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Spring 2011

Dear Eckerd Parent,

It's hard to believe there are just three weeks left in the semester! For some parents, this may mean that there are only three weeks left in your student's time at Eckerd as you prepare to celebrate his or her achievements at Commencement.

Over Family Weekend, the Parent Council held its second meeting of the 2010-2011 academic year. During the meeting, members met with College staff from multiple campus departments and discussed issues of interest to Eckerd parents. We have included highlights from the meeting in the newsletter below.  

Parent Council members enjoy connecting with fellow Eckerd parents, and we encourage you to contact the Parent Council at any time by sending an email to 


Best wishes to you and your student during the final weeks of the semester! And, to all the 2011 parents, see you under the doughnut tent in a few weeks!    




Bill and Leah Rubino '81, '81 (P '11, '13)
2010-2011 Parent Council Chairs
The Rubino Family
Parent Council Report
Faculty - Student Profile
Senior Parent Giving
Commencement 2011
Athletics Update
Study Abroad Tips
mystery photo
Get to know your student's home away from home. Do you know where this picture was taken on Eckerd's campus? If so, email the Parent Council your answer. Take a guess! A winner will be selected at random from all parents who correctly respond by May 13. The winner will receive a gift from the Eckerd bookstore!
Family Weekend 2011
Many of you attended this year's Family Weekend, making it the most well-attended Family Weekend Eckerd has ever had! On Friday, the Parent Council held its spring meeting.

In the morning, new Council members heard updates from Admission, Career Resources, and Advancement, all led by Past Council Chairs Ed and EJ Mahoney (P '10). Following the morning session, all Council members gathered for a discussion over lunch with staff from Student Affairs, including Jim Annarelli, Vice President for Student Life a
nd Dean of
Adm Committee

Admission Committee members meet with April Crabtree '04, Assistant Director of Admission 

Students. During this presentation, Council members learned about Co
llege assessment strategies and how Student Life collects and uses student feedback for campus life initiatives.

Following lunch, Council members gathered in their committees to meet with Eckerd staff from Admission, Career Resources, Alumni Relations and Advancement to work on items dealing
with student recruitment, career development, parent support and parent communications.

The Council's career development initiative was highlighted with a Career Resources Reception held on Saturday evening. The Parent Council is working with the Office of Career Resources to help find Eckerd alumni and parents who are willing to assist Eckerd students with career development. Volunteers can review resumes, perform mock interviews or may even be able to pro
vide an internship to an Eckerd student.
Parent Council Career Resources Reception 

If you are interested in helping with career development, or with any of the Council's other initiatives, please co
ntact the Parent Council at
Faculty - Student Profile
Prof. Nancy Janus led a group of Eckerd students on a trip to Tanzania this past Winter Term. Julie Fisher '14 was a part of that trip, and it made a big impact on her. The Parent Council asked Prof. Janus and Julie a few questions about their Eckerd experience.

Eckerd students on Teaching in Tanzania 2011 Winter Term trip 
What is your educational background and current position at Eckerd? Prof. Janus: I have a doctorate in Counseling Psychology and a master's in School Psychology. I am Professor of Human Development at Eckerd College.

What is your teaching philosophy? Prof. Janus: I believe that teaching is a dance between me, the students and the curriculum. No one element is to blame if we are stepping on one another's toes, but it is my job as the professor to make it better. I believe that students need the environment in the classroom that will allow them to share openly, without fear, and to explore ideas that may be uncomfortable but growth-producing.

What do you enjoy most about teaching at Eckerd? Prof. Janus: I adore the students. I learn so much from them. I believe that both of us make a difference in each other's life.

Nancy Janus
Professor Nancy Janus 
Why did you select this location and program for your Winter Term trip?
Prof. Janus: Usually I travel with students to Cambodia during Winter Term, but this year I knew the director of Global Outreach Tanzania, a wonderful man from Sarasota. I decided to try something new, and I liked the work that Global Outreach was doing. I had not been to Tanzania for more than 40 years so it was a great opportunity for me to learn along with the students.

What are you studying at Eckerd? Julie Fisher '14: I am a Human Development and History double major.

Why did you select this Winter Term trip? Julie Fisher '14: I knew that I wanted to do something out of the ordinary for Winter Term. I took Prof. Janus' Intro to Human Development class in the fall and felt comfortable traveling with her. It was my first time traveling to a third-world country, so the opportunity to travel with a professor I trusted made my decision easy.  

What did you learn on this Winter Term trip that you can apply in your field of study? Julie Fisher '14: I think I learned a lot about the differences in culture. I had never traveled to anywhere as unique as Tanzania but fell in love with the cou
ntry and the people. Even though I had seen pictures of Tanzanian culture, it was hard to imagine it. Living in their culture was a challenge but made me appreciate the people I met all the more.
Julie Fisher '14
Julie Fisher '14 with teachers at Mafinga Secondary School in Tanzania 

What did you learn on this Winter Term trip that you will carry with you after you graduate?  Julie Fisher '14: The opportunity this Winter Term gave me can never be matched. My teammates were incredible and the experiences were priceless. After I graduate I expect my enthusiasm for the Tanzanian people, and aid to the country, will continue. Hopefully my work isn't over yet.

What was the most memorable part of your Winter Term trip? 
Julie Fisher '14: During my stay in a school in Tanzania, my teammates and I had a few hours to meet all the students. It started as a question-and-answer session but soon evolved into a comparison of cultures. By the end we were dancing to the electric slide and talking about Justin Bieber. I have never laughed harder in my life!

Julie also told the Parent Council she has decided to spend this summer in Tanzania living at the school she visited during Winter Term. She will be working in their computer lab to try and increase computer literacy and teach basic typing skills. She is hoping to work in an orphanage as a side project. Good luck, Julie!
Celebrate Your Graduate's Achievements!

GraduateEach year, parents of graduating Eckerd students make celebratory gifts to the Parent Fund in honor of their son or daughter's accomplishment. The Parent Council is leading the charge this year with a goal of achieving 30% participation from 2011 parents.


When you make a gift to the Parent Fund in honor of your graduate, the Parent Council will send a card to your student notifying him or her of your gift. More information about the Senior Parent Giving Program has been mailed to 2011 parents, along with a return card for parents to include a congratulatory message to their student. For more information about this program or to make a gift, please call Jocelyn Carpenter '08, Associate Director of Annual Giving, at 727.864.8952. 

Commencement 2011
This year's Commencement ceremony will take place on Sunday, May 22, at 8:00 a.m. on South Beach Field. Commencement Weekend begins with a baccalaureate service on Saturday, May 21, at 5:00 p.m. in the Wireman Chapel. To see the full Commencement Weekend schedule, visit the Commencement Web site.

Some Council members have already experienced an Eckerd Commencement and had these tips to share: 
  • Arrive at least 45 minutes to an hour before the ceremony begins. This will give you plenty of time to find a seat.
  • Golf carts will provide shuttle service from parking lots to South Beach Field.
  • Bottled water is available throughout the ceremony at the tent entrances.
  • Portable restrooms are plentiful near the tent. 
  • There is an EC banner tied between two palm trees on the beach side that makes for a nice photo opportunity. Line up for this early as it can get crowded.
  • Enjoy the campus celebrations during Commencement Weekend, including the baccalaureate service and the Dean's Party on Saturday evening.  
Eckerd College Athletics Update
During fall workouts of the 2008-09 Men's Basketball season, Head Coach Tom Ryan asked his team for someone with interpersonal skills to represent his team on the
Woody Taylor '12
Student Athlete Advisory Committee. Then-freshman Woody Taylor raised his hand, an action that would thrust him to new heights even he could not imagine.

Taylor has been selected this year as the 2011 Sunshine State Conference Student-Athlete Advisory Committee (SAAC) National Representative, a position that puts him in a leadership role on a national stage for the entire conference. Taylor has been a member of the Eckerd College SAAC for three years. In his time as a representative, he has tried to enhance the quality of the school's SAAC program. With the help of SAAC President Bri Smith, Secretary Emma Docking and teammate Wayne Sears Jr., the group has elevated the program to another level.

"As a group, we have achieved so much this year," Woody said. "One of the things we have done is improve Make-A-Wish Foundation donations by creating the Triton Cove this year. Everyone's ideas and input are valued because together everyone accomplishes more."

At the fourth annual SAAC E.L.I.T.E. Weekend Taylor was asked to administer activities and exercises that would enhance the leadership skills of all the SAAC representatives.

To follow the Tritons, please visit the Eckerd Athletics Web site. Remind your student to support the Tritons, attend home games and check out the dates for the tailgate parties! 
Office of International Education
After another successful Winter Term, the Office of International Education is preparing new programs for next year. Here are some tips from the Parent Council and Office of International Education that may be helpful if your student is thinking about traveling abroad next year:

Discuss all of the Winter Term program options with your student. 2012 Winter Term programs will be advertised at the beginning of the summer with trip details available at the beginning of the Fall Semester. When students return in the fall, they will receive Winter Term program details in their campus mailboxes and can begin registering for Winter Term as soon as the first day of class.

Make sure your student's passport is up to date and won't expire while traveling abroad. For Winter Term 2012, it can't expire prior to August 2012. Over the summer, help your student obtain a passport if he/she doesn't already have one.

Contact your health insurance company regarding international medical coverage. All Winter Term programs require international medical insurance coverage for all participants.

Consult your student's doctor or dentist prior to departure. Depending on the student's needs, bring enough prescription medication for the duration of the trip and don't forget extra contact lenses or glasses.

Have your student register for an International Student Identity Card (ISIC). This card will help your student receive various dining and travel discounts while abroad.

Call your cell phone provider to discuss international service. Determine if your student will use a cell phone while traveling or if calling cards are a better option.  
Parent Council members enjoy connecting with fellow Eckerd parents. Would you like to hear about expanding programs, study abroad, sustainability at Eckerd, or Eckerd's slated outdoor classroom? Just let us know. Have a question or suggestion about making life at Eckerd better for our students? Email us. Just as our sons and daughters have joined the Eckerd community, so have we. We're looking forward to talking with you!