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November 2011

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I feel that every day that I practice Yoga, I'm deciding to believe that this world can be a better world, starting with myself. Because through my own effort and perseverance I decide to give myself time and space to equilibrate my energy and become more calm. For me Yoga is meditation in movement, because when I achieve control over my body, I will achieve control over my mind. Respiration is a lullaby to my rampaging emotions. In this way, I can go out to the world with another vision, with another spirit, ready and strong but gentle and peaceful.

Why do I want to be a Yoga teacher?
Sofía Padilla
Sofía Padilla

Because all of this is definitively something I would like to share and to foster. Because our emotional education is poor or even inexistent, we walk around with a cluster of emotions; time bombs that are ready to explode at the slightest provocation. I really believe that Yoga can change this, and that people could save a large amount of money on psychological therapies if good yoga classes were available to them. After practicing Yoga, they will surely have something better to offer to the people surrounding them, rather than just sharing stress.

Warriors don't only exercise to strengthen their muscles, but also to strengthen their will. Their will to smile, their will to try not to react aggressively, their will to be more optimistic. I believe that yoga makes us acquire a different disposition towards life's problems. If everyone would practice yoga, I am sure there would be less war; practice yoga, not war! That should be the new slogan of the century. I want to be yoga teacher because I want to help other people to discover their inner power and the benefits that that will bring them.

Yoga practice seems like a life metaphor: the true strength consists in not ever surrendering and to always keep on trying.  To prepare ourselves, hoping that everything will be better, believing, self-nourishing every little beautiful thing as well as every terrible inch of ourselves.  Developing on our mat every day and allowing our body and our heart to open. To keep on going forward, always, to keep on going...

Sofía Padilla 




Sofía Padilla works and lives in Mexico City and has signed up for Solstice Yoga Center's 2012 summer teacher training course.   


200-hour Yoga Alliance registered Teacher Training


July 22 - August 24, 2012

October 28 - November 30, 2012



Begin the adventure of a lifetime when you immerse yourself in the practice, study and teachings of yoga at the Solstice Teacher Training, for five weeks in the summer and fall of 2012.


200-hours Yoga Teacher Training @ Solstice Yoga Center
200-hours Yoga Teacher Training

This highly acclaimed teacher training is a certified 200-hour Yoga Alliance Course (RYT 200). It brings world-renowned teachers to Zipolite with students from around the world. It is designed for those that want to teach with confidence, enhance their teaching or simply deepen their personal practice.


The heart of the program is daily instruction and practice of meditation, pranayama and asanas. This is complemented with in-depth teaching of ten integral aspects of yoga teaching:Book Now 



- Yoga Philosophy/Lifestyle & Ethics

- Asana Practice

- Pranayama

- Meditation

- Kriyas

- Restorative and Therapeutic Yoga

- Anatomy

- Teaching Methodology

- Personal Teaching Experience

- Yoga as a Business



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"Your personal experience is your knowledge"


Photos: Morgen van Vorst

Relaxing Yoga Vacation

Treat yourself to a relaxing yoga vacation on a warm sunny beach on the Mexican Pacific coast...


Book Now 


December 17 - 22, 26 - 31
January 21 - 26
February 21 - 26, 28 - March 4


Prices include:
  • 25 hours of Yoga practice (asana, pranayama and meditation).
  • 1 massage
  • 2 Feldenkrais sessions.
  • 1 Afternoon trip.
  • Lodging & meals.


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