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Rock the Cause March 2011
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Hunka Burnin' Love 
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Our Valentine's Day fundraiser, Hunka Burnin' Love, was a hip-shaking success!  We raised $8,000 to cover our operating costs for 2011. We will use these funds to continue our mission of empowering people to discover non-profit organizations to give their time, energy, and rock'n'roll goodwill to. Thank you to Rock the Cause nation! 

Rock the Cause Video Channel:
Pictures of Then
"Wicked Sea"  

Pictures of Then have been rocking non-stop in 2011. From Rock for Socks, a sock drive for The Family Partnership that packed Cause bar in Uptown, to their securing one of three finalist spots in Vita.mn's "Are You Local?" contest, they have made an excellent start for the year.


Their video for "Wicked Sea" combines stop-motion animation and good ol' rock'n'roll.  


Click on the image below to view the video. 

Wicked Sea music video

Wicked Sea music video



Rock The Cause High School: Move Over Glee !


Rock the Cause is pleased to announce our new program: Rock the Cause High School! We believe in the power of young people and it is our passion to help students aged 18 and under to discover causes that resonate with them while developing leadership skills!


Volunteering helps young people understand the real needs in their community and what they can do to make an impact. Volunteering builds self esteem, team work and leadership skills. 



"Rock the Cause has always wanted to do all ages events" said Casie Siekman RTC High School Volunteer Coordinator  "Booking all ages shows in a bar was not the right format. So we decided to take the music and the message to the students in their own classrooms. The results have been awesome!"


For the past year, Rock the Cause has partnered with Junior Achievement to help engage high school students to get involved in their communities. Rock the Cause has become a favorite guest organization at Junior Achievement events, delivering a message that is about volunteerism, nonprofit careers and social entrepuenerism.


"The people at Rock the Cause are truly visionary! Their passion and commitment to humanitarianism is the foundation of Rock the Cause. As an educator, I am excited to share this opportunity to serve humankind with my students. The Rock the Cause dream for bettering the world is contagious."       - Colleen Neary, Faculty Member, Anoka, MN High School


Rock the Cause recently visited the High School of Recording Arts Minnesota for a job shadow event sponsored by Junior Achievement. HSRA works to help students earn a diploma who might have otherwise dropped out of school. HSRA is currently a part of the "26 Seconds" campaign to keep at risk kids from dropping out.  


Rock the Cause created a "Pep Rally" format that included live music by Pictures of Then and a motivational talk with our CEO, Scott Herold. The RTC team then divided the HSRA students into groups to help them learn how to plan a charitable concert event. We even signed up over 20 students to volunteer at Minnesota AIDS Walk!    


    Pics of Then with HSRA 

Thanks for coming our school today! said Sayra Loftus instructor at HSRA  "It was rocktastic! Also, your words of guidance and inspiration were taken to heart by many, THANK YOU!"






Rock The Cause is partnering with the Minnesota AIDS Project for the upcoming MN AIDS Walk on Sunday May 15, 2011. The event begins with a walk and run, starting at 7:00 AM, and culminates with an all-ages concert from 12 to 5, featuring some of the Twin Cities hottest acts like Alison Scott and The Melismatics!  


If you are a teacher, parent or student, we invite your school to form a school-wide walk team. RTC can help you to enroll volunteers and provide your students with a diverse and enlightening philanthropic experience. We will be happy to provide your school with a pep rally, presented by Rock the Cause, with local musicians and RTC employees to inform, entertain and engage students who wish to volunteer in their communities. We will also provide our high school volunteers with free T-Shirts and an MN AIDS Walk compilation album download card.


We also plan to create a friendly competition between the high schools we enlist to encourage higher levels of participation. The high school that enlists the most volunteers (for the school-wide walk team and other volunteer positions) will win a free concert at their school. That concert will be a great chance for your students to hear free music, sign up for other volunteer opportunities, support a cause, meet local musicians and receive coverage of the great accomplishment the school achieved!


Please feel free to email us with any questions or concerns. A Rock the Cause representative can meet with your school anytime.  


Casie Siekman  

High School Volunteer Coordinator

Rock the Cause



Rock the Cause Presents

"A Night in Andy Warhol's Factory"

April 8, 2011  - Doors at 7:30 PM

This spring, the historic Grain Belt Building will be transformed into a Warholian world of all things '60s to celebrate the fourth annual Rock The Cause Glitter Ball.  Proceeds for the event go towards Youth Performance Company, which provides a unique environment for creative kids who want to be involved in their community.  Kids from the company will be performing selections from one of this year's productions during the event to help raise awareness about the organization and gain exposure as young artists.

The evening will feature Pictures of Then, Alicia Wiley, The Arms Akimbo and Joey Ryan and The Inks covering some of the best music from the era, from The Velvet Underground to The Doors and more, including a '60s psych-out by Not Like This.  Select beer, wine, and other refreshments will be available, while Max's Kansas City VIP section will include a private bar, appetizers, and other surprises for the superstars of the evening. There will be plenty of on-street and free off-street parking for the event.

The Factory Kids pay homage to "Drella" with Warhol inspired art and objects.  

We hope you come celebrate a definitive decade for music, film, and art to support today's generation of artists, both emerging and established. 

Tickets are on sale at www.irockthecause.org, including VIP tickets!

Sponsored by Gimme Noise, Minnesota Monthly, Chris Budzius Insurance, St Croix Vineyards , Yelp , Audio VisionsArt Space.  


Your Music Can Change the World!

The 25th Annual Minnesota AIDS Walk

May 15, 2011

As an artist, have you ever wished you could change the world through your music? There is nothing more powerful to a music fan than to see an artist advocating for a cause that resonates with them. Volunteering and creating are one in the same.

In Minnesota, over six thousand people live with HIV. A new case is reported every 27 hours in Hennepin county alone. On the continent of Africa, 30 million people live with HIV while over 1.5 million are living with HIV in the United States. Yes, there are drugs to help you live longer, but the only real way to stop HIV is through education and awareness.

Rock the Cause invites all of the Minnesota music scene to form AIDS Walk teams. Not only will you raise awareness to help fight HIV, music fans will also see your commitment. Rock the Cause will support you by featuring your band in our social media. You can also donate a track to a free download-only Minnesota AIDS Walk compilation.

RSVP today and a Minnesota AIDS Project and Rock the Cause staff member will help you register. The Walk is the morning of May 15, 2011, concluding in Minnehaha Park, with entertainment provided by Rock the Cause.

The team that raises the most money will play an upcoming Rock the Cause event in 2011 and will be recognized at the Walk. Solo artists, bands, and supergroups of all genres are welcome!


Contact Jessica@irockthecause.org for more information.

Free Music & Artist Profile: Not Like This!


Not Like This is more than just a power trio, "it's an idea" quips lead singer and bassist Matt Mackey. "It's about passion and making your own path."

Mackey and guitarist Dave Swift met when Swift joined Mackey's previous band, Brakelazy. Brakelazy broke shortly after, but Mackey & Swift had an instant chemistry and began writing songs. Swift recruited drummer and friend John Kapla (Holiday, Jake Dilley), and the trio started recording songs after hours at Swift's music school in St. Paul. Sonically, Not Like This gravitates towards rock 'n roll's formative years, but keeps a pulse on modern music. All this, while still managing to carve something distinctly their own into everything they do.

The self-titled debut album from
Not Like This is now available.

Download a free track from Rock the Cause by clicking here!

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