Note From Sister Cindy:
Hello Saints, 
     Sorry I am so behind in getting the journals out.  Bro. Jed has preached on the campuses daily as scheduled and he has faithfully recorded the highlights of each day.  However, at the rate I am going you all can plan to be receiving the inspiring journals well into the summer.  If you would just like to read the reports daily, without pictures, you may go to Jed Smock on Facebook.
     Bro. Jed, Bro Cope, Sis. Pat and others have been  ministering  on  campuses here in Missouri this month and it was wonderful to have the house full and even overflowing at times.  There were lots of exciting meetings on campus. Watch for future e-journals.
      On Friday our family attended a formal for home school  high schoolers called Elegant Evening, which I have organized for six years. As a Senior this year, Priscilla was one of the featured attendees.  See more photos at the end of the this journal.
       Early this morning Bro. Jed, Bro and and Sis. Pat departed for 10 days of preaching on Ohio campuses.  Pray for great spring weather and the move of the Holy Spirit in Ohio.  They will return on May 10 for Priscilla's Senior Concert and then her graduation on the 12th.  
     May 12 will mark the the end of a wonderful season of life for me: homeschooling our five daughters. It is a bittersweet time.  I am looking forward to a new season: preaching the Gospel full time on the campuses with my husband!  God is good!



Is The God of Christianity Real?

March 5, 2012, San Diego State University

     I normally speak on the step of the Aztec Student Union.  But there was a big construction project which blocked off the whole area.  I raised my voice at another commons area, where 20 years ago I was stopped.  Therefore, I was lower key than usual because I did not want a confrontation with the police.  I may have been too subdued because no one seemed to be paying any attention.  I was also lacking in energy.  Sister Pat took a turn and did engage a couple of students.  One of whom had "Atheists" written on his t-shirt.  I did not have the confidence we were going to gain students' attention today.  Nor did I have the strength to capture their minds or even emotions.  Therefore, after the 1 PM break, I decided to go back to the hotel to get some rest for the debate I had scheduled at 5 PM with Kenneth Leonard, President of the Secular Student Alliance.  As it turned out I did not get rest, because a family from Oceanside requested to meet with me at the hotel to talk about Moral Government Theology.  Talking about MGT did energize me, more so than a good nap would have done.

Students attending the Secular Student Alliance Debate: Is Christianity Real? 


     We went to the debate together.  The question was, "Is the God of Christianity Real?"  Kenneth was a boy raised in the church.  His parents attended the debate.  They are troubled that their son has turned from the faith in which he was raised.  In my opening ten minutes I related my testimony on how God revealed himself to me.  In my closing ten minutes I explained how Christianity is real because it answers the great questions of life, logically, intelligently and coherently.   They did a survey which indicated that after hearing the debate more of the forty people attending turned more towards atheism than Christianity.  I said, "I guess that means I lost the debate."

Kenneth Leonard, my opponent who was reared in a Christian home.


     I do not know whether anyone caught my irony or not.  More often than not truth hardens men's hearts.  Jesus said, "If I had not come and spoken unto them, they had not had sin:  but now they have no excuse for their sin." John 15:22.  I demonstrated the reasonableness of God's moral law.  And I also revealed that it is written on men's consciences.  Alas, their sin remains.

     A representative of student life attended the debate.  He informed me that I could speak in the open-air under the flag pole in front of the Hardy Tower.  I checked the area out and it looks to be a better location than where I was today.  Location can make or break a preacher's day.    

In my closing ten minutes I explained how Christianity is real because it answers the great questions of life, logically, intelligently and coherently.


 Civility But Not Docility

March 6, 2012, San Marcos State

     The temperature dropped 20 degrees today.  It was cloudy and in the fifties which is cold for Southern California.  There was an event on the Plaza with free pizza and free t-shirts promoting civility and diversity.  Initially, we were only able to have personal conversations.  Eventually, Sister Pat gathered a half dozen Christians who were supportive and understood our approach.   She held their attention for 30 minutes exhorting them to be bold witnesses. 

     I had a lengthy conversation with a pleasant Christian girl, who was concerned that I was out of spirit with the civility event which promoted inclusiveness.  I reminded her that Jesus said came to bring division (Matt 10: 34-36) and said, "He that is not with me is against me; and he that gathers not with me scatters abroad."-Matt 12:30.  Before she left she indicated that she now understood my objective.  The devil can be subtle.   Civility in a Christian context is good; however, in a humanistic context it can be a deceptive doctrine.  We should not have respect for the lies of secularism and multi-culturalism; we should expose these lies forcibly.  It is difficult to expose deception politely.  People tend to rage when truth is clearly and simply presented. 

Mitch G. a local Christian, joins us on campus for the first time.

      At 2 PM there seemed to be comparatively few students left on campus or at least they were not coming outside.  I decided to leave and spend the remainder of the day at San Diego State.   Mitch G. called me on my cell to tell me he was looking for me on campus.  I decided to return to the free speech area and give it another shot.  There was a class break.  A couple of Christians came up who initially were supportive.  But they were soon objecting to my approach and defending sin.  I turned the heat up on them in order to create a scene for the purpose of drawing more students.  My strategy worked gathering an audience of 12-15.

      As the temperature was dropping, Sister Pat went inside Starbucks.  She reported later that students were very excited about my preaching.  One fellow said, "Oh, boy, Brother Jed is back."  Sister Pat said there were those listening by the wall outside of Starbucks.  It probably happens more than I realize that people are listening of whom I am unaware.  My voice does carry well.

"Oh boy, Bro. Jed is back!" -- students were saying.

     Meanwhile, Mitch kept calling trying to find my location.  I gave him different landmarks none of which he could find.  Finally, I asked, "Are you sure you are on the right campus?"  It turned out that he had mistakenly gone to a community college.  I had a lively session with the students for 45 minutes addressing several thoughtful questions.  Meanwhile, the temperature was dropping.  Ultimately, I could not hold the attention of the students.  By the time Mitch arrived the meeting was over.  I decided to call it a day.  Mitch invited us to his home where we had a wonderful time of food and fellowship with his wife and three sons.  They are a home school family who believe in Moral Government.  Dennis C. comes to their home to teach once a week.





 Will the Christian Organizations Come Out of Their Holes?


March 7, 2012, San Marcos State

     There was not a significant class break until 12:30 and it was light on pedestrians.  I managed to gather 12-15 who were lively and attentive, but after almost an hour they all suddenly dispersed.  It is still on the cold side for Southern California, but the sun was shining today which helped. 

      I gathered another crowd which averaged from 15-75 for the rest of the afternoon.  At one point a group of 50 came out of the building together.   I suspected that it was a class; however, a few denied that they were a class.  Later I wondered if they were not a Christian organization which was meeting in one of the buildings.  Their purpose seemed to be to confront me on my doctrine that Christians are not to sin.  These evangelicals cannot bear the idea of a Christian living victoriously over sin.  Sister Pat had a small and attentive group around her for well over an hour. 

A group of Christians came out to confront Bro. Jed on the holiness issue.

       Mitch G. met me on campus again.  He took notes on the questions students were asking and on my replies.  He appreciated the opportunity to see campus ministry in action.  He was inspired and encouraged by his experience.  He took the opportunity to talk with some students himself.  He expressed an interest in doing campus work.

        Late in the afternoon I turned a small group over to Sister Pat.  A professing Christian girl was critical of my YOU DESERVE HELL sign and my "negative" approach.  It was not long until she was in tears.  She claimed that I was turning students off.  It was ironic that while I was talking to her at least three students approached me to shake my hand and thank me for coming.  Yet, she kept insisting I was turning everyone off.  Next she defended with more tears the doctrine that even Christians cannot overcome sin.  Finally, after about 45 minutes I got tired of her stubbornness and walked away.  Then she cornered Sister Pat to defend sin.  We left campus at 4:45. 

Sis. Pat stirring up interest with the "You Deserve Hell Sign."

        I noticed three banners promoting Christian organizations on campus.  Where are these people when there is a major outreach going on in the open-air on their campus?  They advertise, but where are they when the war is raging?  They do not want to fight sin; they want to excuse sin and practice it in the name of Christianity.

"Christian" response to our "You Deserve Hell" sign.



 On Guard

March 8, 2012, San Diego State

       Doug Williams, another banner holding witness, was on campus passing out a tract he has written.  He teaches in a conversational tone.  Neil K. and Andrew also arrived with large banners.  Last year I had a run in with Neil as he publically opposed me at UCSD.  Today he did not attempt to personally confront me.  I took my stand away from the other preachers hoping to gather a crowd on the steps.  There was a lot of activity and distraction on the mall with many vendors and someone even had a loud speaker, what they were promoting I know not.  I held my YOU DESERVE HELL sign.  Meanwhile, I sang Amazing Grace.  Last week when I worshipped with the Sisters of Canaan, one of their volunteer helpers complimented me for my singing voice. 

Sister Pat at  UC San Diego. Bro. Mitch witnessing in the background. 

     Today I was emboldened to try my singing on the students.  Actually, I did sense an anointing upon myself as I sang and preached.  "It was grace that taught my heart to fear."  I warned that if they rejected grace, which they do not deserve, the full penalty of the law would be executed against them, which will be eternal damnation.  For two hours I never had more than six listen at once.  The few were attentive.  A boy and a girl were listening, whom I sensed were convicted.  I especially pressed the Catholic boy to make a decision for Christ.  He was not argumentative; he acknowledged the seriousness of such a decision.  "I have to think about," he replied.  I said, "Yes, count the cost." 

     I also had a long conversation with one of the atheists who attended the Monday night debate.  He seemed open to some of my arguments.  Two Christians were supportive of my witness; one was a Calvinist.  I tried to work around his theology to keep focused on the atheist.

      Finally, about 3 PM I gathered a crowd of about 50, which lasted until after 4 PM.  I had a good hour with them and was able to teach how Christianity answers the great questions of life reasonably.  I also spent some time teasing them, which seems to confuse some of my Christian detractors. 

      Jesus was "despised and rejected of men (Isaiah 53)."  Apparently most modern day Christians want to be loved and accepted of men.  However, Jesus warned, "Remember the word that I said unto you, the servant is not greater than his lord.  If they have persecuted me, they will also persecute you; if they have kept my saying, they will keep your's also."-John 15:20.  Adam Clarke's take on the last clause is, "Some translate the passage thus: If they have Watched my sayings, i.e. with an intent to accuse me for something which I have said, they will Watch yours also: therefore be on your guard." 

      Sinners in their insidious ways will often try to put evil constructions on my words even as they did Jesus' words.      




Moral Government Theology Passes The Test of Reason      


March 9, 2012, UC San Diego

     This school is a notch above the other two campuses I have preached on this week concerning the intelligence and behavior of the students.  Of course, that is not saying much.  Anyone who is not a Christian has serious intellectual and behavior problems.  Kyle, an atheist, engaged me within minutes after I started preaching.  My conversation with him was stimulating.  He thoughtfully responded to my apologetics.  We had a good conversation which I had to break up because of the class change.  Mitch and Amy G. joined us on campus again and they talked with Kyle for a while.  


Girl performs demonic dance as Bro. Jed preaches.

     Meanwhile, I gathered a small group which I maintained for almost another hour.  My leading opponent had parents who had much of the Bible memorized but rejected Christianity for the Bahia faith.  My adversary was not Bahia but he held much of their philosophy.  At the end of our conversation, he said, "You are different from the other preachers who tell me that I am going to Hell.  You actually give me reasonable answers to my questions."  Unfortunately, there are sincere street preachers who are handicapped by a lack of reasonable theology.  I am so glad the Lord taught me Moral Government theology.  Should not our theology be reasonable when we serve a reasonable God, the Logos which is translated the Logic?  Any theology that cannot past the test of reason is bad theology.

Bro. Jed giving a reasonable reason for the faith!


      Midway through the 2 PM break I called on Sister Pat.  Soon Pat hooked a big buxom black girl who admitted, "I have sex but that is OK, I am pregnant and that's OK too." 

      "What do your parents think?"  Sister Pat asked.   "They think it's OK; they are not married either.  My boyfriend has another girl now, but that's also OK."  With her everything was OK, except to condemn sin, of course.  Righteous judgment is never OK with the amoral.       

      The Lord used the loose woman to draw a crowd for Sister Pat.  The female was extremely bad spirited with a mouth that never stopped.     Eventually, Sister Pat turned her attention away from the pregnant vixen to give her attention to the others who had been listening.  Pat had to ignore the mouth who kept raving, "This is a new age."  I afraid she had a point; this is an age of moral relativity.  Pat kept the crowd until the 3 PM break.  I reentered the fray.  As it turned out, it may have been a bad time to change speakers because within minutes I lost the whole crowd.  However, Kyle eventually returned as did another boy, Robert, who was hanging around me most of the afternoon.  Robert had a lust and porn problem.  Another fellow claimed to be a Christian; however, he was still attracted to men although not acting of these attractions.  I tried to give him lessons in self-control, but he resisted.  His pastors had supposedly told him that, "This is who you are." 

Sis. Pat reasons from the scriptures with the girl who thinks everything is "o.k." 

      Mitch and Amy were active in talking with students throughout the afternoon.  I am always encouraged when Christians find a new venue in which to express their faith.  We left campus shortly after 4 PM. 

The Greers were a huge help witnessing on the sidelines this week.




Elegant Evening 2012 

Sis. Cindy organized the Elegant Evening  six years ago to provide a memorable event for high school students and their guests, where they could dress up, act like Christian  ladies and gentlemen, experience a formal ball similar to those we have read about in Pride and Prejudice, and have a grand social time!  It is the event of the year in our home school group.  There were 150 in attendance this time.


 English Country Dancing.  Dances that George Washington and Abraham Lincoln did.


The Grand March!
Dr. Ramsay is the Dance Master and caller from St. Louis
The Grand March continues!





Evangeline and David were there also.
Bro Cope was a chaperone!
Joe, Martha, Sis. Pat, (also a chaperone) Evangeline and David
Happy Sisters


Congratulations Priscilla!




















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