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Issue: # 8November 2011
Activity of the Month: Ice Skating
Event of the Month: Food for Our Friends Event
Sports Nutrition Gem: Fueling for Winter Sports
App of the Month: Whole Foods Market Recipes
Recipe of the Month: Apple & Cranberry Overnight Oatmeal
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Happy Thanksgiving

I hope each of you have the opportunity to sit down with family and friends for Thanksgiving Dinner. What a wonderful time to eat delicious food, spend time with those close to us and to reflect on the many blessings in each of our lives.   


Have a Happy and Relaxed Thanksgiving!


Activity of the Month:  Ice Skating 


Time to lace up the skates and glide across the ice for a fun, low impact cardio workout. Ice skating tones leg muscles while improving balance and agility. Plus, ice skating is a perfect way to manage stress during the holidays.


Visit these outdoor rinks open during the Holidays:


Bellevue Downtown Park (Nov. 25 - Jan. 8)

* Seattle Center (Nov. 25 - Jan. 2)


Event  of the Month:  2nd Annual Food for Our Friends Event     November 21 - 23
The Seattle Children's Museum is hosting a food drive to replenish shelves at the Queen Anne Helpline. Plus, children bringing 2 or more items will receive free admission to the museum with a paying adult. Check out the museum's website ( for more information.
Sports Nutrition Gem: Fueling for Winter Sports 


Wanting to optimize your time on the slopes? If yes, then be sure to adequately fill up on fluids and food. Preparing your body for a day of skiing or snowboarding is just as important as preparing your equipment.


Here is a quick nutrition checklist to help you prepare

  • 2-3 hours before you start:
    • Drink 2 cups of fluid.
    • Eat a high carbohydrate, low fat breakfast with adequate protein. Example foods include oatmeal, 1-2 scrambled eggs, whole grain toast, banana, yogurt, whole grain/low fat ready-to-eat cereal, and oranges.
  • While Skiing or Snowboarding:
    • Carry high carbohydrate snacks including small bags of dried fruit, fresh fruits, and/or whole grain crackers with you for mid-morning and mid-afternoon refueling.
    • Drink water or sports drinks between runs to maintain adequate hydration. The altitude and cold temperatures may diminish thirst; yet, continue to drink throughout the day.
  • Midday Break
    • If near a ski lodge, check out the café for warm high carbohydrate selections such as soups, rice bowls, baked potato, pasta or toasted sandwiches.
    • If packing a lunch, include items such as sandwiches, fruit, and yogurt.
    • Restock portable snacks and water for afternoon breaks.
  • Within 30 minutes after coming off the slopes:
    • Consume a carbohydrate containing sports drink, eat a carbohydrate rich snack along with water, or enjoy a mug of hot chocolate to enhance the body's recovery. This is especially recommended if you are planning to ski or snowboard on consecutive days.

In addition, be sure to dress appropriately so as not to deplete energy stores prematurely via shivering. Pay attention to foods and fluids, before, during and after a day on the slopes to help your body perform at its peak from the 1st to the last run. Being well nourished will also help you to quickly react and maneuver around potential accidents.


Eat well, drink well and enjoy a day or more on the slopes!

App of the Month:  Whole Foods Market Recipes     Free
Whether you shop at Whole Foods or not, check out this collection of recipes that can be searched by ingredient or by 10 dietary preferences including vegan, gluten free, and low sodium. Another useful feature is the "On Hand" tab where you can enter up to 3 ingredients and obtain recipes containing these ingredients. In addition to searching through the recipe database, you can also create shopping lists for your next grocery store visit.  
Available on iPhone and iPad systems.

 Recipe of the Month:  Apple and Cranberry Overnight Oatmeal


    Nonstick cooking spray

    2 cups uncooked steel cut oats

    8 cups water

    1/2 teaspoon salt

    1 large unpeeled apple, diced

    1/2 cup dried cranberries

    1/4 cup packed light brown sugar


Spray a 5- to 6-quart slow cooker with cooking spray. Add the reamining ingredients to the slow cooker and mix well.  Cook the oatmeal covered on low for 7-8 hours. Ladle oatmeal into individual bowls and serve.


Print recipe.


Hope you find some useful food, nutrition, and exercise tips in this month's newsletter. If you have ideas for future issues, please send me an email at
All my best,

Amy Reuter MS,RD
President & Chief Nutrition Officer
Seattle FoodNut