Melee and Attacks in the Wild West



February 13, 2011, New Mexico State University

     I cried, "Men are appointed once to die, after that comes the judgment!  Yesterday, while in her bathtub, the angel of death said to pop star Whitney Houston, 'Thou fool, this night thy soul is required of thee.'  As a youth Whitney sang in her Baptist Church choir; but she wasted her talent on riotous living and singing for the world instead of her Creator.  I am afraid that she is ringing Hell's Bells today.  She is dead at only 48.   We are all going to die.  Are you ready to meet your Maker?  Where will you spend eternity, heaven or hell?"

      I was hoping to use Ms. Houston's death to challenge the students to consider their ways.  However, her demise did not seem to strike a note with them.  The newscasters are promoting her as "the voice of a generation."  Evidently, her voice was the generation of the newscasters, not of this age group of students. 

Students were waiting for my arrival and someone quickly passed out the "Bro. Jed Bingo" cards.


      I left the subject of Whitney's death to preach against sexual immorality and the party life.  Students slowly gathered.  An administrator from the Union came out and requested that I move further back on the grass so that the students would not block the sidewalk.  She made the same request last year.  She mentioned that the students were looking for my coming.  I moved further back but the crowd remained on the sidewalk.  Someone was going through the crowd passing out "Brother Jed Bingo Cards" containing certain of the provocative words I regularly use.  Students were asking questions trying to get me to answer with some of these words so that they could win the bingo game.  

Students bring up topics on the Bingo sheets.


      After about 45 minutes some slowly started moving unto the grass.  Eventually the whole crowd moved closer.  There was one loud and boisterous Catholic girl, who claimed to be a theology student, who was in my face.  I decided to let Sister Pat deal with this brash girl and the rest of the students. 

     Meanwhile, a reporter interviewed me.  Soon several men gathered around me.  I took a philosophical approach with them.  I talked with them about origins, meaning, moral obligation and destiny.  One fellow kept asking stupid questions like, "What does the word meaning mean?  It is a tragic commentary on our educational system that after 12 to 18 or more years of schooling that so many students do not have a clue on the basic questions of life.  I rebuked this student for his lack of intellectual curiosity.   Because after 30 minutes, he never once asked me what I thought the meaning of life is.  Basically, rebels do not want to admit that there is meaning.  Without God life ultimately has no meaning and they refuse to acknowledge God.

"Bro Jed Bingo" promoters just seem to appear at the meetings. It really works to
keep the students' attention.


       After an hour Sister Pat turned the crowd back to me.  The overly excited Catholic hypocrite was still beside herself.  Most of the other students were relatively subdued, except for a male cuss who claimed to be a Christian.  By now the students were enclosed around me.  A male, whom I had not noticed in the crowd, but think I might remember from previous years, walked in front of me and said,  "Move back give this man some room." 

     Students ignored him and he moved off to the side but he soon got in an argument with another student.  Almost immediately they were yelling at each other.  The fellow who had been trying to get some space for me lost all self-control and began threatening students with mace.  Soon he was spraying mace indiscriminately.  Some fellows tried to apprehend him and were chasing him all over the parking lot.  There was quite a melee.  Of course, the attention of all the students turned to the scuffle.  The deranged student finally came running up to me, crying, "False prophet, you are a false prophet!"  He then grabbed for my staff crucifix.  Since my last one was stolen, I hold tight and have the staff and my hand wrapped in rawhide.  With the help of some students I was able to fend him off.  He left, but quickly returned and made another lunge for my staff, screaming, "False prophet." 

Deranged fellow (on right) attacking students with mace.


      Next he tried to get into a passing car.  Finally, after 10 minutes squad cars came from everywhere.  The police finally arrested the mad man.  They interviewed me and questioned many others students. 

Police apprehend violent man.


Madman denies his guilt and faults the students that he attacked. He was angry because someone would not give him a cigarette.

     One policeman asked, "What are you preaching?" I gave him a run down on the gospel as he nodded his head in agreement.  Finally, about 3:15 a group of policemen asked me for the sake of public safety not to continue the preaching for the day.  They assured me that I could return tomorrow.  They also said that I was not doing anything wrong and they could not force me to stop; they were simply making a request.  They were so nice about everything that I decided to comply.  Meanwhile, Sister Pat was talking with a small group which was sitting at her feet.  Before, I left I was interviewed by the campus TV station.  We shall return tomorrow, the Lord willing.  I counted eight police cars plus a fire engine which was present to restore order.

     Several students expressed their regret at the behavior of certain students and especially the deranged man and they asked if I had been hurt in anyway.  There were others, including the boisterous Catholic, who said, "See what you caused."  It is interesting to note that when the apostles came into a city there would sometimes be a riotous reaction to their preaching with their opponents at times fighting with one another.   





February 14, 2012, New Mexico State

     It was cloudy, cold and windy today, with gusts up to 40 miles per hour, which were not good preaching conditions.  Sister Pat and I both held up signs dealing with Hell.  At times the wind was so strong one had to brace oneself to stay on his feet. 

     Two boys confronted me concerning about my approach.  One exasperatingly asked, "What are you doing?"  I answered, "Warning the wicked to flee from the wrath to come."

      Both of them informed me that Jesus hung out with sinners, prostitutes, drunkards, tax collectors, etc.  I answered, "Jesus did not hang out with these kinds of people.  He spent most of his time disciples.  But he did not just 'hang out,' with them, he taught the twelve."

        I often hear this teen-age terminology that Jesus "hung out" with sinners.  He did go to the wedding feast of Cana, where he did his first miracle; he invited himself to the home of the tax collector, Zacchaeus, who got converted that same evening; he attended Matthew's feast, with a large company of sinners.  Among Matthew's guests were Pharisees, who complained asking, "Why do you eat and drink with publicans and sinners?" 

Police question Bro. Jed about the madman mace incident.


      Jesus answered, "They that are whole need not a physician; but they that are sick.  I come not to call the righteous, but sinners to repentance."-Luke 5:34-35. 

      Jesus did not merely socialize with sinners.  He used these opportunities to teach.  He was always about his Father's business from the time he was twelve.  His manner was to call sinners to repentance from his first public sermon (Mark 1:15) to the times when he personally interacted with those sick with sin.  Calling men to repentance is rarely the priority among those who only engage in friendship or relational evangelism. 

     Both of these boys, following their initial skepticism, had a change of attitude after I explained my ministry and pointed out that I have a big feast for sinners twice a year in my home and sometimes I go to dinner with the sick after a long day of preaching.  As a physician of souls, I am constantly ministering and on call.  My days are spent mostly in the company of sinners. 

Reporters interview Bro. Jed about the melee.


     About 2:30 Sister Pat gathered a group of 8 to 10.  Meanwhile, I was conversing with a young man who was questioning my methods and message, when Lisa, the boisterous girl from yesterday, stood in on our conversation.  I turned to her to give her some attention.  She tearfully informed me that she had been diagnosed today with a serious disease, lupus.  She said she did not know how long she had to live.  She apologized to me twice for her behavior yesterday.  Of course, I forgave her and offered to pray for her healing.  I said, "You do need to confess any sin in your life."

      She said, "I need to go to the priest for that, I am a Catholic."

      I answered, "God will hear your prayer now; however, if you feel you need to go to your priest, then make an appointment today."

      She indicated that she would do that.  Pat and I left campus at 3:15.  A reporter with a TV camera from a news station in El Paso followed me back to the car to interview me concerning the uproar on campus yesterday.




February 15, 2012, New Mexico State

     The sun was out again today so the weather was on our side.  It did not take long to gather a crowd.  The first hour they were attentive; I did not have much interaction with the gathering.  However, things became quite stirred when a bald man, who appeared to be in his forties, aggressively called me a false prophet.  I asked, "By what standard are you making that accusation?  What have I said which is contrary to the Bible?"  He claimed to know the Bible better than me.  But I do not remember him quoting one verse in support of his accusation or anything else he said.  Soon he was cursing.  He pulled out and displayed his ministry card.  "Do you have one of these?"  A few times he stomped off to the parking lot, only to quickly return.  Each time he was more enraged.  A few times he rushed me and threatened me physically.  Several of the students intervened to subdue him each time.  Finally, he left in a rage.  I was somewhat surprised that his unruly and threatening behavior did not bring the police, especially after the big police reaction on Monday. 

A violent "Christian" who supposedly knew the Bible better than Bro. Jed, went into a rage.

         Now the crowd was quite stirred.  A few homosexuals came on the scene boldly defending their perversion.  The crowd had swelled to over 100.  Many were cursing.  Finally, after I had preached for a good 90 minutes the rabble was settling down enough to call on Sister Pat.  One would think they would so a little respect for Sister Pat since she is a lady and 82 years old.  But students would not recognize a lady on the rare occasions they might encounter one today.  They have been affected by feminist philosophy which has largely destroyed any concept of a mannerly lady or a gentleman for that matter.  Nor do the students have any idea of respect for the aged.  Why should they?  Our culture tends to promote the older generation simply as retired people on social security, who end up in nursing homes.  Even back in the 80's when Holy Hubert Lindsey was blind and in his seventies students would often torment him trying to trick him by taking advantage of his blindness.  Of course, Sister Pat, when she takes her podium, puts on the mantle of a prophetess.  She is like the elect lady of III John.  Prophets have never been liked or respected.  Few people can handle reproof, rebuke or correction from anyone.  No one likes to be told they are wrong.  The generation which begat this one has little moral authority since so many of them lived the same debauched youth as their children are living today.  Plus their moral authority has often been compromised by divorce.  So students have had little experience being corrected by anyone.  The Christian community, which makes no claim to overcoming sin herself, can only tell the students, "God loves you." 

Students restrain the angry man to protect Bro. Jed. This is still the wild west, folks!


O.K., back to the preaching of the Word!

       As Sister Pat was preaching, students gathered around me until I had 10-12.  Gabrielle was on the verge of tears defending sin in the name of Jesus.  I covered many verses promoting sanctification with her but like many she just could not comprehend that anyone could live a consistently holy life.  She finally dismissed herself saying she needed to find a place of prayer.  Within thirty minutes she returned perhaps a little more opened to my teaching.  She said her father was pastor of a non-denominational church.  She said she had never heard of living free from sin from her father.  She said, "My father yells at my mother."  I countered, "The question is, does your father have malice or ill-will towards your mother?  That is when yelling would become sin."  Gabrielle brought up Romans 7.  I told her about my book, Walking in the Spirit.  She indicated that she would like to read it, so did others in my group.   I returned to the car to get some books.  They all waited patiently for my return.

The Elect Sister!


      During my dialogue with this group, I noticed the bald credentialed preacher walking towards me.  I thought, "Here comes trouble."  But he extended his hand and said, "I want to apologize."  I accepted his apology and shook hands.  Before he left he apologized again.  Other students, who had been so foul when standing with the mob, were quietly listening now.  Meanwhile, the large crowd had dispersed and Sister Pat had a group of a dozen seekers surrounding her.  At 3:45 I dismissed everyone since we had about a five hour drive to Tucson. 

Sis. Pat prayed with this young man; he was in the Valley of Decision






February 16, 2012, University of Arizona

      Tucson is one of my favorite cities and UA is among my favorite campuses.  Sister Pat warmed up about 20 students, who were already sitting on the hill.  As I waited to take center stage, several students expressed to me their happiness that I was back.

      When I took my first turn, I mocked their lifestyles and party life mentality and their confusion over their sexual identity.

      Mike Orr was a graduate assistant at the University of Illinois when he first heard me in the mid-seventies.  He is now a retired teacher.  In recent years he has joined me on campus whenever I am in Tucson.  He explained to some students, "Brother Jed's campus ministry is like making sausage.  It is repulsive in the making but the end result tastes good."

Students listen as Bro. Jed makes sausage.

      My second session went for about two hours with mostly men.  I taught on the rules of literary interpretation, including Biblical interpretation.  Of course few students have passed the first rule in that they have not read enough of the Bible to begin to interpret the meaning of the Book.  I spent a considerable amount of time explaining how to know whether a passage is to be understood literally or figuratively.  I illustrated with the story of Cain and Abel.  When a student asks me where Cain got his wife, it is an indication that he is reading the story much too literally.  The big question one should ask is why Abel's sacrifice was acceptable unto God, but Cain's was not.  Abel, the shepherd, offered the best lamb of his flock; Cain was a dirt farmer, who offered his best crops.  They both apparently offered up their best; but our best is not good enough for God, because our best works, prior to our salvation, are tainted with sin.  Abel's sacrifice represents God's best, God's son, our Lord Jesus Christ, the Lamb of God, who takes away the sin of the world.

This guy was very odd but a good listener.


      I taught on the symbolism of the Jewish Passover, the night when God killed the first born of Egypt, both man and beast.  If the Jews would understand the symbolism of this great event in their history, then they would recognize Jesus as the Messiah.  The Christ is represented by the blood of the lamb placed on the doorpost of each Jewish household (the cross), Pharaoh is a figure for Satan, Egypt represents the world, Canaan symbolizes the Kingdom of God, etc. 

     A controversy arose over the alleged contradiction between Matthew's account of Judas' death and Luke's version in Acts.  These two accounts can be reconciled but it is not really necessary to reconcile them.  What is the point to be learned in the accounts leading up to his death?  The lesson is the difference between true repentance unto salvation and mere remorse over one's sins, which results in one's own demise. 

       There is an old saying that the devil is in the details.  There are some details in the Bible that seem contradictory but we do not want to miss the forest through the trees or for that matter miss the trees through the forest.  Too often Christians argue whether expressions for Hell, like the Lake of Fire, should be taken literally or figuratively.  Either way obviously Jesus is attempting to describe a horrible state for sinners in the next life.  Was the flood worldwide or limited only to the known world?  While this may be an interesting question for geologists, it is not really relevant to the main point of the story:  God will severely judge sin; nevertheless, he offers a way to escape through the ark, which represents the Church or the Kingdom of God.

This hill makes for a perfect audience as Sis. Pat preaches at the University of Arizona.


     An atheist questioned some of the historical facts of the Bible and even challenged its general historical accuracy.  I answered even if we assume that much of the Bible is mythical, myths still can convey great ontological truths.  Even if one can not accept the historical reliability of the Bible, there is great wisdom to be gained from it for those who will study and for those who are teachable.  The Bible is not primarily a geology book; it is, above all, a book of theology and secondly an anthropology book.  I am not denying the historical or geological accuracy of the Bible.  However, my main interest is for the students to grasp its great metaphysical truths on subjects like the origin of life, the meaning of life, the origin of moral obligation, the destiny of man.  I want the students to learn the meaning of outstanding themes of the Bible such as justice and mercy, law and grace, the significance of sacrifice, the meaning of truth.  I want them to understand the nature and character of God as he is revealed in the book.  I do not care to argue whether the days of creation were six literal days or a period of time.  Of course, the Bible does make statements on science, which is the study of the physical world.  But it is primarily concerned with the metaphysical, which is reality beyond the physical realm.  I will leave it to others more qualified to defend a young earth or an old earth.  I am interested in getting across that the order we see in creation requires an orderer, who is God. 






February 17, 2012, University of Arizona

      In my first session I spent a considerable amount of time teaching on Job.  Many students are somewhat familiar with the story.  However, I have never met one who demonstrated that he had a basic understanding of the book.  They usually have a view that Job was merely a victim of a wager between God and the devil.  Job is one Bible book which is likely to be taught in literature classes.  Either the English professors are poor instructors or the students are poor learners, maybe a combination of both.

     In the beginning of the narrative God boasts to Satan on the character of Job that he is an upright man, who fears God and hates evil.   On the other hand, Satan is the ultimate cynic.  He is sure that Job only serves God for the blessings he receives from him.  Satan does not believe there is such a thing as an honest and sincere man.  God has faith that Job is a man of character who serves him out of love.  Satan is convinced that Job, like all men, has his price, that if he loses everything he will curse God.  First, Job loses his possessions and children but still he remains steadfast, next he loses his health and consequently even his wife urges him to curse God and die.  Next his friends accuse him of receiving ill at the hand of God because of his sins.  Yet Job through all his trials maintains his integrity.  He does question God as to why such terrible things are happening to him but he never curses God.  He passes every test.  Thus God demonstrates to Satan, Job's contemporaries, and to men down through the ages that the cynics are wrong.  There are men of integrity.  There are honest men.  Everyman does not have his price.  This is a vital lesson that everyman needs to learn if he is to have a happy and fulfilled life.  Cynicism robs men of their joy and destroys their soul. 

     One student argued that since God has absolute knowledge of the future that he was playing with Job's mind and body through all of his tribulations.  Evidently, Satan was unaware of the commonly held view that God has absolute knowledge of the future, or he never would have challenged God's confidence in Job passing every ordeal.  The Book of Job is not just a test of Job's faith, but it is also a test of God's faith in Job.  Who is right about Job, God or Satan?  Did God have good reason for trusting in Job to endure or not?  The end of the story proves God to be right in his belief concerning Job being a perfect and upright man. 

     Few men of our day, whether they are skeptics or those claiming to be people of faith, believe a mortal man can be perfect.  The Bible reveals that there are morally pure men and Job is the prime example.  Most men have the cynical satanic view that there is no one who has a perfect love (pure heart) for God.   Few men think that it is possible for a Christian to be completely holy in his relationship with Christ and others.   They erroneously believe that all Christians are doomed to sooner or later succumb to temptation.  Job was not perfect in his understanding of God and his ways.  He had some things he needed to learn the hard way.  Even though he questioned God's justice, he ultimately demonstrated himself to be a man of great faith and endurance.

    Cynics and skeptics use Job' trials to accuse God of injustice in his treatment of the Job and everyman.  Men have the audacity to question God's love.   They typically believe that God is as self-centered as they are or even more so.   By overcoming the severest of tests and trials, Job becomes an even stronger man then he was in the beginning.  In the end God returns to him double everything he lost at Satan's hand.  A good God will test his people so that they will have an opportunity to grow in grace and understanding of God's goodness and love.  God's purpose for his people is to mold their character so that they will be conformed to the very image of Christ himself of whom Job is a type. 

Bro. Jed entertains the students before he swiftly thrusts the sword of the Spirit into their consciences. 


    One thing that encourages me is when I meet a student who seems to understand my methods.  After one of my preaching sessions a man, who identified himself as a Calvinist, commended me for my approach.  He says other preachers come to campus and directly condemn homosexuals and unbelievers to Hell.  But he complimented me for my "implicity."  I was intrigued because I have never had anyone use that word to describe my approach.  He liked my subtlety and the way I entertained the students, and then suddenly and seriously thrust in the sword of truth into their consciences when they are least expecting the hit.

Sis. Pat gave a lot of attention to the Muslim in the white shirt.

      The Calvinist also confessed to his temptations with lust and asked for advice on how to overcome.  Most Christians will argue that they cannot help but sin, especially in the area of the lust of the flesh.  He received my counsel and thanked me profusely.    

     Sister Pat rejoiced because at the end of the day she prayed with a boy, who had been arguing with us and even asking trick questions, to receive the Holy Spirit.  She immediately noticed a profound change in his countenance after her prayer.  We left campus at 5 PM happy that despite a cold and cloudy day for Tucson, we had an attentive crowd.  Both Sister Pat and I spent a significant amount of time ministering to a group of lesbians, who clung to us all afternoon. 

Sis. Pat teaching the youth to fear the Lord! 


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