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Krzysztof Jaworski

Go Ask Your Eva Brauns How They Like Austria



But the boys had a grand old time.

They wipe each other's mouths. But is a desert

supposed to beg for water

if it wants to remain what it is--

--the pang of conscience of an apathetic


Night is a consequence

of squinting your eyes. At least

that's what the sleepless say, deliberately

counting the days. The critique of a society

ruled by the heavy hand

of stupidity always comes with ease.

It's worse when we mull over our bodies

in foreign cities, to retain the continuity

of that which does not exist.

Later, with due deliberation, they announce

the era of cynicism, of logic or justice.

Awful to think what will happen when

they're all out of abstract concepts.

Our salvation in language, that one patient

policeman amidst the din of the world.



-Translated from Polish by Benjamin Paloff






rogue idea
TLR The Rogue Idea, Winter 2011






Krzysztof Jaworski lives in Kielce, Poland. He is the author of nine collections of poems, most recently Irritating Pleasures: Collected Poems 1988-2008.


Translator Benjamin Paloff is the author of The Politics and the translator, most recently, of Andrzej Sosnowski's Lodgings: Selected Poems



This poem was published in our Winter 2011 issue, The Rogue Idea







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