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Featured Band: Catchpenny
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Through the Looking Glass: A Spring Soiree was a Smashing Success!

A big Thank You to all the wonderful folks who attended our "Through The Looking Glass" fundraiser!

This SOLD OUT event was covered in City Pages and other local media, attracting the beautiful patrons and Mad Hatters that make our world wild.

Stunning performances by Maudlin and Cadillac Kolstad marked the event and a special appearance by Cornbread Harris catapulted the evening over the top. We were blessed to exceed our goal of $4,000, which will be used to cover event insurance and plan future events in our community. Again, Thank You to everyone who attended!

Special thanks to Summit Brewing, Joe Lepore, St. Croix Vineyards, Stolichanya, and our volunteers.
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Join Rock the Cause  at Grand Old Day,  Sunday, June 6!

Grand Old Day RTC
Rock the Cause has partnered with Grand Avenue Business Association to make the 37th Annual Grand Old Day the largest charitable party of the year! Rock the Cause will show its Rock and Roll heart with a spectacular mainstage lineup, featuring Ari Herstand and full band, Catchpenny, and Roster McCabe.

Rock the Cause has chosen Free Arts Minnesota and Minnesota AIDS Project as our causes to rock!  Art supplies will be collected for charitable programs for children, for a chance to win a collection of Neil Diamond classic vinyl records, courtesy of Warner Music Group.  

For the first time ever, attendees can buy advance festival garden wristbands through the Rock the Cause  website, with $4 of every wrist band going to support Free Arts Minnesota, Minnesota AIDS Project and Rock the Cause! Wristbands will cost the same amount at the event, but only .75 cents will go to charity.

Buy yours in advance and help support local charities! Good for all seven stages including Von Bondies, Free Energy, Dessa, Mark Mallman, The Melismatics and more!

Advance wristband purchasers can also download for free Grand Old Day Music Sampler Volume 1, featuring music by the Twin Cities finest musical talent!

Grand Old Day logo   

Grand Old Day 2010
Grand Avenue, Saint Paul, MN

Sunday, June 6
Live music 12 PM to 5 PM

Click Here to purchase tickets!

Rock the Cause is looking for YOUR favorite local bands!
As Rock The Cause becomes better known throughout the Twin Cities, its roster of volunteer artists becomes more recognizable on the local, regional, and even national music scenes. Many of RTC's Staff and Board of Directors are loyal fans of homegrown Minnesota bands. We've patronized Twin Cities theaters, clubs, and dive bars since we were old enough to drive. RTC supports the emerging and seasoned local artists who work alongside us as we host concerts and fundraising events for other hardworking nonprofit organizations across the region.

Rock The Cause has an amazing list of independent musicians and bands that have volunteered their time and talent to partner with our organization. For this, we are truly grateful. Our roster continues to grow because RTC supporters constantly introduce us to their favorite artists and help make connections with bands that both kick-ass and want to make a difference in their communities.

We love speaking with music-lovers who are excited to share their most recent mind-blowing music experiences. Conversations quickly turn to the recorded music they just picked up from local shops or bands' own websites. Patrons, friends, colleagues, acquaintances and strangers are always mentioning new local bands, rare performances, and must-hear albums, many of which are in our own backyard!

The more we know about the music that is rocking Minnesotan ears, the better we can partner with those artists to create successful events that raise money and awareness for the causes making a positive difference in our corner of the world.

So...here's your chance to mouth off your music opinions to people who really want to hear them! Your office might be tired of hearing the same three indie albums cycle through iTunes, but if they're good, we want to know about them! If you go to a music festival and think you just discovered the next big thing, let us know! Hit up a local venue and bought your new favorite band's record for $5? Play it for us!

You can reach out to Rock The Cause through our website: www.irockthecause.org, or email shayna@irockthecause.org.

And, just to be fair, since we hope you share your favorites with us, it's only right that we let you know about the music that makes us turn up the radio, stomp our feet, and sing out loud. Here are a few of latest faves: Tremolo by The Pines; 4 Songs by The 4onthefloor; Young Blood by Zoo Animal; and Backyard Tent Set by Caroline Smith And The Good Night Sleeps.

Let's work together to support Minnesota's independent music community by promoting the artists who bring joy to our ears!

Grand Old Day Charity:
Free Arts Minnesota

Free Arts Minnesota is a nonprofit organization dedicated to bringing the healing powers of artistic expression into the lives of abused, neglected and at-risk children and their families. Free Arts Minnesota is dedicated to healing young lives through artistic expression. Free Arts recognizes that abuse encompasses a wide range of experiences such as trauma caused by violence, neglect, poverty, and homelessness.

We at Free Arts know that artistic expression is a successful way to externalize emotions and gain self confidence. Through dance, drama, writing, music, painting, sculpting, photography and other avenues of creativity, Free Arts volunteers work to increase children's self-esteem and build character by unlocking the imagination. Children and families participating in Free Arts programs learn ways to channel emotion, release anger and express themselves safely. Building artistic skills gives children a positive sense of their own abilities.

For abused, neglected and at-risk children, art activities are not a luxury, they are a necessity. Feel Free to contact us to discuss how we can partner in healing the lives of children. Or sign up for our newsletter to stay up to date on upcoming events and points of interest.

MAP logo
Grand Old Day Charity:
Minnesota Aids Project

The Minnesota AIDS Project envisions a world free of AIDS. Our mission is to lead Minnesota's fight to stop HIV through advocacy, education and service. Founded in 1983, the Minnesota AIDS Project (MAP) is a statewide, nonprofit agency committed to enhancing the lives of people living with HIV, prevention education for those at risk for HIV, and advocating for the rights of all affected by HIV. From community outreach and legal consultation to emergency financial assistance, MAP is a leader in the fight against HIV.

In partnership with over 1,000 volunteers, we provide compassionate, confidential and non-discriminatory services, including practical, emotional and social support. In 2007, MAP provided services to more than half of the nearly 6,000 Minnesotans living with HIV. MAP also reaches thousands of people with prevention messages through community and outreach efforts.
Getting an HIV test is the first step in finding out. It's also a vital part of preventing the spread of HIV. Regardless of the result, getting an HIV test can empower you to make decisions that are right for you and take the necessary steps to live a healthy life.

For a testing site near you, please call the MAP AIDSLine:
612-373-AIDS (metro)
800-248-AIDS (statewide)
612-373-2465 (metro TTY)
888-820-2437 (statewide TTY)

Featured Band: Catchpenny

Catchpenny is fast approaching it's 5th year. In that time, the band has never had a record label, and spent the majority of their time self-managing and booking.

The record, "From Where You Are" is their second release. In two years, it's sold well over 20,000 copies and counting. An astounding number for any band these days, let alone a handful of guys doing things completely independently. Produced in Catchpenny's home studio by Michael Bland (Prince, Soul Asylum, Dixie Chicks), the record also recieved a great deal of help from Phil Solem (The Rembrandts) and John Fields (Switchfoot, Jonas Brothers, Rooney, Jimmy Eat World). A third record is in the works, but with more opportunities every day, it is admittedly taking longer than the band would like.

Catchpenny spent most of 2009 in Iraq, performing for our troops.
''The band was fantastic...both personally and musically. These are regular guys who make fantastic music together and clearly love what they are doing. The way they interact with the troops is pretty special...and it was clear at every show that no one wanted the night to end." LTC Rainey, Chief of Programs testifies.

Not to totally forget about home, the band continues to tour across the US when home and has also found their music used for TV shows and commercials by ESPN, Arizona Jeans, The University of Minnesota System, WCCO, KARE11, WGN-Chicago and appeared live on over 15 television and radio programs in major networks that include Chicago, Minneapolis, Milwaukee, and Los Angeles.

The future looks bright for Catchpenny. With over 30 countries visiting Catchpennyband.com each month, and crowds that are consistently growing stateside, there seems to be no slowing down this machine.

GoD Sampler
Free Music:
RTC Grand Old Day Sampler

Rock the Cause is proud to announce the first ever Grand Old Day Sampler! We've partnered with Grand Avenue Business Association and the Twin Cities music community to help raise awareness and support for Free Arts Minnesota and Minnesota AIDS Project! 

Showcasing donated tracks by Dessa, Catchpenny, Mark Mallman, Zoo Animal, Roster McCabe, First Communion After Party, The Melismatics, Ari Herstand, and Red Pens. This collection of music is available for free download with any advance purchase of a Grand Old Day Festival Garden wristband through irockthecause.org

Advance wristbands (good for all seven Grand Old Day stages) are only $10, with $4 going to support Free Arts Minnesota and Minnesota Aids Project!  Tickets will be the same price at the event, but only .75 will go to charity, so buy early and help local charities!

5/14/10: Gayngs at the First Avenue Main Room Featuring Justin
               Vernon (Bon Iver), Grant Cutler (LookBook), & members
               of Doomtree and Solid Gold, $15
5/15/10: Tarlton Evergreens CD Release at The Turf Club
              With Dark Dark Dark, Hildur Victoria, and DJ sets by Cepia, $5
5/16/10: 23rd Annual Minnesota AIDS Walk  at Minnehaha Park
               Click here for details
5/20/10  Open Arms of Minnesota Moveable Feast / Sixth Anniversary
               Click here for details
5/22/10: City Pages Best Of Bash at The Varsity Theater
               Featuring Dessa with special guest No Bird Sing, $10
5/22/10: Bollywood 12th Annual Awards Gala for Big Brothers
               Big Sisters of the Greater Twin Cities.
6/06/10: Grand Old Day featuring the Rock the Cause Main Stage
               with Ari Herstand and full band, Catchpenny, and Roster
               McCabe, $10 Get tickets here

Rock Detrius:

New Trent Reznor Project: How To Destroy Angels

Trent Reznor and his wife, Mariqueen Maandig, have started a new group called How To Destroy Angels. Apparently there will be a debut EP by How To Destroy Angels coming out this summer. Trent Reznor's main group, Nine Inch Nails, had their final live show on September 10th of last year (the last show of the "Wave Goodbye" tour.) While NIN is no longer a touring band, Reznor has said there will be a follow-up album to 2008's The Slip.

Concert Etiquette:  10 things to remember
By Ali Goldberg

We've learned that people do not always know how to behave as guests while at an event.  Whether it's passing out in the bathroom or wandering through a door marked "employees only", we've have definitely seen it all.  Here's a top 10 list of things to remember when at a venue, private event or large-scale concert.

1.  If you don't know where something is, ask - it's better than ending up in a place where you aren't supposed to be.

2.  Don't act astounded or angry when we ask to see your ID - it's the law and our job.

3.  Think ahead and plan accordingly... if you don't want to pay for coat check, leave it in the car or find a place to stash it.  

4.  Be courteous to guests around you - everyone came to enjoy the music!

5. Don't bring your mother if she cannot handle the three martinis she ordered.

6. Outside food and beverages are usually not allowed in a venue.

7.  Avoid standing in high-traffic areas.... find a couch or the bathroom to discuss how you are going to sneak into the green room.

8. If you're going to do drugs, do them at home.

9. If you insist on making your hair a show of its own, try not to stand directly in front of the shortest person there.

10.  Tip your bartender!

First group booked to play in space will be Spandau Ballet

With the unveiling of SpaceShipTwo, Virgin Galactic is set to begin testing their system for delivering space tourists into sub-orbit beginning in 2012. With that minor detail out of the way, the company is now free to turn its attention to something more important, namely inflight entertainment. Allegedly, Sir Richard Branson, the flamboyant adventurer and CEO of Virgin Galactic, has hired British rockers Spandau Ballet to become the first band to play in space. (Perhaps this should be News of the Weird?)

Thanks for all you do!
The Rock the Cause Team

Rock the Cause would like to welcome our new community partners . We could not continue with out you! You Rock and we salute you!
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