The Cruel Messenger



February 20, 2012, University of Arizona,

     The openly homosexual collared Episcopal priest, Lukas, interrupted Sister Pat, which prompted me to jump back into the fray.  When I took over, he was saying that he was there to build people up.  I responded, "I am here to tear down, root up and destroy.  Jesus came to destroy the works of the devil.  Once I succeed in tearing down and rooting out your pride and arrogance, then I will rebuild and remold you into the character of Jesus Christ."-Jeremiah 1. 

      I have had debates with Lukas in the past.  However, today he did not seem interested in combat.  He said, "If anyone wants to talk with me, I will be over on the other side of the hill."  I did not notice any students leaving my crowd.  However, a few must have talked to him for he was around for a few hours.

This homosexual Episcopal priest was on campus to "build bridges."


     During the time when Sister Pat was speaking, Dean approached me and asked how I got started in the campus ministry and how I possess the boldness to do what I do.  He was interested in learning about confrontational evangelism.  One would think that I had learned something about campus in evangelism in forty years.  However, most of the evangelicals think they know all about reaching college students and I know nothing.  They are usually trying to tell me how to correctly evangelize without offending people.

      Dean also alerted me to the fact that the Christians were on one side of the hill conversing with each other and the sinners were on the other side conversing with me.  The Christians seemed to be doing their best to ignore me.  They were also ignoring all the lost sinners whom they profess to love so much.       

     Dean invited me to the International House where he lives to dine and to address the residences on Friday night.  I look forward to that opportunity.  He also asked how he could help me.  I encouraged him to witness to students on the sidelines.  I also suggested that he might want to ask some intelligent questions since few students know enough about the Christian religion to even ask a good question.

     While Sister Pat was taking her turn, I noticed a boy with Bible in hand on the bench next to me who was praying with his head bowed.  He must have prayed for at least ten minutes.  When he finished, I asked him if he lived according to the book he was holding.  He affirmed that he did.  He asked me, "What do you think about the verse, 'Preach the truth in love?'" 

Capturing the preachers on I-phone. 


     I answered, "We are to be motivated by love, but that does not mean we should be talking about love.  We should preach truth which more often than not will be offensive to people who are not living according to the Word."

     He responded, "I agree, but."  Then he commented and asked another question.  I gave him a scriptural answer and once again he countered, "I agree, but."  This went on through several Q's & A's.  He said, "John Piper says, 'Build bridges to carry the weight on the gospel.'" 

     "That sound nice," I replied.  "But Jesus said in Matthew 10, "'Think not that I have come to send peace but a sword.'  I am not here to build bridges but to tear down the bridges students have built which lead to Hell.  My objective is to draw lines between the righteous and the wicked."

      "We are all sinners," he replied.  "The Holy Spirit convicts of sin, not us." 

       I responded, "We are supposed to be filled with the Holy Spirit; the Holy Spirit works in and through the believer.  However, if one who professes to follow Christ has sin in his life, certainly, he will bring no conviction.  The Holy Spirit convicts as righteous men preach against sin.  Anyone who lacks righteousness in his witness is actually comforting sinners."

      He continued pleading for sin and insisting only the Holy Spirit convicts of sin. 

      I insisted, "We are co-laborers with Christ.  We are the mouthpiece of the Holy Spirit; we are his ambassadors.  We have to give the Holy Spirit something to work with by preaching holiness and living holy in order that sinners might become convicted."

"Once I succeed in tearing down and rooting out your pride and arrogance, then I will rebuild and remold you into the character of Jesus Christ," Bro. Jed.

       At this point I left him to ponder these things and returned to speak to the crowd.  For most of the afternoon there were about 100 people on the hill.  The Skeptics' Club was organizing the students in Brother Jed Bingo.  Many of the students were really into the game and excited when they reached bingo.  The only prizes they received were candies and cheap Frisbees.   We preached until after 5 PM.

      As for this bridge building business, the cross, the gospel, is the bridge which will carry men; men who have been cleansed from sin, out of darkness into the Kingdom of Heaven.  God himself has built the bridge; Christians must point men to the bridge.  





February 21, 2012, University of Arizona

     The Daily Wildcat published a letter to the editor today in which a student protested my "hateful speech."  I posted the letter of FB.  Paula Coke responded with Proverbs 17:11:  A rebellious man seeks only evil, so a cruel messenger will be sent against him.  Jed is sent by God as this messenger.

      I have never before known anyone to apply this verse to my ministry; I consider the proverb fitting. Proverbs 1 and Isaiah 1 were passages which the Lord used to show me my ministry and message.  Both of these chapters speak of a time when God will not show pity.  I do not approach the students as victims, who are born with the inability to do right; but I exhort them as rebels who know the truth but have willfully rejected the truth.  God's spirit will not always strive with men.

     Isaiah 1:15 says: And when ye spread forth your hands, I will hide mine eyes from you: yea, when ye make many prayers, I will not hear: your hands are full of blood.

     In the days of Noah they were eating and drinking, marrying and giving in marriage, until the day that Noah entered into the ark.  And knew not until the flood came, and took them all away; so shall also the coming of the Son of man be.-Matt 24:38-39.

     The ones to whom I preach are worse than those in Noah's day; the students do not even have interest in marriage, except it be a "gay marriage."  They just want to jump from body to body and do all sorts of vile things.  My first hour of preaching two homosexuals along with one female did what would be called a modern dance.  I considered it lewd and vile.  They danced for over an hour as I preached. 

Lewd dancer on the left tries to distract form the preaching of the cross.


     Jesus spread forth his hands on the cruel Roman cross.  There will come a day when the rebellious, who have turned their backs on God, will cry out for mercy, but there will be no mercy.  When the flood came, multitudes wanted to get into the ark; but God had shut the door.  It was a cruel day for the wicked. 

     The students were frivolous today and I had difficulty carrying on serious dialogue for a prolonged period of time.  Sister Pat commented that they were a number who were very rude.  The highlights actually occurred on the sidelines.  The Daily Wildcat interviewed me for a video on their website; the girls doing the video were sympathetic and sweet; I was able to make many good points which many will see.  Also, the skeptics interviewed me for their podcast.  I considered it to be a productive interview.  When they asked if I had any final words for atheists, I responded, "Follow your inner voices of reason and conscience; they will lead you to God."  Alas, few men consistently follow conscience or reason.  Their emotions and physical appetites drive them into the blackness of darkness. 

"Follow your inner voices of reason and conscience; they will lead you to God."    

"Follow your inner voices of reason and conscience; they will lead you to God," Bro. Jed to atheists.

     Sister Pat's highlight was reading the Bible to three attentive atheists on the sidelines.  She read all of Job 38 as they politely listened.







February 22, 2012, University of Arizona


       I started off today preaching "Jesus Christ, and him crucified," while holding high my staff crucifix.  I said, "To be a Christian one had to be willing to embrace hardness, pain, suffering and death, which explains why so few are interested in Christianity." Next I spoke of the Church as the army of God.  I preached from Ephesians on the armor of the Christian soldier.    

      Initially, students seemed to be trying to ignore me.  A few said, "No one is paying any attention to you."  Others said, "Leave, we do not want to hear you."  However, the one, who was the most vocal in claiming he did not want to hear, I noticed moving closer and recording me with his I-phone. 

The "fallen angels" protest the preaching against homosexuality.

      Today the fallen angels finally got their act together to silently protest my "hate speech."  They dress up in white sheets and large angel wings.  There were four angels with a long sheet spread between them containing the word love.  The idea was to attempt to block the student body from hearing and seeing me.  Of course, it had the effect of drawing more attention which resulted in the largest crowd of our stay here.  They do this in the memory of their fallen martyr, Mathew Sheppard.  Ironically, they look more like Klan members than they do angels. 

     There was a person in a yellow spandex suit that harassed me for over an hour demanding that I give him/her a hug.  Spandex also flashed notes to me and the crowd which I refused to read.  He hovered around me as closely as he could without actually touching me.  Finally, a female boldly spoke against him and told him to sit down that she wanted to hear and see me.  The spandex person meekly complied.  It is amazing what one person, who is willing to speak out, can do.  I assume there may have been a few who disapproved of his harassment but would not speak.  Most of the crowd seemed to delight in the clown and a good number dutifully hugged the person. 

This yellow guy kept begging Bro. Jed for a hug.

     Lukas, the Episcopalian collared gay priest came out today ready for combat.  We argued for about an hour.  He repeated salvation is by grace alone and faith alone.  Yet he could not say that he was saved.  Ironically, he accused me of teaching that salvation is through works.  Yet, before, during and after our debate students asked me one of the most frequent questions I am asked:  "What about a good person, who does not believe in Jesus?  Where will he end up?"  I always answer that such a person will go to Hell.  Yet, I am still regularly accused of preaching salvation based on works not faith.  My position is that saving faith is never alone; it always embraces good works.  He called me a Pelagian since I do not believe in Augustine's doctrine of an inherited sin nature.  I do not shirk from accepting the Pelagian label.

The crowds were wild today.

     The Episcopalian said, "Brother Jed claims to represent Christianity; yet he is out of step with historical Christian doctrine and what 95 % of the church believes.  Lukas claims to be in step; never mind, that the church has historically condemned homosexuality.  We also discussed Ash Wednesday; Lukas displayed a cross of ash on his forehead.  I do not know what he gave up for Lent.  I do know that he refuses to give up his sin.  He claimed love is a feeling and vehemently protested when I said love is a behavior, an action.   We debated the difference between a democracy and a republic.  He claimed that America was founded as a democracy.  I countered that our country is suppose to be a republic, that a republic is the rule of law, the laws of nature and nature's God.  A democracy is the rule of the majority; our founders considered democracy to be mob rule.  I concluded my argument by quoting the Pledge of Allegiance, "and to the Republic for which it stands." 

Battle with the homosexual priest intensifies!

    It was very hectic throughout most of the debate; the Spandex clown was harassing me most of the time.  Many students clapped for all the priest's points.  I did not hear anyone clap for me.  I noticed a few Christians in the crowd who had yesterday commended me for my ministry but they did not want to indicate any support in the midst of all the opposition.   The atheists were out again today with their bingo game.  I like the two atheists who lead the Skeptics' Club.  One of them informed me at the end he did hear some students applauding me. 

     I did most all the preaching today.  Sister Pat took one 45 minute turn, while I did an interview with two students who were making a film for a class.  

The heathen rage and the people image a vain thing!

     The battle was raging today.  It was one man against up to 150 all afternoon.  I must admit I like the odds of one against so many.  I enjoy standing alone against the Philistine host.  I was in full armor today, fending off all their lame arguments with the shield of faith; often plunging the sword of the Spirit into the hearts.  My mind was protected with the helmet of salvation.  My loins were girded with the truth.  My heart was protected as I consistently pleaded for righteous deflecting all religious excuses for sin.  I trudged forward wearing my gospel of peace boots.  I did not retreat a step.  I offered peace, the peace which passes all understanding--a clear conscience.  Many consciences were pricked today.  Salvation will come for some of them; they will not easily forget this grand day.  I felt like I was at Ramathlehi slaying a thousand with the jawbone of an ass, all for the glory of God and in defense of the gospel.  The Spirit of the Lord was upon me mightily.

    At the end of the day Sister Pat prayed with Daniel, who has been hanging around much of the time, for salvation.  I had given him a copy of Who Will Rise Up? Yesterday.

Sister Pat prayed with Daniel for salvation!






February 23, 2012, University of Arizona

      The students pretty much shot everything they had at me in yesterday's firestorm; therefore, I expected them to be more subdued today.  I used as my text Mark 16:15-16, the Great Commission.  Since I already had the students' attention, I did not have to resort to my entertainment maneuvers.  I spoke without many interruptions.  Few of the questions were frivolous.  There are a couple of wild girls, who daily sit in front, who today, as usual, tried to turn the conversation to sex; however, I pretty much ignored them.  Several students were polite one even offering to buy me lunch or get some water.  I sensed that some were ashamed of their behavior yesterday. 

Atheists promote their skeptics club with Bro. Jed Bingo, prizes and atheist magazines. 


      The white sheeted winged ones were out again today; however, they were no problem.  I did not rebuke the students' sins too much today.  I continually gave them reasons to believe and spoke on the nature of faith and contrasted faith with credulity.        

     Tom introduced himself and asked to speak.  He commended and fully endorsed my ministry before the crowd and said that he was converted as a result of hearing me thirty years ago at UA.  He said that he occasionally preaches on campus.  After he testified a number of students applauded.

UA students engrossed in the Bro. Jed Bingo game.


     I asked others to testify.  A girl said that she believed in the Lord from the age of five and had never gotten involved in gratifying the lusts of the flesh.  She emphasized that she was not perfect.  I tried to gently instruct her to "go unto perfection."-Hebrews 1:1.  At first she protested but as I taught her and corrected her on her misunderstanding on Romans 7 she seemed more open.  I gave her a copy of Walking in the Spirit.  If she will read the book, she should be convinced that we have the power to live a consistently holy life.

Christian girl testifies at the University of Arizona.


     Pat preached for about an hour.  About 2:00 PM I gave my testimony.  For some reason I was very tired and even sleepy for an hour.  So I gave my testimony since I can do that on automatic pilot.  Even with that, I told the story slower than usual.  Sometimes it might be good to be tired; I tend to speak more softly, which can be an effective contrast to my normal energetic self.  As Paul said, "when I am weak, then am I strong."  By 3:00 I had preached my way back to my normal dynamism.  My last two hours the teaching anointing was on me in a mighty way; student were attentive as I spoke on the love of God and how to establish a relationship with God and how one learns to hear from God.  I sensed conviction in many.  I was very pleased with the day.  I concluded in prayer.   We left campus at 5:30.

Atheist organizer (left) listens to Bro. Jed. The atheist on the right was a proud three-time winner of Bro. Jed Bingo.


    There are two boys who are really interested in preaching.  Sister Pat has been encouraging them on the sidelines.  One of them is Dean, whom I mentioned previously in a journal entry.  The other, who testified yesterday, asked me how to convince students that God is good.  I answered by demonstrating God's discipline through strong preaching on his righteousness and holiness.


As the day closes, students listen attentively to Bro. Jed's explanation of the Gospel of Jesus Christ.  Sometimes it takes a few hours or days to get to that point. 


Bro. Jed concluding the six-hours of preaching with prayer for the students.







February 24, 2012, University of Arizona

     "The sting of death is sin; and the strength of sin is the law."-1 Cor.15:56. 

      Today we returned to the sexual issues for the students are consumed with gratifying the lusts of the flesh.   Our objective is to convince sinners that sin is deadly.  Most Christians do not even think sin is deadly.  Oh yes, they might consider unbelief in Jesus to be deadly, but not sin in general.  According to them all are born sinners and all (even Christians) will die sinners.  Therefore, they cannot understand why we preach so much against sin since in their mind it cannot be overcome in this life anyway.  We emphasize the law to the lost because Paul said "by the law is the knowledge of sin."  Romans 3:20.  Often when sinners hear the law, it hardens their hearts and they are determined to sin all the more to spite the law and flaunt their sin.  

"For by the law is the knowledge of sin."


        I had more people request to be photographed with me this week then I can ever recall.  Two lusty girls, one in spandex pants and tattoos on her shoulder and arm, posed with me for a picture, which was taken by the friendly atheist, who leads the skeptics' club.  Shortly thereafter to my surprise the girls went running up beside Sister Pat and passionately kissed for about a minute.  It is not unusual for lesbians and homosexuals to ostentatiously kiss in front of the crowd.  Pat ignored them and continued preaching.  I was surprised since the girls did not look like lesbians (Rosie O'Donnell).   After looking at and laughing over their picture, later they gave an encore performance before running off.  What was really surprising was the atheist informed me that this was the first time either girl had ever kissed another girl.  I asked, "Are you telling me they were not lesbians?"  The atheist replied, "I guess they are now." 

Sister Pat proclaiming the truth at UA.


     Paul was right; the law often strengthens sinners in their sin; instead of softening sinners' hearts, the law usually hardens their hearts.  Often sinners have to fall further in the pit before they start looking up.  But, alas, most never look up and sin never bottoms out.  Malefactors will forever hate God and hate one another as they weep, wail and gnash their teeth in "the bottomless pit."  

Socialist argues with Bro. Jed.


     The crowd was smaller today; nevertheless, we had about fifty around us for most of the afternoon.  From 3 PM to 5:30, I emphasized the gospel and taught the reason the atonement of Christ was necessary for God to wisely and justly offer forgiveness of sin and to transform the hearts and characters of men in order that they might be inclined to love and obey God.  Students were generally respectful and civil during this session.  As the end I reminded them that God's spirit will not always strive with men.  Nor will I always be available to return to UA to give them the straight gospel, not a sin excusing gospel.  I was heartened when a student asked, "Who is going to continue your ministry after you are gone?"  Dean Sexton, who has been out all week, jumped up and said, "I will."  Who else will rise up?

Dean, whose parents run an International House of ministry has continued preaching since we left UA.


    A 6 PM we arrived at the International House, which is the home of Dean Sexton and his parents.  The parents are students at the Phoenix seminary.  They have purchased a large old Tucson mansion with adjoining buildings and have converted it into a rooming house for mainly foreign students and as a place for ministry.  They held the barbeque in the elegant courtyard of the property.  About a dozen students showed up mostly unbelievers including some of the regulars from The Hill Society, which is a group that regularly gathers on the hill where I preach to discuss philosophy, theology and politics.  They are an interesting and polite group of mostly unbelievers.  

The preaching draws to and end but many are still listening after six hours.  These are some of the best teaching moments of the day. 


     I taught for a few hours covering many subjects including reasons for my hope, my testimony and call to the ministry, and war stories from campus experiences over the decades.  Sister Pat gave her testimony including being filled with the Holy Spirit and speaking in tongues. The students were attentive.  I prayed for Dean at the end for an anointing to preach in the open air.  I asked if anyone else wanted prayer, especially for salvation.  I directly asked Paul if he wanted to be saved.  He said he still needed evidence.  I discerned that he was just weakly reiterating an old excuse because I had given him plenty of evidence.  I explained to him and the others, "What you need to do is to count the cost of discipleship."  Paul and the only girl present, Amelia, both said that I had given them a lot to think about.  I answered, "If you will think clearly and listen to your consciences and seek God with all your heart, you will find him."  It was a great evening and a wonderful seven days on campus.  I am always sad to leave UA.





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