have earned this opportunity. But remember, too, that it is not just for your benefit that you'll be inducted today into the Harlem Children Society family... Your achievements and accomplishments in this program and beyond will better the world, we know, in which we all live."

Senator Suzie Oppenheimer, Chair, New York Senate Standing Committee on Education

"Dr. Sat, your work over the last eleven years to foster an interest in Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math among underrepresented students is vitally important both for the students you serve... Through you initiation of science parades and street fairs, you have exposed gifted students from Harlem to the sciences, sparking an academic interest that will serve them well for a lifetime. Your programs have nurtured that interest, encouraging your students to pursue careers as physicians, researchers, professors, and engineers, thus enabling them to make a valuable contribution to their profession and community."

Senator Dean Skelos, Senate Majority Leader, New York Senate

In the twenty-five years that I spent as a physician and the three years that I have been a Science Educator, I have rarely, if ever, been acquainted with a place that is as vital to what you have created at the Harlem Children Society. Engaging curious students in important work is merely the beginning of what you have accomplished. Your personal attention to educational needs coupled with your support and enthusiasm remains unmatched by any other entity I am aware of. The students who come to HCS leave as confident life-long learners, equipped with science research skills that are so needed in our world today."

Dr. Barbara Zarou, MD, Bronx Health Sciences HS, Bronx, NY

"It was during high school that I was first introduced to the career within science, which I was determined to pursue.. .My participation in the HCS research program, gave me the opportunity to gain a hands-on laboratory experience with Dr. Bhattacharya. This experience helped me determine my future goals after graduating from college."

Dr. Paolo Lizano, M D, Ph.D., HCS Class of 2001


"I am proud to say that I was part of the HCS research family, because now I see that once you leave this program you will enter the world of science well educated and well prepared. I could not have asked for a better opportunity. Now I will stand out to the colleges of my dreams. And for that I am grateful."

Alexandra Gonzales, HCS Class of 2001


"The HCS program was an awakening. I've always been interested in science...and HCS has furthered this interest even more. This program helped me see that there are various branches of science."

Anisha Gill, HCS Class of 2008


"It is a very special program because it is on e of the rare ones t hat connects interested students to the real world of science research. With such an early training, it will be much easier for them t o contribute in scientific advancements in the future. I think the HCS is a very good opportunity for teenagers and I know that the internship will be a worthwhile experience."

Parent of HCS students Mojolaoluwa and Oluwanifemi Mabayoje, both HCS Class of 2008


"The HCS program is challenging and hardworking. My child needs to buckle her seat belt and get ready for the ride! The HCS program seems as though it will help our children get focused in science and help them shape themselves in the field they are interested in."

Parent of HCS student Minerve Delille, HCS Cass of 2008


"I think it's a great program that helps children from around the world learn a lot from doing research with educated professors. It gets them ready for college and it helps them get into one of the most prestigious colleges... This experience will change my daughter's life. In a way, it will also change mine. Thanks to all!"

Parent of HCS student Neslihan Kalayci H C S C lass of 20 0 8


"I commend your work for the advancement of science especially among young students.... You have my whole-hearted support."

Congressman Charles Rangel, U .S. Representative, 15th Congressional District, N Y


"We are big believers in you, and we are going to make sure you are the ones we showcase..."

Dennis Walcott, New York City Chancellor, NYC Board of Education.


"We're going to unleash you (the students) to the world, and there's no limit, no end, to what you can accomplish..."

John Liu, New York City Council Member