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Cancer Researcher Scientist, Molecular Genetics


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Happy Holidays and Happy New Year from The Harlem Children Society


Dear , 


From Institutes of Science, Society & Technology (ISST) Sponsored by Harlem Children Society (HCS) and Association of Science & Society (AS&S), we wish you and your family....


Season's Greetings, Happy Holidays & Happy New Year

In addition, we take this opportunity to Thank You for Your Gracious & Generous Support


Dedicated to promoting an Innovative Hands-on Research Programs
for youth living in under-resourced and under-served US communities, HCS engages young minds in a robust enquiry of the world and exposes them to opportunities in the sciences. Our Primary Vision, through our Service and  Unique Outreach & Recruitment Process, which we put through a thorough Evaluation Process, drives us. We are also very proud our innovative and novel 'Harlem Science Parade and Science Street Fairs & Festivals' that we have been organizing for the past Seven years.


Almost twelve years ago, since I created HCS in 2000 - we have established one of the most frontline line programs in Science, Technology, Engineering & Math (STEM), and Allied Sciences for Under-resourced & Under-served high school and undergraduate students anywhere!


We are very proud of our many accomplishments and invite and request your help in participating in rebuilding our communities by preparing our youth in skills developing our future potential for the 21st Century Work force in service of humanity - and developing a responsible citizenry.



urge and seek your kind support. . .


  Please Donate 


We have been hit extremely hard in these present times, despite our efforts day-and-night.


All our programs have been possible thanks to you, and our family of donors. We know these are difficult times for all of us. However, to continue providing the best education in STEM and Allied Sciences, we still need your support, now more than ever, in this time of financial crisis. Please consider you contribution Tax Deductable Contribution here. Alternatively, you may send your contributions to: Harlem Children Society, 536 East 82nd Street, Suite 5F, New York, NY 10028.


As we enter our 12th year, undaunted by the formidable challenges of our economic times, our focus is to expand our programs to prepare an even greater number of deserving youth to move into the future.Your generous contribution - especially in these trying times will go a long way to secure our future.


We hope that you will take this opportunity to invest in the future, by making your tax-deductible contribution to our HCS End of the Year Campaign by December 31, 2011. We also hope you will consider us for future ongoing contributions. Your generous support will be instrumental in enabling HCS to further advance its goals in serving more children and expanding not only its New York flagship program, but also in struggling urban and rural communities in Detroit, Houston, Los Angeles, New Orleans, Washington, DC, Hopi & Navajo Native Americans in the Painted Desert, among others.


Your  Tax-Deductible Gift will be instrumental in furthering our efforts to educate, participate in re-building in our communities, and shaping society's future generation at large. It's easy and you can make your donation by check or credit card. Any Modest Donation can add up quickly and make a difference in the lives of our most precious resource: our YOUTH and COMMUNITY.   


HCS's quintessential formula rests on its Relationships, Absolute Partnerships, and Collaborations across different levels and aisles. It has served as a bridge evolving paradigms for teaching, learning, and performing research. By spearheading training our youth and future of our generation, honing in them skills and nurturing their abilities until adulthood, HCS intends to be a life partner of the taught - keeping the process of its own vigor in full blossom.


We are increasingly falling behind in high technology fields and there is already a sheer lack of skills in high-end fields of medicine and research. We can no longer afford to neglect these areas of high skills in order to be competitive, continue in our leadership, and maintain our global pre-eminence. We must train our youth to secure our place in the 21st century and beyond. Considering the need and potential, we have identified and already have piloted seven areas of research and training in our: "HCS Institutes for Research & Training". I implore upon all concerned to consider your contributions to support our - 'Institutes of Science, Society & Technology' (ISST).


We are seeking support to establish an already in-house piloted program in 21st Century fields through creation of the following centers: Nanotechnology; Bio-Informatics; GeoSpatial & Geographical Information Systems (GIS); Epidemiology & Biostatistics; Forensic Science; Nutrition & Health; Earth & Environmental Studies; Space Technology, Advanced Physics & Space Technology; Engineering, Math, Computer Technology Data Management; and Bio-Ethics & Social Development.


The proposed institute will further strengthen our resolve .....(Read more)


HCSsprang from the dream of creating a better community through a shared vision of academic inquiry and scholastic achievement despite the odds against success based on financial and societal limitations. From the launch of the initial program in 2001 with three students under my tutelage in at Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center, until to date, the program encompasses a network of over 15,000 mentors, in 500 partner institutions. In 2010 over 400 students (96% of minority backgrounds) from 250 schools in New York alone. An additional 400 students span across the country and worldwide supported by my own private resources. However, with the economic decline in 2011, our program saw a slight dip, which we intend to surmount over this coming year with your help.


Over a thousand students have gone through our programs and we have been following all our students since inception. One hundred percent of our students have continued their higher education at leading institutions of higher learning - with 80% still taking sciences and over 20% in Ivy League institutions.


HCS's impressive success is directly attributable to its innovative model. The organizational centerpiece features a unique collaboration between schools, teachers, government organizations, industry professionals, university faculty, community leaders, and contributing foundations, and is the quintessential formula for encouraging achievement in the most diligent, deserving students from impoverished backgrounds. As of 2011, without exception, all HCS students graduating high school, who applied, were admitted to college/university, with 20% attending Ivy League schools.


Please consider mentoring a student under your tutelage. You may email me your support. We also have opened our registration processto accept new students for our 2012 program


We are very proud of our many accomplishments and invite and request your help in participating in rebuilding our communities by preparing our youth in skills developing our future potential for the 21st Century Work force in service of humanity - and developing a responsible citizenry.We sincerely thank you all for being our audience, our community, our family, and support.. HCS & AS&S wishes you all Happy Holidays and a Happy and Prosperous New Year.


Dr. Sat Bhattacharya,  

Founder, President & CEO of  Harlem Children Society  

In the twenty-five years that I spent as a physician and the three years that I have been a Science Educator, I have rarely, if ever, been acquainted with a place that is as vital to what you have created at the Harlem Children Society.  Engaging curious students in important work is merely the beginning of what you have accomplished.  Your personal attention to educational needs coupled with your support and enthusiasm remains unmatched by any other entity I am aware of.  The students who come to HCS leave as confident life-long learners, equipped with science research skills that are so needed in our world today."

Dr. Barbara Zarou, MD, Bronx Health Sciences HS, Bronx, NY



*T E S T I M ON I A L S*



"It was during high school that I was first introduced to the career within science, which I was determined to pursue.. .My participation in the HCS research program, gave me the opportunity to gain a hands-on laboratory experience with Dr. Bhattacharya. This experience helped me determine my future goals after graduating from college."

Dr. Paolo Lizano, M D, Ph.D., H C S C lass of 2001


"I am proud to say that I was part of the HCS research family, because now I see that once you leave this program you will enter the world of science well educated and well prepared. I could not have asked for a better opportunity. Now I will stand out to the colleges of my dreams. And for that I am grateful."

Alexandra Gonzales, HCS Class of 2001


"The HCS program was an awakening. I've always been interested in science...and HCS has furthered this interest even more. This program helped me see that there are various branches of science."

Anisha Gill, HCS Class of 2008


"It is a very special program because it is on e of the rare ones t hat connects interested students to the real world of science research. With such an early training, it will be much easier for them t o contribute in scientific advancements in the future. I think the HCS is a very good opportunity for teenagers and I know that the internship will be a worthwhile experience."

Parent of HCS students Mojolaoluwa and Oluwanifemi Mabayoje, both HCS Class of 2008


"The HCS program is challenging and hardworking. My child needs to buckle her seat belt and get ready for the ride! The HCS program seems as though it will help our children get focused in science and help them shape themselves in the field they are interested in."

Parent of HCS student Minerve Delille, HCS Cass of 2008


"I think it's a great program that helps children from around the world learn a lot from doing research with educated professors. It gets them ready for college and it helps them get into one of the most prestigious colleges... This experience will change my daughter's life. In a way, it will also change mine. Thanks to all!"

Parent of HCS student Neslihan Kalayci H C S C lass of 20 0 8


"I commend your work for the advancement of science especially among young students.... You have my whole-hearted support."

Congressman Charles Rangel, U .S. Representative, 15th Congressional District, N Y


"We are big believers in you, and we are going to make sure you are the ones we showcase..."

Dennis Walcott, New York City Chancellor, NYC Board of Education.


"We're going to unleash you (the students) to the world, and there's no limit, no end, to what you can accomplish..."

John Liu, New York City Council M ember




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