Prayer Request From Bro. Jed:

     "And how shall they preach, except they be sent? as it is written, How beautiful are the feet of them that preach the gospel of peace, and bring glad tidings of good things!"-Romans 10:15.  Our feet are our automobiles which enable us to crisscross the nation's campuses. 

     Six years ago an old friend and retired veterinarian, the late Dr. Harry Quick, gave to the ministry his 1994 Lincoln Continental, which only had 55,000 miles and it

looked like new.  Dr. Quick had become too feeble to drive and the car had been sitting in his garage for several years.  The Lincoln has provided reliable and comfortable service, but it now has logged 225,000 miles. The car has developed some serious issues.  The compressor and air conditioning has gone out. The transmission has a slip in it, which is of concern to my mechanic.  We are hesitant about putting too much money into an old car that may need to be retired to local driving only.

     Also, our 2006 Dodge Grand Caravan now has 180,000; it seems in good mechanical condition; still this is also high mileage. The late Bill McMillian and other Michigan friends made it possible for us to purchase the Grand Caravan in 2007. 

     My partners are the ones God has used to send us forth to the campuses. Good transportation is vital to carrying on the Lord's mission. Please pray that we will make wise decisions concerning our vehicles and that the Lord will continue to provide beautiful feet to travel the country.





March 12, 2012, Fresno State University,

     "I saw your picture on FB holding your YOU DESERVE HELL sign, and I came right over," said Brandon, who is a local youth pastor. Within thirty minutes of being on campus, I must have had thirty people take my picture. Many of these pictures quickly end up on FB. Yet, Brandon still questioned my sign even though it got his attention. He did have somewhat of an open mind as I explained the effectiveness of the sign. He told me how he holds, with some of his Christian friends, a FREE PRAYER sign on campus, and then he prays with people and shares the gospel.

     I replied, "I wonder how many people take a picture of your sign then broadcast it on FB?" Two girls from Campus Crusade actually preceded Brandon in questioning my negative sign. I explained, "In the realm of electricity one needs to have both the negative and the positive in order to have power. "Well, maybe you ought to start out with the positive," another said. I responded, "Maybe we ought to rewrite Romans 6:23: "The gift of God is eternal life through Jesus Christ our Lord; the wages of sin is death."

Muslim guy argues with the preaching.


     Throughout most of the afternoon both Sister Pat and I had people to talk to. However, we never had more than twenty people listening at once. Each four class breaks I did gather an audience. But it seemed their attention span was short. Most would leave within 20 minutes but a few each time remained. The sign was the big issue. Sister Pat had a long conversation with a boy who at the beginning of the day said to me, "I agree with your sign." I directed him to Sister Pat since I was trying to draw a crowd and he wanted to converse personally. It turned out that he was also a youth pastor. I commend the pastors and the two girls from CRU, that they were checking me out. Campus Christian leaders ought to be checking out anyone who comes to their campus to evangelize.

     The faith editor of ABC local news approached me, and at first was critical. At the time I was talking with a Moslem. She said to me, "You need to tell Muslims about the love of God. I answered, "If you think that is what he needs to hear, why don't you tell him?" Surprisingly that is what she did. After talking with him for several minutes, she returned to me with a more positive attitude. She wants to do a story on me for the local news on Wednesday.

ABC Reporter asks for an interview.


     Jesus said, "The children of this world are in their generation wiser than the children of light."-Luke 16:8, "My sign is a warning or stop sign, when children of this world want to issue a warning, what do they do? In large letters they will make a red sign which says WARNING or STOP, "not pardon me" or "My I have your attention please."

     I have been preaching of late, "You masturbators, STOP IT; you fornicators, STOP IT; you drunkards, STOP IT; STOP SINNING. You that are depressed, STOP DEPRESSING, you that are said to be bipolar, START BEHAVING RESPONSIBILY. STOP SINNING, START BELIEVING; FOLLOW JESUS. It is all really quite simple. I can take a lot of time telling them what to stop and what to start. 




March 13, 2012, Fresno State University

     We had been preaching for close to an hour when the evangelist and another leader from the Riverdale Church where we are staying arrived. Sister Pat was speaking to passing students who were doing their best to ignore her. Meanwhile, I was talking with three Christian girls concerning being a bold and aggressive witness. 

This vixen's sign with a vulgar message, draws a crowd!


     Sister Pat took a break and I talked with the ministers, who informed me that the youth and teachers from the Christian school were coming out shortly. I was concerned that all these people were coming out to observe and evangelize, yet hardly anyone was listening to Pat or me. I was impressed that the evangelist was already approaching individuals and small groups of students.

     Sister Pat prayed that the LORD would draw us an audience. Shortly after her prayer a girl stood close to me with a sign which read, "Screw This GUY, LIVE YOUR LIFE HOW YOU WANT" and pictured a portrait she had drawn of me. Sister Pat asked the girl, "Are you a virgin?" [This is Pat's usual entry into a conversation with female students.]

     "No," the girl replied. "I have been having sex with my boyfriend for five years."

     "Do your parents know?" Sister Pat asked. "Yes, they have no problem with it"

     "What if you get pregnant?" Pat inquired. "It's not going to happen I am on the pill," the [insert the Rush Limbaugh word] answered.

     Pat's probing interrogation continued as the girl shamelessly talked freely of her sin. I took full advantage of the situation by standing beside her with my sign. By now students were gathering to hear the strumpet's confession. 

We have their attention now!


     Finally, I decided to take over as more students were coming with signs. The evangelist took one of our signs which reads, JESUS SAVES FROM HELL and stood beside all the sinners with their signs. Meanwhile, the youth from the Christian school arrived. The college students were becoming heated. A uniformed policeman stood and listened. Soon he joined in on the questioning. Finally, he left with the comment, "Only God is the judge." It is rare that policeman gets involved in the dialogue.

Battle of the Signs: Even policeman asks a question.


     I called on the evangelist who did very well. The only problem was that he is used to speaking with a microphone so students had difficulty hearing him. As the evangelist was speaking a few boys, who have a ministry of approaching people and praying for their physical healing, informed me that I should be moving in the realm of gifts and signs. They claimed that a supernatural signs ministry is the way to reach people. I challenged him to move through the crowd and pray for the sick and infirm. He made no move. I reminded him of the Great Commission at the end of Mark's gospel. The first thing is to preach the gospel everywhere. Then signs are to follow. These boys seemed to think that the preaching should follow the signs. They did stop complaining about my ministry. Relying upon a man-made sign with a strong message may have a greater impact than God healing someone of a headache or stomachache.

Bro. Messer, Evangelist from Riverdale Assembly.


     Before the crowd gathered, I recognized a Christian student I talked with yesterday, he said, "You said things yesterday that changed my whole perspective. I have been talking to a lot of people about you." Yesterday, he was argumentative. At the time I did not realize he was receiving what I had to say. I suspect that this is the case more often than I know. Students test me. When I give them reasonable and scriptural answers, more are affected positively than is observable at the time. At the end of the day he said to me, "I prefer to work behind the scenes; without you my ministry is nothing."

High School students from Riverdale Assembly join the ministry.


     When Sister Pat and I left campus, we rejoiced that the Lord answered prayer by sending the tart with her sign in order to draw a crowd. Whatever sinners attempt to do to counter our preaching the Holy Ghost usually turns around to advance our cause.




March 14, 2012, Fresno State

     Ann Harrison from ABC news arrived around noon; I had an audience of about 30-40 at the time they were filming. Students were not as wild as yesterday. When I turned the meeting over to Sister Pat, the reporter interviewed me. She seemed sympathetic to my mission. However, I have found a reporter might be fair or even sympathetic but the editors, who determine what gets on the air, might have a different attitude.

ABC Interview


     The boys from the Christian fraternity let me know at the beginning of the day that they were supportive. They held a few cardboard signs in hand, one saying FREE PRAYER. Andre, the boy I reported about yesterday, who changed his whole perspective from listening to me, asked me about the judging issue in relation to Paul saying we are not to judge those that are without.-1 Cor 5:12. I explained we are not to judge those outside the church in the sense that we are not to discipline them. God is to judge (discipline) those outside the church. We are to judge (discipline) those that are within. Usually there is not even much judgment of those who are within the church. I told Andre that we are to warn the wicked of the wrath of God and the terrible consequences of sin.

Praying with the campus Christians.

      Again today we did not hold a crowd for long. Different groups would gather for a while, then leave, only to have others soon gather. A number of the Christians on campus including Andre and his brothers are easy to entreat. I think our main influence this week has been to challenge the Christians to be bold and stand against sin. After I exhorted the complaining Christians to be less concerned about offending sinners and more concerned about offending God, one man confessed that this is a problem with Christians on campus.

Challenging the campus Christians to boldness.


     At one point a representative of Student Life came out informing me that I needed to sign in with the office of Student Involvement. She was badgering me, so I ignored her. She informed me that she would call the police. I said, "Go ahead." In this case I would whether deal with a policeman than this froward female. Later, a gentleman came out from Student Life asking me to sign in although telling me it was not actually required. I cooperated. I was encouraged when Andre told me that his group would sponsor me if necessary. As it turned out I did not need a sponsor. Nevertheless, I was cheered because most Christian campus groups won't touch me with a ten foot pole.

     Late in the afternoon I walked through the mall. I notice a big head (appropriate for this prideful man) of Gandhi, a whole body statue of Cesar Chaves, and a figure of Jane Adams lifting a child in the air; the child was holding a globe in its hands (very humanistic). These three were all community organizers, now we are cursed to have one of them in the White House. Rarely does one see depictions of prominent Christians or conservatives on campus, especially when statues are newer.

Bro. Jed preaches against humanism.




March 15, 2012, Fresno State,

     Al stood beside me holding his hand made sign, "But God demonstrates his love toward us, in that we were still sinners, Christ died for us."-Romans 5:8. His sign combines well with my YOU DESERVE HELL sign. Al is a member of the Christian fraternity which has been supportive of us after initially reacting negatively on Monday. When others came up to criticize my sign, Al defended it, saying, "People are not going to be asking me about my sign; my sign is not going to provoke conversation. Brother Jed's sign captures your attention. I have been holding a sign that says FREE PRAYER on this campus. But it is usually ignored; it does not draw a crowd like Brother Jed's sign." 

     Al preached the gospel using my sign to bring conviction and his sign as an offer of mercy. He was effective. I do not remember having a group of campus Christians so zealously defend us as Al, Andre and some of the other's from his fraternity have done this week.

Judgment and Mercy!  Sis. Pat's sign warns of hell and Al's sign tells of God's love.


     Cory held Al's sign next to me for a while. He was also defending my sign. I assumed that he was a Christian. He informed me that he had vigorously opposed me as an atheist two years ago when I visited Fresno State. Now he was defending me; however, he said he was not a Christian but a believer in "Right way Jedi." He elaborated on the Jedi code which promotes character traits like courage and mercy but Jedi's worship the "force," not a living, rational, and sentient being. Nevertheless, Cory was giving good arguments to defend the concept of an eternal soul. I would say that Cory is not far from the Kingdom of God.

     The pattern today was the same as it has been all week. Clusters of students gather for a while and then disperse; soon another group gathers. No one got out of order or boisterous except for two contentious females, both of whom were older women with strong feminists' outlooks.         

     There were periods of time where I had opportunity to teach effectively on origins, meaning, morals and destiny and to make simple presentations of the reasonableness of God's law and the way of the cross. I gave the Christian fraternity a copy of each of my books. Several of them were disappointed to hear that this was our last day. Andre prayed for us before we left. In his prayer he acknowledged again how profoundly his views on evangelism and his understanding of sin had changed this week. He prayed that we would have such an impact on Christians on other campuses as we had had on him.

     We came in to Fresno State with the wind on Monday; we left in a cloud of dust on Thursday. And many will never be the same. 

Cory, seems close to finding God.


     Jesus said, "The wind bloweth where it listeth, and thou hearest the sound thereof, but canst not tell whence it cometh, and whiter it goeth: so is everyone that is born of the Spirit."-John 3:8.

       Albert Barns expounds, "As the "wind" sometimes sweeps with a tempest, and prostrates all before it, and sometimes breathes upon us in a mild evening zephyr, so it is with the operations of the Spirit. The sinner sometimes trembles and is prostrate before the truth, and sometimes is sweetly and gently drawn to the cross of Jesus."

      I usually represent the thunderstorm or hurricane in the minds of most; but I am also the soft and cooling summer breeze that few acknowledge as it passes on a hot evening. 



March 16, Cal State Bakersfield,

     The campus was virtually deserted as students were finishing up finals. I put out my sign for a while, but I received no attention. We left within an hour. Saturday morning I put Sister Pat on the bus-train to San Diego where she will be visiting hers sons for a week. We will rejoin forces in Lubbock, TX in about ten days.



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