Eagle Scout Newsletter

Summer 2011

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Another Summer Class of Washington Scholar Fellows is now in place in Washington, DC and as we have come to expect, there are always several of the top candidates who are selected for the program that are also Eagle Scouts.  We've learned over time that Eagle Scouts have a proven character trait as young men of accomplishment and achievement who KNOW how to achieve success.  So we welcome Kyle Knapp of the University of Washington and William Hix of Dartmouth College as Eagle Scouts in the Summer 2011 Class of Washington Scholars.


The Admiral Carey Foundation is pleased to continue to provide funding for the Eagle Scouts that have Fellowships in the Washington Scholars Program.  Over the years, Eagle Scouts have proven to be some of the best performers in the Washington Scholars classes, for the simple reasons that they have been taught about personal honor and showing gratitude and honoring their commitments and "doing what they say they will do".  And while most adults are fully aware that these are characteristics that ALL OF US need to have if we are to succeed in life, you'd be surprised at how many in the current generation have not been taught these "basics" and are quite unaware that they are as much of the key to success in life as is performance on the job and intellectual achievement in their chosen profession.  So we ALWAYS welcome our Washington Scholars who are Eagle Scouts, as we already know we can depend upon them to have these traits before they arrive in Washington, DC.


Welcome aboard, Eagle Scouts of the Summer Class of 2011.


With all good wishes,


Rear Admiral [Ret.] James J. Carey, Chairman

The Admiral James J. Carey Foundation 
"America: Home of the Free Because of the Brave"
In Continuing Service To America & Humankind!!!


Editor's Note:

Thank you for reading the Summer edition of the Eagle Scout Newsletter.  For this edition we are highlighting one of the new Eagle Scouts who recently entered the Washington Scholar program.  This is a great opportunity to hear a first hand account of how Eagle Scout training can benefit young men as they begin their careers.  The young men and women who become members of the Washington Scholar program are proven to excel in public service careers.  They are the future leaders of America.  Eagle Scouts fit well within the program because they are taught the importance of public service at a young age.  


Eagle Scout training gives young men a leg up as they start down the path of their adult lives.  The Washington Scholar program builds upon the foundation set by Scouting and continues teaching valuable life lessons that help people grow and excel.  It is my pleasure to spotlight Kyle Knapp so that he can share his experience with you.


All the best,


David Arrington

Eagle Scout, Troop 301

Washington Scholars Class '05

Spotlight On Kyle Knapp

There have been periods within my life that have played a significant role. The most prominent was the six years leading up to earning my Eagle Scout. The life lessons and skills I learned have helped me succeed greatly, most recently with the acceptance into the Washington Scholars Fellowship Program.  


With my training in Boy Scouts, I was taught to assess situations, work in teams, and have the humility to ask for help when needed. Using these skills enabled me to quickly adapt to the work environment, and complete the work given to me in a timely manner. This characteristic was especially forged during my Eagle Scout project, where I had to create plans, set goals, and accomplish them by a certain date.  


In Scouts, I learned to interact well and respect others professionally, and developed a strong work ethic. The strong work ethic pushes me to finish a project in a timely manner.  Interacting with and learning from co-workers has helped me tremendously. The structure of Scouting also helped in regards to protocol, and how a government organization runs their operation. I have begun to make connections with the interpersonal skills I've developed, and expect this to benefit me while searching for work.  


Although I have only been in D.C. for two weeks, I feel comfortable from my training and feel that in the following weeks I will be able to learn with ease, and succeed because of earning my Eagle Scout.


Kyle Knapp

University of Washington, 2010

BA IAS - Global Studies, minor Human Rights

Washington Scholars Fellowship, Summer 2011

Zeta Psi, Phi Lambda 2010 

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