January 23, 2012, Louisiana State University 

     Free Speech Alley is well established tradition at LSU; I have never had any problems on this campus with the authorities.  It did not take long to gather an audience; however, I probably never had more than 25 at once.  The campus radio station was doing outdoor promotional work.  They held signs one of which said, "You Deserve Music," which was supposed to counteract my YOU DESERVE HELL sign.  As always my sign was controversial.  The doctrine of Hell seems to be an embarrassment to the Christian community.  T

he fact is that any God who does not ultimately separate the righteous from the wicked is shameful and indefensible.

Free Speech Alley!

     One dramatic moment occurred when a girl announced that she was saved at 8 years old when her mother who had been a prostitute and drug dealer got out of prison where she had found the Lord.  The girl later confessed to Sister Doris that she was in fornication.  She did not resist Doris' counsel that she must stop it.  Doris prayed with her.

       The doctrine of the inherited sinful nature was promoted by several students.  I countered that if men are born with a nature which causes them to sin then a righteous God could not hold men responsible or accountable for their sin.  The sin nature is acquired as a result of an established pattern of selfish choices.  They countered that babies are selfish since they are so demanding.  I answered babies are dependent creatures who are unable to do much on their own so they rightfully demand our attention.  We should not confuse dependence with selfishness.  The problem is few out grow the baby stage they go through life making demands on others instead of serving others.


Bro. Dave and Sis. Doris were always witnessing on the sidelines!

    One Christian girl zealously pleaded for sin in the life of a Christian by appealing to Romans 7.  She was not interested in stepping out of Romans 7 into Romans 8.  She was desperately clinging to the body of death instead of pleading for deliverance like Paul. 

       I was determined to continue to mind the things of the spirit as I do every day and everywhere by the grace of God, who gave himself for me that he might redeem me from all iniquity. 






January 24, 2012, Louisiana State University

        According to the weather reports, rain would likely be a problem by 2 PM.  I decided to start earlier than normal (11:15), hoping to get in about three hours of preaching before the precipitation.  However, it started raining when we arrived on campus.  I climbed upon a bench in Free Speech Alley holding my YOU DESERVE HELL sign while singing "Amazing Grace."  I paused from various lyrics of the hymn to preach from different phrases of the song.

You Deserve Hell sign draws attention in the rain.


     I preached, "God offers us what we do not deserve his sweet grace.  He 'saved a wretch like me;' he will save you miserable wretches from the wrath to come if you repent.  I was lost and blind like you; you can find the way if you will seek the Lord.  You can receive sight if you will look up; your redemption draws near.  Grace can lead you to your heavenly home.  

     'It was grace that taught my heart to fear and grace my fears relieved.'  The fear of God is the beginning of wisdom.  You have your fears misplaced; you fear men and your circumstances; you fear your own death that is why you are living for the moment.  God's grace will ease your fears; you will no longer fear men or death.  Hence, you will lose the incentive to pursue the dissolute life (death) of eating, drinking and making merry.  Fear God!  Receive God's grace and you will not get what you deserve.  Reject God's grace and you will get his justice which means Hell-fire.  The jaws of Hell are opened wide waiting to devour you; repent and believe the gospel."

      Finally, some students interrupted me with some questions; at times I had about a dozen listening in the rain.  From about12:15 to1:15 I had a receptive audience listening to my teaching as to how Christianity gives intelligent, reasonable and coherent answers to the metaphysical questions of the origin of life, life's meaning, the source of moral obligation and man's final destiny. 

     A philosophy student passed by earlier heckling and asking, "Why have you shaved your beard?  Why are you wearing clothing of mixed fabric?" 

      He joined my audience; he confessed that he was raised a Baptist but was now an atheist.  I answered his earlier questions by explaining the difference between the moral and ceremonial law.  He understood my answer.  I challenged him to account for the non-material laws of logic in a world where the only reality is matter and energy.  He had no answer.  I was able to get him to admit that men have a universal sense of moral obligation.  I asked him to account for moral obligation in a universe made up of simply matter and energy.  I questioned, "Which makes more sense a universe in which the ultimate reality is a moral person (GOD) or a universe in which moral persons are a late and insignificant by product of impersonal forces."  He answered that latter, but I sensed he did not really believe it.  It makes no sense to say that the moral comes from the non-moral.  After a while, he politely excused himself.  

     As the rain came down harder my group disbursed.  I exhorted students passing at another break.  Failing to draw any more students into my web, I told the team we might as well wrap things up because according to predictions the rain would be steady for the rest of the day.  I thought we redeemed the day. 

      Regrettably, the very colorful sign which Dick Christianson gave me several years ago, which pictures various vices of students on side and says FEAR GOD, TRUST JESUS on the other side, was stolen from Sister Pat.  Nevertheless, Pat was still active in talking to a number of students, as were Dave and Doris.  At an age where most people are afraid to go out in the rain; Sister Pat, Dave and Doris are standing in the latter rain witnessing to the saving grace of our Lord Jesus Christ.  I am happy to have them in my team.  

Bro. Dave witnessing in the rain.





January 25, 2012, Louisiana State University

      I took my bench pulpit around noon.  It did not take long to gather a crowd which averaged around 50 people.  My bait was "Sex Ed with Brother Jed."  It was not long before Samantha held up her "Free Hugs from an Atheist" sign.  There were several atheists in the crowd.  One attempted to refute my design argument for God's existence by claiming that just because things we perceive through our five senses like watches and buildings have a designer; it does not mean that the universe has a Designer.  He claimed that there is no evidence that the cosmos has a designer.  What he means is there is no physical evidence which can be perceived through our senses.  I explained that the design argument does not attempt to give physical evidence but it is a rational argument for the existence of God.  That is if the watch requires a maker; how much more does the universe with all its complexities need a maker.  Scientism teaches that if there is not physical evidence for the existence of something; then we cannot know that it exists.  Scientism is based upon the idea that only that which is observed through the five senses is real.  Of course, scientism is a philosophical presupposition for which there is not physical evidence; it is an idea; ideas cannot be observed.  Scientism is self-refuting and therefore cannot be true.  Most students have no appreciation of a priori truths which are known by logic, without observed facts; such truths involve deductive reasoning from a general principle to a necessary effect.


"Scientism is self-refuting and therefore cannot be true,"  Bro. Jed.

      I turned the meeting over to Sister Pat about 1:15; she did her usual good job at holding the students' attention in the midst of vehement protest.  After about forty minutes a middle aged tattooed preacher jumped up on the bench and started speaking with authority but without Pat's permission.  At first he restrained from contradicting or opposing Pat and he was making some good points.  He had a good strong preaching voice which commanded the students' interest.  However, it soon became evident that he wanted to take over the meeting, which made him out of order.   I am sure that he thought that he could do better than Sister Pat or me.

Sis. Pat does a great job of holding their attention.


     Sister Pat called me back.  I sat beside the interrupter on my stool waiting for him to cease his unethical behavior in barging in on another speaker.  I sat quietly until he started speaking out against preachers like "Uncle Jed who claims to live above sin."  I can tolerate and even understand when in the heat of the moment another preacher wants to have his say; I can even for a time tolerate the typical sin excusing doctrines of evangelicals, which is all most of them have ever heard.  I can even understand why they want to disassociate themselves from my ministry.  But when it is evident that they want to dominate and take over my crowd that is quite another manner.  We work hard to gather an audience.  A lot of these guys, who fancy themselves powerful preachers, spend most of their time speaking to the wind, birds and squirrels.  I informed him that he was out of order yet he continued. 

"Most students have no appreciation of a priori truths which are known by logic, without observed facts,"  Bro. Jed


     When a homosexual started defending evolution, I took my opportunity to get back into the fray.  I announced, "This man is a professing homosexual; no wonder he believes in evolution; according to Romans 1, denying God's creative order is the first step towards becoming homosexual.  It is a foundational truth that 'God created man in his own image; in the image of God he created he him; male and female he created he them."-Gen 1:27.'  He did not create man in the image of beasts nor did he create homosexuals, lesbians, bisexuals or transsexuals.  He created male and female, man and woman.   Students you can know what you are by looking down; boys will see something; girls will see nothing." 

     Finally, the rude interrupter became involved in a discussion with a female.  He was not a problem for the remainder of the preaching time which turned out to be short because it started raining hard at 2:30 and virtually everyone scattered except for Samantha and a few of her friends.  I exhorted Samantha on the love of God and she appeared to be listening in the hard downpour.

     Sister Doris told me that the girl from yesterday, who testified that she was converted at eight but had become a fornicator, returned today and reported to Doris that she got on her knees in her room and repented as Doris had advised her.  She also confessed her sin to her mentor.  She had never told anyone else except Doris.  Both Sister Pat and Doris have a way of getting confessions out of students, especially girls, because unlike most ministers they are willing to probe.  What would we think of a physician who would never probe or a surgeon who would refuse to cut.  But that is the way of most modern ministers; they are afraid to probe into people's lives and motives and they will not cut to the quick with the sharp edge of the sword of the Spirit. 

     Tonight I spoke for one of the best preachers I know, Brother David Diamond.  I taught the basics of confrontational evangelism to his congregation.




January 26, 2012, Louisiana State University

     "I appreciate what you are doing.  I like the way that you are calm in expressing what you believe," said a young man to me as I was waiting for the class break.  Later in the day another boy encouraged me, "I appreciate you; you are more radical than I am; you use the shock method; everybody needs to know God."  Of course, I get more negative reaction than positive.  However, most days I will have a few who compliment me.  I also take encouragement in knowing that there are always those who appreciate my efforts who for one reason or another do not relate their approval to me.

     The Baptist turned atheist philosophy student with whom I had good dialogue on Tuesday said to me today, "You have shown me that I have to study more."

Provoking students to study the truths of God.


      Sister Pat started the meeting and within thirty minutes gathered an audience of 10-12.  My preaching soon increased the crowd to about 50.  I did not get into the sex thing too much today.  I was having good lively and relatively calm discussion when one of the interrupters from yesterday snorted, because in answer to a question I said that the days of creation are not necessarily 24 hour days.  Although I think they were probably 24 hours days, it is issue that I do not consider critical, especially considering the question was not relevant to the point that I was trying to make at the time.  Later, he butted in and gave a long talk on why the time must have been 24 hour days.  He did have some good windy arguments.  But I thought afterwards, "So what?"  He also tried to shame me for one of my "coarse" illustrations.  No doubt some of my images are vulgar, but not too much considering the setting. The philosophy student asked me about Jesus cursing the fig tree.  I gave a short answer which the interrupter evidently did not consider adequate. So once again he gave a windy answer in which he worked in his testimony, heaven and hell, original sin and the payment theory of the atonement.  He taught that God poured out his wrath upon his son.   

     The red haired atheist who has been around each day asked me what I thought of what the interrupter said.  "I agree with most of what he said.  I do not hold to his particular theory as to why Jesus went to the Cross.  But what is important is that you understand that Jesus' death is somehow related and necessary for your forgiveness."  At this point several students came up to converse with the interrupter which kept him from butting in until he left campus.  After two hours I tagged out to Sister Pat, who taught the students on how to get a good wife or husband. 

Atheists arguing for unbelief.


     Sister Pat turned the meeting back to me because a girl who was on a brain drug because of depression was questioning her.  The 18 year old girl was given the drug by her psychiatrist to correct her chemical imbalance.  I asked her, "Why are you depressed?"  She shrugged, "I do not know.  I have a chemical imbalance."  I inquired,  "Were you given any test to demonstrate that you have a chemical imbalance?"  She had not.  I replied, "Honest psychiatrists will admit there is no test to prove a chemical imbalance.  And even if you have a chemical imbalance, how do you know that is it the cause of your depression rather than the effect?"  I suggested, "Your depression might be on account of unconfessed sin, which has resulted in guilt; guilt can result in depression."  Many of the students went ballistics over this possible explanation.  Interesting, the girl did not protest.  I also suggested that the depression could be on account of a lack of hope which is rooted in unbelief in the promises of God, especially the promise of peace of mind through Jesus in the midst of turmoil.   Students questioned me as to my credentials.  I explained that I have been studying the psyche (the soul of which the mind is the primary component) for decades from both a humanistic point of view and a religious perspective.  I am not a student of the brain which is the instrument of the mind.  I am a doctor of the soul, not a doctor of the body.

"I am a doctor of the soul," Bro. Jed


      At 3:15 my audience died out and so we called it a day.  Remember we have been starting at the 11th hour instead of the 12th hour this week.  So we still put in over four hours of preaching today.  Numerous students asked if we were returning tomorrow.  Dave and Doris moved unto Texas to meet us at Sam Houston State on Monday.  They are committed to preaching three days a week with me.








January 27, 2012, Louisiana State University,

      This was our best day of the week.  I started preaching at 11:20 in the sun about 50 feet from where I have been holding forth.  It turned out to be a better location to gather a larger crowd.  Today my audience reached up to 100.  I did not have to work hard to gain the students' attention.  They were filled with questions from the start.  I never had time to relate my testimony, except briefly, or tell any of my attention gaining and keeping stories.  One of my regulars was holding up a "free hugs" sign and counting the number of hugs he received.  By 1 PM I heard him bragging that he had hugged 60 people.  Another regular, Derrick, who is kind of nerdy and inexperience, yet likeable, held a sign which read, "I'M Lusting."  Nevertheless, numbers of boys and girls came up to give him a hug.  Soon others came out with signs.  One said, "Yea Science."  As if Christians oppose science.  What we oppose is scientism which teaches that science is the only reliable source of knowledge, it also holds to the view that scientific reality is the only reality.

Guy with "Yay Science" sign.


     Science yea, Scientism nay!  Yet, our schools and universities have brainwashed most students with scientism in the guise of science.  Scientism is also known as empiricism, which teaches we can only know reality through what we experience through our five senses. 

      Later the same lewd and base fellow, who held the sign promoting science, lifted up a sign which said, "One, Two, Three, Four, Masturbate."  He demonstrates the cost of being indoctrinated with scientism and empiricism.  False ideas have very bad consequences.  Few students know the difference between science and scientism. 

     A Christian female in shorts came traipsing into the middle of the circle to correct and question me, not to rebuke the perverts with their signs, mind you.  I informed her that I was speaking to a large audience and I could not give her personal attention.  Another gal soon joined her.  They were persistent in their complaints and desire to tell me a thing or two.  Finally, I agreed to talk with them on the sidelines and called for Sister Pat.

Christian girl insisting on having a private conversation.


     The girls had the typical complaints, "You are not showing love.  You are condemning."  Yada! yada! yada!  It wasn't long before I had a circle of about a dozen around me which I assumed to be professing Christians.  Some of the others were more ready to listen than the girl in shorts, a few of them hand Bibles in hand.  I patiently dealt with all their complaints, questions, and traditions concerning the way evangelism ought to be done.  After about 15 minutes several of them were asking, "Why don't you speak to the crowd, like you are speaking to us?  Why do you raise your voice out there and seem so calm and peaceful here amongst us?" 

Sis. Pat reasoning with a LSU student.


     I answered, "I do not speak in the same tone to 12 people, who are close to me, as I do to a hundred who are further away; I am targeting a different audience when I address you Christians than when I am speaking to mostly unbelievers.  Remember, if I had not been preaching at the top of my voice and reproving, rebuking and exhorting to the large crowd; we would not be having this good conversation now." 

     No wonder Paul said at the end of his career, "Well spake the Holy Ghost by Esaias the prophet unto our fathers, Saying, Go unto this people, and say, Hearing ye shall hear, and shall not understand; and seeing ye shall see, and not perceive:  For the heart of this people is waxed gross, and their ears are dull of hearing, and their eyes have they closed; lest they should see with their eyes, and hear with their ears, and understand with their heart, and should be converted, and I should heal them."-Acts 28:25-27.

Gross hearts at LSU.


     Even though God warned Isaiah that men would refuse to listen; even though Jesus was despised and rejected of men; even though Paul and the other apostles were martyred for their proclamation of the Word; would be Christians of our day still expect that if we are doing evangelism as it should be done, we will be well-received.  There is no Biblical or historical precedent to expect that we will get any better treatment than the prophets of old, Jesus or the apostles.

      We were on campus until almost 4:30.  When we departed, two mature Christians from the Fellowship of Christian Athletes, who had introduced themselves to me and encouraged me in the faith, were leading a discussion with 10-12 students concerning issues which I had raised.  Another believer, with whom I had had a lengthy and profitable discussion today and last year, was also active in defending the faith to this group.

      When we leave campus and people are continuing to talk about the vital matters we have introduced, I consider it to be evidence of our effectiveness




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