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             Primex Plastics Corporation would like to take a moment and highlight the many commercial uses for standard ABS as well as our Weather-X family of products.


             ABS is an amorphous thermoplastic which is known for its ease in processing, high impact properties and rigidity. ABS is often used for indoor applications such as appliance parts, interior automotive trim, point of purchase displays and machine guards. ABS can be extruded in a variety of colors and textures and may be comprised of all virgin polymer or even a 100% regrind sheet construction.


            With the addition of a weatherable cap it may also be used in many outdoor applications including agriculture, spa, sanitary, automotive, transportation and marine. Our Weather-X product family is comprised of various sheet constructions that include Co-extruded ASA and Acrylics up to five layers or our clear, colored and printed weatherable film series. All of these are designed to meet specific requirements such as gloss, distinction of image, chemical and scratch resistance and of course cosmetics.


              Both our Prime ABS and our Prime Weather-X family of products can be color matched to meet your specific requirements. Visually appealing effects such as metallic, pearlescent, granite and swirl can be achieved as well. Our decorative film laminates over ABS can be customized to brushed metals, organics and even geometric. Textures including Calf, Haircell, Royal Moroccan, Seville, Levant 1 and even Diamond Plate are available in ABS.



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