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Admiral Carey when he was Commodore of Naval Beach Group TWO

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Dear Friends & Colleagues of The Admiral Carey Foundation:


Welcome to this, the 1st Edition of the Admiral Carey Foundation Alliances & Partnerships Newsletter. And special congratulations to Julie Drinkard on her selection as our Editor. As most of you are aware, the Admiral Carey Foundation supports several newsletters focused on exceptional and outstanding young men and women, but this newsletter is different--its focus is on the organizations, associations and agencies we work with to achieve the training and education that make all of our youth leadership training efforts successful. Given the vibrancy of our nation and culture in this, the 2nd decade of the 21st century, no organization can succeed without a broad range of alliances, partnerships, handshakes, coalitions and friendships that help each other achieve their mission, goals and objectives. The purpose of this newsletter is to give you a thumbnail sketch of some of those organizations that are helping the Admiral Carey Foundation achieve our goals, whether it is in support of and funding for the Washington Scholars Fellowship Program, one of the primary programs we fund, or the broad range of exceptional and exciting other new programs that make up our growth and expansion each year.


So take a few minutes to look below at all of the various organizations and groups that we're working with to make ours a better nation, to help our next generation become better leaders, and to help make our planet a safer and friendlier place for all who walk this earth we live on. Again, special congratulations to Julie Drinkard as our new editor. She is now helping to bring our message to the world.


With all good wishes,


Rear Admiral [Ret.] James J. Carey, Chairman

The Admiral James J. Carey Foundation 

"America: Home of the Free Because of the Brave"


Alliances & Partnerships of  

The Admiral James J. Carey Foundation 


 Air Force Sergeants Association [AFSA]: AJJCF's involvement with  AFSA relates to the Foundation's funding and support for interns and  fellows who  receive youth leadership training on the AFSA staff. AFSA is significantly involved with the legislative and budgeting process that is key to support America's military and veterans. These placements provide an in-depth understanding of how these programs are developed, and thus is a major ingredient in this youth leadership education and training.


 Alliance for Military and Overseas Voting Rights [AMOVR]:  Admiral Carey has been involved in AMOVR's work with military  voting rights and their work through the Pew Charitable Trusts Center for the States.  AJJCF has been supportive by helping fund internships and fellowships in organizations that support military voting rights and who also advocate to ensure that those fighting for our country also get to vote for who sends them to fight. 


Associations for America's Defense [A4AD]: AJJCF works with several of the organization members of A4AD by providing funding and support for youth leadership training with those member organizations. These programs have been particularly helpful in adding military and veterans aspects to this level of education and youth leadership training. 



Aurora Foundation: Aurora Foundation has been a valuable ally to AJJCF in our ongoing focus to blend future leadership training with the military veteran's need to transition from active duty to civilian life.  Aurora has contributed to funding several AJJCF sponsored military veterans in the Washington Scholars Fellowship Program and has been invaluable in their support of the mutual programs and focus of the Aurora Foundation and AJJCF.


code2_logo Call of Duty Endowment Foundation [C.O.D.E.]: AJJCF works  closely with  C.O.D.E. primarily through Admiral Carey's  involvement as a  member of the C.O.D.E. Board of Advisors. C.O.D.E. is sponsored by Activision Corporation and funds grants for organizations that conduct military veterans education and training as they transition from military service to civilian life. 



 Citizens United Foundation [CUF]: AJJCF works with CUF in support  of their non-partisan production of videos and documentaries focused  on matters of significant importance to the United States and its  citizenry. AJJCF has funded interns and fellows at CUF, and  supported their involvement in documentary production and filming. 


D.I.S. Distinguished International Scholars: AJJCF has spent the last five years developing an ever-expanding involvement in international future leaders on the premise that it is the best and brightest young men and women from these other nations that our future leaders will be working with throughout their careers. The youth leadership training and education that AJJCF supports is designed to be reciprocated with American students going these nations to further their leadership education and to strengthen their ties with these nations. 


Distinguished Scholars of America [DSA]: DSA is a new program within AJJCF structured to be able to rapidly respond to new and developing opportunities for training and education of future national and international leaders. It involves outreach to a broad range of U.S. agencies, think tanks, organizations and associations.


Canada flagDistinguished Scholars of Canada [DSC]: DSC is a new program under development within AJJC that is designed to enhance, enlarge, and promote increased involvement with Canada's "best and brightest" scholars who come to the USA for youth leadership training. While AJJCF has sponsored numerous Canadian scholars in prior years, the development of DSC is a new Canadian educational program focused on training future national leaders from Canada. Over time this will become a reciprocal program where Americans will also be educated in Canada.


D.S.C. Distinguished Scholars of China: This is a new and developing program within AJJCF which provides youth leadership education opportunities for future Chinese leaders who are already studying at American colleges and universities under authorization from the U.S. State Department. The objective is also to soon have Americans students receive youth leadership education and training in China, plus joint participation in the United Nations Youth Assembly program which AJJCF already provides youth leadership delegations. 



Eagle Scouts: AJJCF is in liaison with the National Capitol Area Council of Boy Scouts of America and a program of theirs called "A Gathering of Eagles." We provide outreach to Washington, DC area Eagle Scouts for involvement in AJJCF programs, including the Washington Scholars Fellowship Program.  The Foundation is also in liaison with the Texas A&M "Aggie Eagles" where we seek to achieve the same relationship with their Texas Eagle Scouts. 



Friendship Ambassadors Foundation [FAF]: AJJCF has worked with and helped to fund FAF in their role as the host organization that coordinates the United Nations Youth Assemblies at the U.N. Headquarters in New York City.  The Foundation has now helped to fund two delegations to these UNYA events, and has found the increased and broadened education with regard to international relations is a tremendous addition to our youth leadership training to better understand other nations.



Future Farmers of America: This AJJCF project is located in Wisconsin and relates to agricultural crop research.  The program has been in place for several years and has proven to be particularly successful. Every summer, an FFA delegate travels to Washington, DC to brief Admiral Carey on the progress of the project and what they have learned from their involvement over the previous year.


GoodSamaritanGood Samaritans of the Knights of Templar Foundation [GSKT]: AJJCF has worked with GSKT for several years, in part because of Admiral Carey's long history with the foundation. GSKT focuses on the foundation of youth leadership training and international youth training through the United Nations Youth Assembly programs.  This strategic partnership continues to produce results in many other areas of youth leadership training and thus is a growing ally in these important efforts. 



 The Heritage Foundation: AJJCF has worked closely with The  Heritage Foundation for almost a decade, primarily through  partially funding interns and fellows at their Center for Legal & Judicial Studies where they work under the guidance of Former Attorney General of the U.S., the Honorable Ed Meese 


house_logo House of Representatives Sergeant at Arms [HSAA]: While AJJCF  does not have a direct program at HSAA, we have been supportive  by  helping recommend interns who have a special focus on law  enforcement, criminal justice education, and leadership training. We  do have a direct liaison established with the HSAA and his staff, and regularly nominate Fellows to participate in the HSAA internships focused on working with Capitol Hill Police. 



Men of Accomplishment [MOA]: MOA has been one of AJJCF's extremely successful programs with it's Distinguished Graduates setting a great pace for success.  The program now has its own newsletter and has been a key pathway to success for young men who demonstrate that they are among the "best & brightest" of America's future leaders.


MFU_logo Military Families United [MFU]: AJJCF's involvement with MFU  relates to the Foundation's funding and support for interns who  receive youth leadership education and training on the MFU staff.  MFU is significantly involved with Gold Star Families and Blue Star  Families of the U.S. Armed Forces. This provides an in-depth understanding and education to the interns of the sacrifice of these men and women, and has become a major ingredient in their youth leadership education and training. 


Military Veterans Outreach [MVO]: AJJCF has made an extra effort to provide outreach to military veterans who are transitioning from active duty to civilian life since many of them have never had a job outside of the military.  Particular emphasis is placed on involvement in national public policy through fellowships on Congressional Staffs, or in defense and homeland security related education and training. These placements allow the veterans to better use their military training, work ethic, and team focus to strengthen their transition to civilian life.



 National Debutante Cotillion: AJJCF has had a mutually beneficial  relationship with the National Debutante Cotillion. The Cotillion has  been a strong influence by helping to educate and train the young  men and women who volunteer through the Scholars program.  Three  Washington Scholars women have been selected as Washington Debutantes and 22 Washington Scholars men have been selected to serve on the Debutante Cotillion Floor Committee.


National Defense Committee [NDC]: NDC has been exceptionally valuable in assisting AJJCF in their education programs related to military voting rights, including liaison in the placement of Scholars and Fellows with the DOD Federal Voting Assistance Program [FVAP]. This aids in their education and understanding of the special challenges faced by U.S. military personnel when they seek to vote. 


National Defense Foundation [NDF]: AJJCF has begun a strategic partnership with NDF for the purpose of furthering the education of scholars, fellows, and interns in areas of national defense, homeland security, military veterans programs, and national security matters. This program is new and has just begun to involve The Foundation's support, but we are confident that it will grow over time to be a major effort in educating American citizens in the facts related to these various fields of research and study. 


NMVA_logo National Military and Veterans Alliance [NMVA]: AJJCF works  with several of the NMVA members by providing funding and support for youth leadership training in those member's organizations. These programs have been particularly helpful in adding military and veterans aspects to this level of education and youth leadership training. 


ROA_image Reserve Officers Association [ROA]: AJJCF has had an association  with ROA for several years and aids in the funding and placement  of  Fellows on ROA staff. There they are able to increase their education related to Congressional and Government Relations.  Several Fellows have gone on to become Congressional staff, Special Agents with the F.B.I., and other related efforts in service to the United States.

Canada flag Schulich School of Business, Schulich Executive Education center,  Center of Excellence in Security and Business Continuity, York      University, Toronto,  Canada: AJJCF works closely with Professor Walter Perchal regarding homeland security and infrastructure-impact of natural disaster and terrorist attack to include youth leadership training in these disciplines. A scholar exchange program has been created between Schulich, the Distinguished Scholars of Canada, and AJJCF where Canadian scholars will be educated and trained in the United States, and American scholars will be reciprocally trained at Schulich in Canada.



 Silent Knight [SK]: SK has been an AJJCF strategic partner since our  inception. SK's founder, Army COL [Ret.] Craig Carlson, has worked  with AJJCF to locate deserving college juniors and seniors who exhibit  strong leadership abilities and are top performers in college. He has  been a Senior Lecturer in AJJCF's Leadership Training Programs and  has been a living example of military leadership. 



 United Nations Youth Assembly: This exceptional program has  taken AJJCF Distinguished Scholars of America and Washington  Scholars to the United Nations Headquarters in New York City.  There they participate in a 3-day Youth Assembly with the future leaders of 40 different nations from all around the world.  This project has been particularly valuable for Scholars seeking broadened education in international relations.


WashScholars_logoWashington Scholars Fellowship Program: AJJCF supports the Washington Scholars Fellowship Program through funding, sponsorship, public relations, newsletters advocating Distinguished Scholars & Washington Scholars graduates, liaison with Fellowship venues, and funding for leadership training.


Women of Achievement [WOA]: WOA has been another one of AJJCF's extremely successful programs with its women graduates setting a great pace for success.  The program now has its own newsletter and has been a key pathway to success for young women who are future leaders.


Zeta Psi Educational Foundation [ZPEF]: The AJJCF relationship with ZPEF has been tangential through our mutual support of the Washington Scholars Fellowship Program. ZPEF has been a huge supporter of that program and it has been AJJCF's honor to to accompany them in those efforts, since the bottom line is is providing youth leadership training to some of the best and brightest young men and women in the world. 


A Note From the Editor


As The Admiral Carey Foundation continues to grow and become more influential in our society, it is important to create this kind of opportunity to keep those in our network (who will hopefully keep passing it on!) up-to-date on our achievements. Many know of the involvement the Foundation has with the Washington Scholars Fellowship Program, but it may come as a surprise how intertwined it really is with our nation's capitol. It is a constant goal for us to create trusting and lasting relationships with organizations here in D.C so that this incredible program can remain a success. This is why the Alliances & Partnerships Newsletter was created--to give the community a sense of what has been accomplished in order to show just how much further we all are willing to go to "train tomorrow's leaders today."


I am honored to be selected as Editor of this newsletter. I sincerely look forward to seeing how far this can go in order to inform the public about the strong relationship AJJCF has with all of these organizations and associations. Please pass this along to friends, family, and colleagues so that they might become inspired to join our movement.



Julie Drinkard 


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