January 17, 2012, Florida Gulf Coast University,

     FGCU is a new campus for me.  Sister Pat and I had a three and one half hour drive to this morning.  Sister Doris had already started when we arrived about 12:30. 

     The fraternities were rushing for new members on the brick plaza in front of the Student Union.  She had captured the attention of about 20 frat boys and then introduced me.  I opened with my hand on my heart saying, "I have a confession to make.  When I was in college at Indiana University in the early sixties, I was a drunken, whore mongering fraternity boy.  I hope you can forgive me, God has." 

      I proceeded in more detail to confess to some of my escapades.  I had virtually an all male audience for about 45 minutes.  Finally, an administrator politely informed me the fraternities had the area reserved and asked me to move onto the green area.  I complied and a few of the boys followed me as I resumed my message.  The audience was down to about 12 when I turned the meeting over to Sister Pat.  By now some females had arrived.   Pat preached for about 30 minutes but eventually virtually everyone drifted away. 

     I decided to go back to the car to get the signs.  Meanwhile, the others in my team were talking one on one or to small groups.  There was not a significant class break until 3 PM and even it was a small break.  Yet, I was able to draw another crowd of 25.  The main issue was my YOU DESERVE HELL sign.  One soldier in uniform, who said he had just returned from the desert, protested the sign as unloving and informed me I needed to tell students that Jesus loved them.  It was disappointing to me that a soldier cannot see the necessity of going in for the kill with the sword of God's law to pierce the hearts of sinners. 


Soldier contends that Bro. Jed should preach "love" to the fraternity boys.

     Paul wrote, "I was alive without the law once: but when the commandment came, sin revived, and I died.  And the commandment which was ordained to life, I found to be unto death.  For sin, taking occasion by the commandment, deceived me, and by it slew me."-Roman 7:9-11. 

       If a soldier is unwilling to slay sinners with the sword of the Spirit, I am wondering if he is prepared to kill our enemies.  Soldiers are supposed to be trained to kill and win our wars.  Christians need to be trained to slay the old man of sin; so that we may bring to life a new man in Christ.  We should be trained to overcome the world, the flesh and the devil.  My strategy is always to go in for the kill.  Alas, few Christians are willing to do that.  They will not even give the sinner a good slap in the face; let alone pierce the conscience with the sharp two edged sword. 

      Alas, it seems that America's objective is no longer to win our wars; the rules of engagement put too many restrictions on our soldiers.  The rules of engagement in modern day evangelism are too restraining.  Evangelicals are taught not to offend anyone; they are not trained to destroy sin or the devil.  Indeed, evangelicals are indoctrinated to believe that sin cannot be destroyed in this life time.  They have a defeatist attitude; or at best an attitude that we are to peacefully co-exist with the world.  Jesus came "to destroy the works of the devil."-1 John 3:8.  Sin is the work of the devil.  "This is the victory that overcomes the world even our faith."-1 John 5:4.  Finally, we have the shield of faith by which we can quench all the fiery darts of the wicked one."-Eph 6:16. 

      Onward Christian soldiers!

     We left campus at 4:45 PM.

Dave and Doris M., are doing a great job on the road with Bro. Jed.




January 18, 2012, Florida Gulf Coast University,

      I wore my YOU DESERVE HELL t-shirt for the first time this school year.  The weather was sunny and 80 decrees in Fort Myers today.  I wore the t-shirt over my white oxford button down collar shirt for a neater look.  I normally do not care to wear collarless shirts.  And I prefer not having to hold a sign which frees me to carry my staff crucifix. 

      The four of us lined up about 15 yards apart on the sidewalk crossing the mall from the Library to the Student Union.  The students had to run through our gauntlet to go between their place of study and their place to play.  Many could not pass without taking up our challenge and arguing with us concerning issues of sin, righteousness and judgment.  We did not tag team preach today; the four of us each maintained our own audience. 

      My group varied from 5-25 throughout the afternoon.  Others in the team always had students surrounding them also.  At times it looked like things would totally die out; then the first thing I knew I had twenty surrounding me again.  Dominic was in my group off and on throughout the afternoon.  He claimed to be moral but he did not believe in God.  One cannot be moral and turn his back on his loving Creator and Heavenly Father.  Dominic did seem to be a notch above most of the students.  He actually listened to my arguments.  When Christians were challenging me that I would get more listeners if I would speak more of God's love, Dominic disagreed and admitted that he would prefer to listen to me then the love birds.

A red suited listener.


     Late in the afternoon I finally got through to a group of Christians who were opposing my approach and message; they finally understood the necessity of preaching law before grace and the need of warning students that they are condemned before speaking of God's offer to pardon.  After opening with my attention getter, "Sex Ed with Brother Jed," sex was not that much of an issue for the rest of the day.  I was in apologetic mode for most of the day.  I was able to teach on Open Theism which destroys so many of their argument against God.  Several of the Christians who started off opposing me ended up thanking me for coming.  Greek life is really big on this campus.  The frat boys and sorority girls were out in force.  The Tri Delts took my stabs at them in a good natured manner.  They tell me after all these years they still say around the fraternities, "When all the other girls fail, tri a delt."  Alas, none of the girls took up my offer to become born again virgins.

     I like this campus; students are more clean-cut and polite than usual.  There are only about 10,000 students.  They do not usually get campus preachers.  Brother Micah was here a few times last year and still remembered.  When I arrived today, the fraternity boys, who were still rushing for members and playing games on the brickyard, clapped.  At the very least we do add some excitement to their boring lives.  I am confident that as I write this tonight many students are rehashing much of what I taught.  Oh, I know initially they make their jokes and have their laughs, but I know that eventually the conversations take a serious turn they begin considering issues like the meaning of life and the possibility of life after death
Giving them something to think about.


January 19, 2012, University of South Florida

     I had breakfast with Clyde Swalls in Port Charlotte.  He is my old school chum who led me to the Lord and was my early Christian mentor.  He is the pastor of a church he founded.

     Sister Pat started the meeting at USF.  She did a yeoman's job in speaking for almost an hour trying to get and maintain the interest of the students, who were sitting around the picnic tables in front of Cooper Hall.  I also worked hard to capture the attention of the students.  I was in entertainment mode for almost 90 minutes mostly educating the students on anatomy.  They are so confused on the basics; they actually believe the anus is a sexual organ.  They think that breasts are primarily sexual objects.  Few women seem to even understand the main function of their mammary glands.  Most females these days will never use them for their primary purpose to nurse babies.  They can't do that; it might put them back in the home.  These silly girls consider their unique female parts as something for boys to ogle. They do not appreciate that their womb is to be a safe lodging place for babies.  Babies might be too much of a hindrance to their careers.

     From about 2:45 until 4 PM we did discuss mostly apologetic issues, but I lost much of my audience since they are more interested in their bodies than they are in exercising their minds.  As usual, Dave and Doris were active in talking to people on the sidelines. 

University of South Florida




January 20, 2012, Florida State University,

     This morning as we turned off I-75 North unto I-10 West as always I had a sense of exhilaration.  There is the lure of the West which still attracts me after all these years.  I suppose it is the big sky and the wide open spaces and the pioneer spirit that settled the West that draw me.  I never get tired of traversing I-10 as I hit major campuses en-route ending up in the Golden State.  I much prefer driving than a fly over.  Sometimes I drive I-40 West and in my B.C. days, old Route 66.  Motels along these routes have become a second home to me.

Headed West!


      Even after all these decades of walking unto campus uninvited, unwanted and unexpected, today I still experienced a sense of rejection.  Even so, John 1:11 came to my mind, "He came unto his own and his own received him not."  There is a sense in which Jesus received a double rejection.  Even though he created the world, men of the world refused him.  Perhaps even more painful, his own brethren, the Jews, denied him.  As a campus preacher I am not only rejected by the world of unbelievers, but fellow Christians often have even more animosity towards my mission.  Quickly, I was encouraged as the Holy Spirit reminded me that Jesus was "despised and rejected of men."  Then I recalled that Jesus warned, "The servant is not greater than his Lord.  If they have persecuted me, they will also persecute you."-John 15:20.  By experiencing rejection, I am able to better identify with the sufferings of our Lord and magnify his distress and affliction to the world.  What a privilege it is to be a co-laborer with him in this unfriendly world.

      Sister Pat started as a few students were passing; I usually like to wait until there is a bigger flow.  Sister Pat quickly gained the attention of 35.  This woman held her own against disrespectful college students.  As she was speaking, Devon asked me, "Are you with the lady?" He had question after question concerning my approach.  I answered each of his inquiries with reason and scripture which he eventually admitted.  After about 20 minutes he departed; I gave him my card.  This evening he requested to become my friends on FB.

       Around 1 PM Pat called upon me, eventually we had a crowd of up to 100.  The students were attentive as I educated them sexually.  "Girls, evidently your mothers never had that little talk with you; boys, evidently your fathers failed to teach you the facts of life." Interspersed with sex education I explained to them that God was a necessary truth.  Rejecting him and his creative order results in all manner of perversion and confusion.-Romans 1.

"Boys, your fathers failed to teach you the facts of life."


       About 2:30 a little band set up right beside me.  Thankfully, they had no amplification.  They were a distraction; yet, I was still able to make myself heard; it was difficult since the students were in a large circle with me in the center.  I finally decided that it would be a good time to call back Sister Pat.  I was confident that the students would still be more attracted to the truth than to the band which was not really playing bad music.  I figured the students would enclose around Sister Pat since her voice is softer than mine, which is what soon happened.  Meanwhile, a little group gathered around me.  Two boys in the group were especially interested in economics so I contrasted the Keynesian school with the Austrian school of economics.  I had been thoroughly brain washed with the Keynesian school in college and by the media.  After my formal education, I discovered the Austrian school through reading a little magazine called The Freeman.  It changed my thinking and changed my life second only to the Bible, which itself is actually supportive of free market principles.  One of economics students stated, "Jesus was a socialist." 

      I asked, "When did Jesus ever suggest that the government intervene in the economy or anything else for that matter?"

Band sets up behind Bro. Jed.


     Eventually, Sister Pat turned the meeting back to me to finish the day.  The musicians did capture the attention of some of our crowd.  Nevertheless, we maintained the attention of the bulk of the people.  My friend, Pastor Clyde Swalls, yesterday told me how he uses musicians as bait to draw people to church so he can have the opportunity to preach and teach a power point message for 40 minutes to an audience.  This does seem to be what it usually takes to draw a crowd to a church setting.  However, our bait and hook and pole are the loud proclamation of the Word of God without amplification and without music (except for my occasional burst into an old hymn of the church).

     What preacher today in a church building would dare preach without a microphone and amplification in a setting where these instruments are really not needed in order for one to be heard?  Daily we preach without amplification in a situation where most would consider amplification to be necessary.  God has shown us how to project our voices, which is almost a lost art in this modern time.  In a contemporary church service the music aspect usually is allowed more time than the preaching part.  With us it is all preaching, rebuking, reproving, and exhorting, mixed in with a lot of discussion, debate and dialogue.

Students love to debate.


     I walked on campus today feeling a little low; we left campus overjoyed inasmuch that we were privileged to be partakers of Christ's sufferings.-1 Peter 4:13. 

     Ah, the pioneer spirit settled the West; the Word made flesh was a pioneer ministry; our campus occupation is a pioneer work.  We are venturing into places where Jesus is virtually unknown and claiming the territory for Christ.  We are opening up new areas of thought with very old ideas.  So old, that they have long been forgotten, if ever known on our campuses. 

     Who will join our venture?   We need your financial and prayerful backing.   






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     Sister Pat and I will be preaching along with a retired couple from Michigan, Dave and Doris Metz, who will be with us through February. Sister Cindy, Martha and Priscilla will likely meet us in Arizona. Should anyone else like to join us along the gospel road, please contact me before coming to campus since this schedule is still subject to change. If anyone would like to offer hospitality, contact me. The Metzs travel in a camper so no room is needed for them except perhaps a place to park their vehicle. Dinners are also appreciated if you are close to campus.

     Pastors, please contact me if you would want me to speak in your church while in your area. Also, if anyone would like to arrange a home meeting, I am available. Local Christians coming out to stand with us is very helpful. It is usually a life changing experience for anyone who has never witnessed on campus.

     This is a rugged schedule; we will be preaching five to six hours daily; also, I anticipate that Sundays and Wednesdays will be filling out soon with church meetings. We covet your prayers and your financial support. A long trip like this is expensive. Meanwhile, bills must be paid on the home front.  Bro Jed


January 8, Centenary UMC, Friendship Class, Terre Haute, IN

January 9 & 10, University of Florida, Gainesville

January 11 & 12 University of South Florida, Tampa

January 13, University of Florida

January 17 & 18 Florida Gulf Coast University, Fort Myers

January 19, USF

January 20, UF

January 23-27, Louisiana State University, Baton Rouge

January 30 & 31, Sam Houston State, Huntsville

February 1-3 Texas A&M, College Station

February 6-8 Texas State University, San Marcos

February 9-10, University of Texas, Austin

February 13-15, New Mexico State, Las Cruces

February 16 & 17, 20-24, University of Arizona, Tucson

February 27-March 2, Arizona State University, Tempe

March 5, San Diego State

March 6 & 7, San Marcos State, San Marcos

March 8, San Diego State

March 9, UCSD

March 12 &13, Fresno State University

March 14, UC Davis

March 15 Sacrament State

March 16, UC Davis

March 19, Cal State Fullerton

March 20 &21, Long Beach State

March 22 & 23 Cal State Fullerton

March 26-30, Texas Tech, Lubbock

April 2 & 3, University of Oklahoma, Norman

April 4, University of Central Oklahoma, Edmond

April 5 & 6, University of Oklahoma

April 9-27 Campuses in Missouri

April 30 & May 1, Ohio State, Columbus

May 2, Oberlin College

May 3, OSU

May 4, Ohio University, Athens

May 7, Oberlin

May 8, OSU

May 9, Wright State

May 10, Priscilla Smock's Senior Recital, Columbia, MO

May 12, Priscilla Smock's graduation

May 14 & 15, University of Washington, Seattle

May 16 & 17, Western Washington University, Bellingham

May 18, University of Washington

May 21-25, Eastern Washington University

May 29-June 1, University of Washington

June 4-7, University of Oregon, Eugene

June 8, Portland State




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