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The Rocker:  February's  "Hunka Burnin Love" Issue!
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Rock the Cause 2010 Impact Results
Hunka Burnin Love
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Glitter Ball 4 Goes On Sale
Free Music - Debra G
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The 4onthefloor go "4X4 Space Trucking"  With New Release!



The 4onthefloor, a Minneapolis-based quartet that infuses Delta Blues, Americana and a healthy helping of classic rock, will release their debut full-length, 4x4, on vinyl April 4, 2011.  The 16 track LP is available online now via iTunes.


Having formed just a year ago, the band's heavy-handed (or should we say heavy-footed) rhythm section, paired with lead singer Gabriel Douglas' gritty, baritone vocals, makes the listener both nostalgic and ready to stomp.  4x4 has a sense of urgency, coercing you to snap out of the doldrums and jump back into the fire.


The 4onthefloor won't bore you trying to explain how multi-genre and indefinable they are - they play rock music; they play blues music.  So what makes The 4onthefloor so different, you ask?  The four bass drums that are part of their rhythm section is a great place to start.  


For a promo copy, email Meghan@OffCentralPR.com  Booking inquiries, contact Josh Sundquist,


Rock the Cause 2010 Impact Results Are In!

Rock the Cause Blimp

Every year, we ask the Rock the Cause Community to give us feedback on the impact we made in the previous year and some demographic info.

We track this information so we can continue to provide exciting, fun, quality concert events and giving experiences. We surveyed over 1,600 people in our data base and received a 20% click through rate. Respondents were allowed multiple choices for many of the questions. Thank you to everyone who responded.

Here is what you told us about the work we did in 2010:

To old to Rock N Roll? Too young to die!
42% of the RTC community is between the ages of 21 to 30
28% of the RTC community is between the ages of 30 to 40
Over 50% have a college degree and make a decent living!

Can Rock N Roll change the world?
55% of the RTC community have attended 3 or more RTC events
41% volunteer for RTC and our charitable partners
28% gave money to a cause they discovered through RTC
54% discovered new causes to support through RTC
76% discovered new music through RTC

I will Facebook you!
72% of the RTC community connects with us on Facebook
22% of the RTC community connects with us on Twitter
38% of the RTC community follows our newsletter The Rocker

Music is Power!
70% of the RTC community listens to Indie Rock
52% of the RTC community listens to Classic Rock
32% of the RTC community listens to Hip Hop
18% enjoy alien mating calls!

Be the change you want to see?
The RTC community is passionate about many causes. Below are samplings of the ones you told us have the most emotional draw.

57% Arts (Music, Drama etc.)
50% Child Mentoring and Safety
50% Human Rights
44% Child Health
37% Environment
36% Animal Rights
26% Cancer
21% HIV AIDS  

The Rock the Cause community is making an impact! We look forward to making 2011 our best year ever! We will share more results from this survey in our annual report later this spring.

If you believe in what we are accomplishing together please join us at our Hunka Burning Love 2011 kick-off party (see next article)!

Scott Herold
Rock the Cause!

Hunka Burnin Love:  Valentine's Party

February 12, 2011  -  7:30 PM to 1:00 AM

Hunka Poster

If you're looking for a unique Valentine's evening that's affordable, all-inclusive, and gives you good karma, you're in the right place.  Rock the Cause is hosting a very special night at the Mansion of Love, with an array of amusements for you and your special one.


A $30 donation includes samples from the Great Lakes Brewing Company, appetizers and regional wines from Saint Croix Vineyards, as well as performances by Cadillac Kolstad in the 50s diner, The Melismatics on the Mardi Gras Stage and  Alicia Wiley in the exclusive Euro Jazz Lounge. Tarot card readings will be available for a portion of the evening to help you plan your year, and an Elvis impersonator will be on hand for any impromptu Vegas-style marriages.


The infamous 35-room themed mansion will be catering to Cupid this Valentines Day. We're offering a "Couples" special: You define your "couple" and get two tickets for a donation of $50.


So instead of trying to make reservations at an overpriced, crowded restaurant, try a guilt-free Valentine's Day that has everything in one place and convenient parking.  More details can be found on our web site.

Visit www.irockthecause.org to make your donation.


This event is sponsored by Minneapolis Saint Paul Business Journal, Chris Budzius State Farm, Minnesota Monthly, Gimme Noise, St Croix Vineyards, Muddy Paws Cheesecake, Great Lakes Brewing, & Pirk Soap & Beauty.

Rock For Socks Rescheduled!

Originally slated to take place on the ill-fated night of December 11th, we were forced to postpone the show due to the epic snowstorm that effectively shut down the entire Twin Cities area. Although the show was intended to take advantage of an overabundance of pre-holiday generosity, the fact remains that it's still waaaaaaay cold and there are people in need with frigid feet that we can help!


It's A Rock Show. It's A Sock Drive. It's a chance to help others and see these great acts: 


Pictures of Then

Me and My Arrow

The Goondas

I'm am Not A Pilot 


Donate a pair of NEW socks to charity and get in for $3 instead of $6.


Donors are entered in a chance to win a free merchandise pack, with select items from Pictures Of Then, Me And My Arrow and The Goondas!


February 26, 2011,  Starts at 9:00 PM

Cause Spirits And Soundbar

3001 Lyndale Avenue South
Minneapolis, MN


Sponsored by Rock The Cause & Gimme Noise



Glitter Ball 4:

"A Night in Andy Warhol's Factory"

Coming April 8!

This spring, the historic Grain Belt Bottling Building will be transformed into a Warholian world of all things '60s to celebrate the fourth annual Rock The Cause Glitter Ball!  Proceeds for the event will go to Youth Performance Company, which provides a unique environment for creative kids who want to be involved in their community. Artists from the company will be performing selections from one of this year's productions during the event to help raise awareness about the organization and gain exposure as young creative individuals.

The evening will feature Pictures of Then, Alicia Wiley, The Arms Akimbo and Joey Ryan and The Inks covering some of the best music from the era, from The Velvet Underground to The Doors and more.  Select beer, wine, and other refreshments will be available, while Max's Kansas City VIP section will include a private bar and/or bottle service, appetizers, and other surprises for the superstars of the evening.


Further details and acts will be announced as we add them. Check our web page for updates.  We hope you an join us to celebrate a definitive decade for music, film, and art to support today's generation of artists, both emerging and established. 


Tickets go on sale February 15, 2011


Sponsored by Minneapolis Saint Paul Business Journal, Chris Budzius State Farm, Gimme Noise, Minnesota Monthly and ArtSpace.



Featured Cause!

The 24th Annual Minnesota AIDS Walk

Registration begins February 14th for the 24th Minnesota AIDS Walk! The scheduled is for May 15, 2011 so start stretching or forming your own walking team. Fighting HIV in Minnesota is still a big challenge and we cannot do it without your help and support.

Walk 2011 promises to be entertaining and informative--as well as inspirational. Working in cooperation with a number of Twin Cities health organizations, Minnesota AIDS Project is adding a health fair component to the popular annual event, including HIV testing at Minnehaha Park for the very first time!

Minnesota AIDS Project is also partnering with Rock the Cause to present an afternoon of musical entertainment following the Walk. There will be a fantastic line-up of musicians to perform in the park, so plan on sticking around for an afternoon of fun!

Schedule of Events:
7:30 a.m. Run Check-In
8:30 a.m. Walk Check-In
9:00 a.m. Run for the Ribbon
10:00 a.m. Opening Ceremonies and Recognition
11:00 a.m. MN AIDS Walk
12:30 p.m. Post-Walk Celebration and Concert

Contact jessica@irockthecause.org for more information.

Sponsored by Minneapolis Saint Paul Business Journal & Chris Budzius State Farm

Artist Profile & Free Music: 
Debra G  Music 
Deb G

Debra G fell straight from Heaven and landed in one of the funkiest R&B soul outfits around: Devine Collection.

Debra's vocal work is intoxicating. One minute she is up close and whispering her best kept secrets in your ear, and the next minute she is a full on Gospel Choir. Debra is an accomplished singer songwriter, guitarist, and pianist and music instructor. She is just that incredibly good! She deserves all the success she has coming her way.

To book vocal lessons with Debra G contact Swift School of Music in Saint Paul.     

NEW for 2011: Rock the Cause  VIP Season Passes!
For a limited time we are proud to offer RTC VIP (Very Important Philanthropist) Season Passes! For a donation of $150 or more to Rock the Cause, this all-inclusive offer is sure to make 2011 a year of guilt-free fun or a fantastic gift for your favorite rocker!


VIP Passes include:

  • VIP admission to 4 Rock the Cause events*
  • Complimentary open bar (beer and wine)
  • Complimentary appetizers
  • Exclusive VIP area
  • Immediate admittance
  • Easy exchange
  • RTC swag
  • Assigned RTC Liason


For more details on the program, please visit the ticketing page at www.irockthecause.org.  A portion of your donation may be tax deductable. This offer will expire on February 11.

*4 total concerts include: Hunka Burnin Love, Glitter Ball 4, Rock the Vine 2, & Phantasmagoria Halloween Bash!  Regular retail value at $250!  All proceeds benefit Rock the Cause 2011 production expenses. 


February 5: Have a Heart Benefit

February 19: Goodwill Bridal Showcase

February 26:  Rock For Socks - Cause
Youth Performance Company     MEAN YPC


Almost daily there are accounts in the media of students being "mean" or bullying one another, often resulting in tragic consequences. Youth Performance Company tackles the tough subject of bullying and much more in this original drama. Recommended for 4th Grade and up.


To hear the opening number and buy tickets click here!


Rock the Cause thanks our  2011 community partners. Please click on the logos below and support the businesses who care about our communities!
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