Heart-Felt Gratitude!!!!

Dear Friends and Supporters,

       I gave a 5 minute speech, titled Mom's Moment at  Priscilla's high school graduation.  The address is posted at the end of this journal.   As I was composing the speech, I was struck with what a privilege it is to have been a stay-at-home mom in our generation.   Because of your generosity, I was able to home school our five daughters and administer the CMUSA.  In addition we were able to spend many hours as a family ministering on the college campuses.  It has indeed been a wonderful life!  I cannot overstate my appreciation for all of you!!!!  Now a new season of ministry is opening for our family.  I will join Bro. Jed on the campuses full-time in August.   As I read his daily journals, I always wished that I was there.   Now I will be, thanks to all of you again.    

      Much love to you all.  Sister Cindy

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March 19, 2012, Fullerton State University

     Gary rode with me to campus. He is a friend of Ruben and Jesse Morrell. Also, he is my FB friend. Dennis C. and Angela, who lives in what she calls the Motel Honda, met me on campus. Gary held one of Ruben's banners which listed damnable sins. I opened the preaching at 11:20. I was able to get Mark and Stephanie to stop. Stephanie was being coy concerning her Christianity. Mark did claim to be a believer. I picked at them for a good while in the hopes of using them to gather a crowd. There were others listening at more of a distance but I was unable to actually draw them into my web. Later, Mark and Stephanie both thanked me for coming and appreciated my effort, which somewhat surprised me since I was picking at them in a good natured way.

     I called upon Gary to preach. He is strait forward in his preaching and continued the dialogue with Mark and Stephanie. At the next class break I drew a crowd of less than fifty. I stayed mostly in teaching mode; I had a long dialogue with an attentive and thoughtful atheist. When he left he wanted to know when I would return, so we could continue our debate.

Bro. Gary Signs!

    I called upon Angela after the atheist left. I urged her to stand close to the crowd expecting her to have a soft voice. But she wanted to stay on the grassy part of the Quad. Angela's voice boomed. She has a stronger voice than most men who preach in the open-air. She is also theatrical. Her preaching is cross centered and she likes to relate the story of Jesus in the Garden of Gethsemane while preaching from her knees. Ruben later commented that he gave her a banner, but she returned it to him because it cramped her style of moving and waving her arms. I enjoyed her preaching. She had been a drug addict and led a very rough life prior to her conversion. One fellow quoted 1Timothy 2:12 against woman teachers. Angela quickly countered with the example of the woman at the well going into town and telling everyone about Jesus' teaching. Angela drew a crowd twice the size of mine and was able to keep most of it even after the class break. She must have preached a good thirty minutes. Angela is writing a book concerning her experience living in her Motel Honda (car) in Malibu, CA.

Sister Angela, who lives in Motel Honda, is a powerful preacher!
Sis. Angela draws a huge crowd!

    Angela made a tactical error in calling on this fellow, Ron, whom Dennis had invited to campus, instead of turning the meeting back to me. Ron was filled with zeal, had a strong voice and spoke with authority. But he belabored the doctrine of the inherited sin nature unlike I have ever heard any open air preacher beat this dead horse. Dennis and I looked with wonder at each other since we both are moral government and consider sin to be a selfish choice. Dennis apologized to me for Ron. I responded, "It's OK, his preaching is over their heads."

   Gradually, the crowd which Angela worked so hard to gather departed. When people start to leave, an experienced preacher will shift gears. But Ron stayed in low gear roaring down the road of original sin, even talking something about the transference of blood. His preaching had no conviction. If we are born without the ability to do what is right, why should anyone feel guilty for not doing what they are unable to do?         Finally, after more than 30 minutes he wound down. I unsuccessfully tried to stir up interest among those sitting around. Since Gary has an appointment, we had to leave campus shortly after 3 PM. I gave Gary a book against the doctrine of born sinful by Overstreet. 




March 20, 2012, Long Beach State

     Ruben, Mark, Doug, Angela and Robert Ramos joined me on campus. Both Mark and Ruben carried large banners. Ruben's banner, which referred to Mohammad as a false prophet, immediately drew a gang of Moslems. They were worked up into frenzy. After about thirty minutes Ruben backed off and allowed me to preach. For much of the afternoon there were 200 students with mostly a mob mentality. There were periods of quiet especially when I related my testimony. When I was approaching the climax of my conversion story, a woman interrupted me and challenged me with her hand made sign. I said, "Just like a woman trying to stop a man when he is about to reach the climax."

Long Beach State police kept the mob from closing in.


Bro Jed tells the story of his conversion, "The Making and Breaking of a Hippie," almost every day.

     Much to the woman's dismay the crowd told her to shut up. They wanted to hear the rest of my story. She backed off. When I was finished, I asked her, "Now what is your complaint?" She was offended by Ruben's sign. I called upon Ruben to defend his sign. Soon the woman was hysterical. Ruben said, "With that kind of an attitude you will never get a man like me." Ruben now had the Moslems in a rage. He said to one wild Moslem, "I hope you do not have a pilot's license." The crowd could not believe that anyone would say such a thing because virtually all the students are intimated by the Moslems or else they actually believe that Islam is a religion of peace and not much different than Christianity. Many students probably think Islam is a better religion than Christianity.

Several times students stepped out and said, "We are just giving these men an audience. Let's all leave." Maybe 20% would leave but soon the crowd would swell larger than ever.

In spite of the mob mentality, there was a lot of teaching and dialogue!


       The police did a good job at maintaining a semblance of order by herding the crowd to the other side of the sidewalk. I did most of the preaching and the crowd usually kept their distance, but every now and then one or several would get into our faces. Late in the afternoon the throng started chanting to me, "Go, home; Go home." Of course, I stood my ground.      Eventually a bunch surrounded me lying down on the ground. After 3 PM until 4:15 groups were surrounding Mark and Ruben and a few were engaged in dialogue with me and the others in my team. It was a wild day.

       In a message dated 3/20/2012 11:02:10 P.M. Central Daylight Time, adamwilson73695@yahoo.com writes:

Brother Jed Smock,

     Words cannot describe how happy I am that you and your family are returning to Texas Tech University. Welcome back. Your lectures have a life changing effect on all of us students. While some students do not like you do not give up on them and ignore their taunts because remember that I and many othes love you and your preaching. Remember me and other people's lives that you have changed. I am glad you are returning for a week on our campus. Your schedule on your website stated that you are staying in some colleges for only two days but are staying here for one week. This shows me that you love the students at Tech and trust me we love you also. Thank You For Coming and I look forward to meeting you again on campus next week.

Have Faith,

-Adam Wilson

   Also you say that the decision to visit certain colleges is based on weather and contacts. Lubbock weather is excellent and if you want I can be one of your contacts and help you set things up so you can come back to our school more frequently and stay for one week and never less than one week.





March 21, 2012, Long Beach State

     Ruben said as he was setting up his "HOMO SEX IS SIN" banner, "They say our banners are turning people off. It is Long Beach State and all the other universities that are turning people off to God. How many students enter the universities as Christians and graduate atheists?"

     Ruben is right on the mark. Our Christian critics will not stand against the secularism and anti-God positions of the state universities. But we will stand against these anti-intellectual institutions, which are destroying the Christian faith. Jesus had a little child stand before him and his disciples and he said unto them, "Whoever shall offend one of these little ones which believe in me, it were better for him that a millstone were hanged about his neck, and that he were drowned in the depth of the sea."-- Matthew 18:6.

Ruben rebukes the angry mob.


      Doug, Mark, Angela, Robert Ramos, Mitch and Amy from San Diego, and Dennis C. all joined Ruben and me on campus. Like yesterday, Ruben's banner caused no small stir. One low life held a small sign in my face and faced me whichever way I turned. His sign was only inches from my face. I reminded Ruben before we started how the homosexuals claim that God destroyed Sodom and Gomorrah not for sodomy but for inhospitality. Yesterday, the students were extremely inhospitable to us with the mob repeatedly shouting, "Go home!" I sardonically said to Ruben, "Maybe the homos have a point perhaps God will destroy these depraved students for their inhospitality towards us."

"It was one of the more intense times that I have experienced in the ministry," Bro. Jed


     The mad Moslems were still agitated from yesterday. They are every bit as wild as the ones we see on TV in the Arab streets. I had a dozen of them in my face shouting deafeningly, "Get out!" They were so loud that my ears were ringing. I spoke back to them at times in tongues. I finally resorted to singing, "I have decided to follow Jesus." It was one of the more intense times that I have experienced in the ministry. Demons were surrounding me. I suppose had I been in the Arab street I would be a dead man. They obviously had murder in their hearts, like the mad Moslem who went on killing spree in France. Whoever let these animals in our country? It was as if a pack of barking mad dogs were attacking me. Yet these are ones who will tell you that they love and respect Jesus. The fact is they hate Jesus, they deny that he is the Son of God, they deny he died on a Roman Cross and they deny that he rose from the dead. They are utter blasphemers. Mohammad may be the more anti-Christ figure in history. His unholy book more than anything else is an attack on Christianity.

     I finally turned to Ruben and said, "Let's use the tactic of divide and conquer. You, Mark and Doug each start speaking at different locations and we will divide the mob." This proved to be an effective tactic. We soon had four swarms of mad bees and later when the others arrived we at times had five or six. I was able to entertain my swarm with Sex Ed with Brother Jed and some of my stories although I still had to deal at times with the mocker in my face with his sign. I basically ignored him. I was so preoccupied with my crowd that I could not tell what was going on with the others.

Bible/Koran War!


     Meanwhile, Ruben had called the police telling them that we were being physically threatened and some were spitting, attempting to grab the banners, etc. The police were cooperative and asked Ruben how much room we needed. Ruben said, "If you can enforce an arm's length that will work." So the police went to each cluster of students and warned them that they had to stay outside an arm's length from us. The police were very professional and their presence did have the effect of calming the situation somewhat; yet it was still an intense day.

    There were pockets of time where my crowd was calm and I made some strong apologetic points. It is amazing that the schools have convinced the youth that they are animals and that animals are intelligent. So we should expect the students to behave like mad dogs. Several were arguing that man is no better than an animal. They do not want to accept that they are made in the image of God for that would require them to behave reasonably and follow their conscience. They want to follow their lower nature, that is their physical appetites and emotions and gratify the lusts of the flesh which turns them into the worst of brute beasts. They have degenerated to below the level of animals.

     Despite all their opposition and demands that we leave, Ruben reported as we were leaving campus, "Numerous students inquired, 'Are you guys coming back tomorrow?'" I also had them ask me the same thing. Repeatedly, I asked the swarm, "Why are you so bothered by what four men have had to say? How have four men stirred this whole campus? You conscience affirms what we are saying is true, but you are kicking against the pricks of your conscience. Nevertheless, you will be accountable on Judgment Day for all that you have heard."

Brother Mark gives them a sign!

 According to the The Long Beach Post one faculty member who wished to be unnamed, said it is "the same group who protests every year in the same exact place. It's [as] redundant as it is disruptive because [the students] become  so easily distracted by it." And clearly, not distracted because they support the group but because the response against the group continually gets larger each year.Shaking his head, his point was one of bittersweetness: "I would never tell one of my kids to not stand up against something they thought was wrong. I couldn't be happier to see them do such a thing so I don't blame them. But when their anger is brought into my class -- and I already have little time with them [due to the furloughs and limited class hours] -- and I spend my hour-and-whatever having to calm them down instead of educating them... It's frustrating. 




March 22, 2012, Fullerton State,

     My first dialogue was with Brice who goes to Calvary Chapel. He claimed, "The church is a hospital for sinners. We are all a mess," he concluded. I had been preaching holiness unto him. I responded that the Church is the Army of God and the Bride of Christ. I listed other metaphors for the church.

     A male and female made a sign "JUST BE KIND" and held it high. I said, "I can agree. We are being kind in calling the students to repentance." I read Psalm 141:5: "Let the righteous smite me; it shall be a kindness: and let him reprove me; it shall be an excellent oil, which shall not break my head; for yet my prayer also shall be against their wicked deeds." Oh, if the Christians on campus could get this simple message and start praying after such a manner.

"Let the righteous smite me; it shall be a kindness:

     At the class break I did not seem to be connecting so I called upon Angela who has a loud voice and staying power. During her preaching to my surprise the "kind" sign holders gathered a small crowd. [They were actually unkind since they refused to acknowledge that Jesus is the only way]. Angela finally assembled about 20 and turned the meeting over to me.      An administrator from the Dean of Students office came out and told me I had to move since another group had reserved the area. I negotiated for the grassy space in front of the Student Union on the other side of the library. This area has been in the past off limits for free speech in past years. I like the region better because more people tend to hang out.

     A foul mouthed pinked haired female, who had been holding a legalize marijuana sign, followed us over to the area along with a weirdo wearing a marijuana leaf painted on his cape. I started preaching again with only a few passing students. A Hispanic girl began shouting at the pinked haired girl telling her to shut up that that I was speaking first. The pinked haired female shouted back. Soon the Hispanic gal went flying towards the pink gal and rebuked her which resulted in a shouting match. Regrettably the Hispanic started cussing and admitted that she herself smoked marijuana. "Nevertheless," she said,"it is not right to encourage others in its use." I liked the fiery boldness in the Hispanic, especially since she was defending me. After all, I do not have all that many defenders. I thought to myself, "That girl has potential to do a mighty work for God."

     When the Hispanic girl returned to the hill top, I began preaching in her direction where others were sitting. They all indicated interest in my message. I spoke softly to them. I began to deal with Gina, who seemed on the verge of tears. I challenged her unbelief. I asked her if she was willing to forsake her sin and follow Christ. She said she would, so I led her in a prayer of repentance and faith while kneeling together on the grass. I invited Pastor Dennis C. over so he could minister further and perhaps be in a position to do some follow up work in her life.

Gina made a profession of faith in Jesus Christ!


      Dennis further probed her concerning her motives making sure her decision was not motivated simply upon feelings. Dennis taught her for about 30 minutes.   She was in tears much of the time. The Holy Spirit was moving upon her, but there still were areas of resistance. Hopefully today was the beginning of a mighty work in Gina's life.

      Before the Hispanic girl left I thanked her for her bold stand and in helping in my witness to Gina. I said, "Though you really should not have used the f word." She had not even realized she said it and was very apologetic. I prayed for her before she left that the Lord would deliver her from the marijuana and that she would be used her for his glory. I took a gentle stand with both of these girls. Dennis was more searching in his witness to Gina. He directed her to be responsible for what she understood of her guilt, and to give God everything she owes Him.

The preaching of the Gospel changes lives!


     Meanwhile, Angela had drawn another small crowd. She turned them over to me. A couple of males were frivolous in a perverted sort of way. After thirty minutes I turned the audience over to Gary who had been carrying one of Ruben's banners all afternoon and constantly witnessing to one or several who gathered around him. When we left campus after 4 PM, Gary told me how he witnessed to a receptive atheist who at the end of his witness hugged Gary and said, "God bless you!"




March 23, 2012, Long Beach State

The campus was dead as few classes are scheduled on Friday. I preached for 10 minutes holding up my sign. Since I had a long drive to Flagstaff, I decided to end the preaching and get on the road to avoid heavy traffic.

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 Mom's Moment

By Cindy Smock

Speech Given at Mid-Missouri Co-op of Home Educators,

Class of 2012 Graduation, May 12


     I can remember 1979 sitting in my future in-laws' living room chatting with my future husband and he said, "I know a missionary friend who home schools his children and that is what I would like to do."   I knew nothing about homeschooling but I was talking to the most holy and best looking man I had ever met, so I quickly agreed to home school...anything if he would marry me.  It took four more years, but he finally did ask me to marry him and we have five beautiful daughters now ages 17 to 27, and all here today.  I say that we have homeschooled for over 27 years because my wonderful husband started quoting the Ten Commandments to our oldest, Evangeline while she was still in the womb.  Evangeline and her husband David, are members of the National Guard and lead the Protestant Youth of the Chapel at Ft. Leonard Wood.

Those Where The Days!
Evangeline, 12, Charlotte, 9, Justina,7, Priscilla, 2, Martha, 5, Jed, 54, Cindy, 39
Florida State University


     I absolutely loved homeschooling. It has been a joy and privilege and a more fantastic journey than I could have ever imaged as a 21-year-old in my future in-laws' living room.  One of my favorite memories is cuddling up with Justina, age 5 as she struggled with her phonics reader.   She looked up at me with her big blue eyes and said, "Mommy, you feel so good."  Teaching each of my five daughters to read was one of the greatest opportunities of my life.  I must admit that there were a few tears also, with all but Charlotte who learned to read so fast (she practically taught herself) that she completed the King James Bible before her seventh birthday.  Charlotte is a RN in the ER in Tampa, FL.  Justina and her husband, Tyler are teaching their daughter, Iris the same phonics song that I taught her Mommy, "AA apple, BB ball, CC cat and DD doll..."

Priscilla's Graduation
Justina, 22, Martha, 20, Cindy, 54, Priscilla, 17, Jed, 69, Charlotte, 24 and Evangeline, 27


      When I first started, I would have said that I was homeschooling because I thought that I could do a better job than anyone else.  Either it was not as easy as I envisioned or I was not as capable as I assumed.  I quickly learned that teaching is hard work and I grew to appreciate all educators.  However home school moms are still the greatest in my opinion.

Priscilla Liberty Smock wearing the superhero shoes that she made with comic books.


      Today if someone asked me the reason to home school, I would answer: TIME, Time is a very valuable asset that God has entrusted us with.  Priscilla, who is one of our graduates, had extra hours to design and make the super hero shoes that she is wearing today.  As I have watched my girls grow up and leave home, I am so thankful for all the time that we spent together.   We had many hours together as a family that would not have been possible without homeschooling.

Presentation of Diploma


     One of my favorite family memories is a three month campus mission trip to California and back...yes the seven of us in a motor home...we homeschooled the whole way.  Our field trips included the Grand Canyon, Arizona Dessert, Pacific Ocean and Redwood Forrests.  We were so thrilled to show our children the world's largest trees.  However, Justina, who was only five at the time could not understand all the excitement and she exclaimed, "Is this it?  You brought us all the way out here just to see these trees?" 

Priscilla singing at graduation.


     Today marks the end of homeschooling for the Smock family. Martha is going to be teaching Back Yard Bible Clubs in Ft. Leonardwood this summer and Priscilla is will be attending Evangel University to major in musical theatre and also joining the National Guard.   I am leaving too.  I will be preaching the Gospel on college campuses with my husband.



     Homeschooling freed us to make the most of every moment and use the time we have to glorify God by teaching and training our children as he has commanded.   Moms, you bear much of the burden.  On this day when we are celebrating the accomplishments of these 15 graduates, I cheer you homeschool moms: Be strong and of good courage.  The results are well worth the sacrifice and tears.  We will see the fruit of our labor and love, there will be joy in this life and in eternity.

Congratulations Priscilla!



 Thanks again everyone!


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