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BCFC Applauds President on Signing Defense Authorization without 'Insourcing' Provision

Washington, DC, January 10, 2011 - The Business Coalition for Fair Competition (BCFC) applauds President Obama for signing the National Defense Authorization for fiscal year 2011 into law without provisions that included 'insourcing' on January 7, 2011.

"By removing these onerous provisions Congress and the President handed a victory to taxpayers, private sector firms, including small business, and private sector workers," said John Palatiello, BCFC President.

'Insourcing', the conversion of work currently performed by private contractor firms to performance by federal government employees, not only kills private sector jobs, but has failed to produce any savings. This is a conclusion reached last August by Defense Secretary Gates. Moreover, recent litigation has shown that agencies are not conducting cost analysis to justify insourcing actions.

Insourcing language was also rejected when the Senate refused to adopt a massive Omnibus Appropriations bill for the balance of the fiscal year.

The Business Coalition for Fair Competition (BCFC) is a national coalition of businesses, associations, taxpayer organizations and think tanks that are committed to reducing all forms of unfair government created, sponsored and provided competition with the private sector. BCFC believes the free enterprise system is the most productive and efficient provider of goods and services and strongly supports the Federal government utilizing the private sector for commercially available products and services to the maximum extent possible.
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