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JULY 25-29, 2012  


Important Dates...
April 8-9, 2011

Stone Campbell Conference


Cincinnati Christian University

May 3-6, 2011
Pepperdine Bible Lectureship


May 6-30, 2011

Gary Holloway visits

Australia and New Zealand


May 23-24, 2011

Forwarding Agent Conference

June, 2011

Polish Churches of Christ celebrate 90th anniversary

July 5-8, 2011

North American
Christian Convention


July 9-13, 2011
Disciples of Christ
General Assembly



July 27 - August 4, 2011
Gary Holloway visits Korea

August 24 - 31, 2011
Gary Holloway visits
United Kingdom

October 6-9
National Christian Convention of the Deaf



October 28-30
Eastern Christian Convention



November 17-20
National Missionary Convention



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Prayers for the World...
Great Compassion

Churches of Christ in Queensland  
Disaster Relief  
Healing Hands International
International Disaster Emergency Service, Inc.
Week of Compassion
Sister unity organizations

Christian Churches New Zealand

Christian Churches Together  

Council on Christian Unity

Edinburgh 2010 (WCC)

Global Christian Forum

Global Mission Partners

Stone Campbell Dialogue

Global missions and ministries
African Hope - Charlie & Kim Budd

Cane Ridge

Central India Christian Mission

Christians Reaching Asia Mission Worldwide, Inc.


Disciples Division of Overseas Ministries/Global Ministries

Good News Productions, International

Kiwilink Zimbabwe

Klong Toey Jewelry

Mission Services Association

NationsUniversity Distance Education

New Iberian Mission Association (NIMA)

Nigeria - Ed & Janice Nichols

Pacific Rim Ministries - Darryl & Carol Kause prm.krause@hotmail.com

Pakistan Christian Evangelical Services
Saleem Massey jcrichmond1@fuse.net

Teen Mission

Training Christians for Ministry International

Urban Neighbours of Hope

World Christian Broadcasting












ChristiaNet    March, 2011
Issue 93

Connecting Everywhere...Every Day 

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A Big Donor     ~Gary Holloway

We face a cash-flow shortage at World Convention. We need to raise more money. That's why you might get an appeal from me by email or letter this month.


Fundraising is the part of this calling that I find most challenging. The challenge is all about trust. I work at fundraising. I want to learn better ways to do it. But I have no control over the results of my efforts.   So I have a choice. I can worry or I can trust. Worry does not produce results. Or rather, it results in sleepless nights, a grouchy disposition, and lack of joy.   I chose to trust. World Convention is God's work. He's a big donor. He owns everything. Even the money in my pocket and bank account. And in yours.   So I choose to trust God in fundraising. I choose to look at my emails and letters to you, not as begging for money, but as keeping up with my friends.


When the letters and emails come, please receive them thoughtfully. Give joyfully. Or decide not to give joyfully. But let them lead you to trust, not worry.

Communion PrayerThe Women's Desk
                           Global Women Connecting
                                                                               ~ Julia Keith

It's been a tough year.  Earthquakes, floods,  more earthquakes, tsunami.  Chaos - the world we know is literally coming apart at the seams...


Seems like a strange time to appeal for funds when so many people are hurting, hungry, hopeless.   


But I have seen a particular beauty in the connections that exist through World Convention.  Because there has been support in the past, we have been able to help each other today.  Your inquiries into information resources such as the country profiles and our data base of Stone-Campbell affiliates that were funded in past years have helped office staff gather, then relay the stories that have been coming to us.  This sharing helps those most affected face the disasters they are experiencing.  They learn of your concern.  They hear your prayers.  You have become a part of God's healing touch through the resources you have channeled to crisis enveloped areas.  Your past gifts have helped us collect data that helps facilitate your response.  You have been a part of Christ.


It is vital that we continue to find ways to stay in touch.  One of those ways is the ministry of World Convention.


Find Global Women Connecting on Find us on Facebook  

One Minute

The first thing we are called to do for Christian unity is what Jesus himself did. We pray for it. We ask that God might work to make all who believe in Jesus one.

For this year, would you commit to pray one minute per day for Christian unity?

For several years, World Convention has promoted Eleven Eleven, that daily at 11:11 we pray for Christian unity. If that time does not work for you, would you set another time during the day to pray one full minute for the unity of the church? In that prayer each day, please ask God's blessing on the ministry of World Convention


One Dollar

If we pray for Christian unity, we must be willing to work for it and to support others who are engaged in that work. Many of you regularly support the work of World Convention. Others of you would like to but are experiencing financial difficulties.

For 2011, would you commit $1 a day to World Convention?  How much is $1 a day?

  • Less than a soft drink from a vending machine per day.
  • Less than buying two coffees per week.
  • Less than a meal out at a restaurant for two per month.

Little actions add up and mean a lot. A minute a day and a dollar a day can go far in showing our commitment to the unity of God's people. So please join us in making your pledge...


Make a Donation

   To print and mail in your gift, click here.


New Zealand Update
Lyndsay and Lorraine Jacobs Report


Greetings to World Convention friends around the world! These are hard times for many of our church family in New Zealand and in Japan. You will all have heard about the devastating earthquakes in our city, Christchurch New Zealand and also Japan. Japan's problems are on a much bigger scale, but for a country our size our earthquakes continue to be quite frightening and overwhelming. It's now more than a month since the dreadful Christchurch shake-up, but we still have all of our central city cordoned off (and for months to come, we are told), and people in half of our suburbs are without the basic essentials of clean water, safe watertight homes, and access to toilets, local grocery stores, and schools. Many schools have had to double up with the host schools holding lessons from early morning until noon, and the guest schools using the afternoon and early evening. Almost all the city churches are totally destroyed or seriously damaged, and our church is sharing facilities with other congregations and individuals. With winter fast approaching (we're in the Southern Hemisphere as you know) we are very concerned about people whose homes are seriously damaged and who are living in temporary accommodation - camping, staying with friends and family, or relocated to other cities around New Zealand and overseas. Most people in the city have lost friends and family members in collapsed buildings; Lyndsay and I have lost two in particular, one a dedicated and talented former teaching colleague and the other a lovely young woman who was in our Sunday School, Girls Brigade and Youth Group - the mother of two infant children. We are so grateful that a number of you have contacted us and we have passed on all your practical care, love and prayers to our church folk in Christchurch. It will be many years before Christchurch city is rebuilt - many of the suburbs may be relocated, and our own congregation is going through massive change as it seeks to love and care for the people in the surrounding neighbourhood. Our need for better resourcing is real and quite a concern. If you wish to partner us in any way as we struggle to return to some sense of safety and normality, and would like more information, please email us at lyndsaylorrainejacobs@xtra.co.nz . You might also wish to follow my journal on facebook at 'Lorraine Jacobs', Kirwee.


Your gifts of prayer and financial support can be sent through:


Healing Hands International


International Disaster Emergency Service, Inc.


Week of Compassion


Japan Update
Letter from Motoyuki Nomura


"Be still, and know that I am thy God."

Thank you for your prayer for us at this time of chaos in Japan.  Nevertheless, His unshaken Cross stands firmly on the earth pointing to the gracious Creator who over rules whole realm of His own creation.

Apart from the Magnitude 9.0 earth quake (plus over 200 aftershocks that still keep coming) and the huge tsunami tidal waves, four Nuke plants in Fukushima have added different kind of threat to the devastated area, both natural disasters plus man made one.  Still most of the roads on land as well as rail roads are still badly damaged for rescue vehicles to go through, while ports are filled with floating cars, trucks, fire engines, wood materials form the thousands of crushed houses...so much that no rescue ships can reach the shore. A CoC preacher this morning reported to me that by the Hitachi harbor over 200 brand new Mercedes Benz are floating.

Over 12,000 people are still either missing or found dead by the shore, while 450,000 refugees are gathering at school gymnasiums on top of hills without heat, electric power, means of communication to the outside world, food, fresh water, gasoline, fuel, stoves and their kerosene, napkins, toilet facilities, tooth brushes, towels, warm clothes and shoes or dried underwear., etc., 

As for CoC in the area, as gradually I am getting reports from preachers or key church leaders as electric power slowly reaching them one by one, at least as I know of today, there has been no lost lives nor church buildings perished completely.  Roof tiles, furniture, china wares,. etc., are of course damaged, but so far the folks are OK.  But preachers and leaders do not have sufficient amount of gasoline in their cars to drive around to see how the members are, and still much of the roads are filled with broken houses or cars or whatever, they can not visit all of their members.

Most of them say they lack water, gasoline, kerosene and stoves, food, etc., the minimum and basic needs for their lives.

Today I was able to fill up our small 660 c.c. car with gasoline, costing me slightly over 600 yen per a gallon or close to $8 dollars. You folks in America complain about the gas price hike, but you will feel better if you come over here.  The preachers and key leaders find it very fortunate if they can get rationed 10 liters for close to $20.

We have tried to send some materials to Mito, he capital city of Ibaraki, but we found out that roads still closed for Japan counter partner of USP, the Black Cat trucking service.

Our son, Makoto, serving for the mental patients in a mental clinic in Mito, reports that the day before yesterday he and his crew cooked available rice outside in open field to make minimum amount of rice balls for the patients. ... rice balls with salt topping.  That was all what they could do for the patients.

In Japan, among various kinds of disabled people, those with mental problem suffer most the social discrimination. We are proud of him serving for the least ones in a difficult situation.  His wife, an oral-dental worker / school teacher, also serves for the senior citizens and down's syndrome children, is doing her best.

Our house was without electric power supply for about three hours this evening as power companies ration their energy supply to save the power due to both earth quake / tsunami and the Nuke problem

Last night we experienced a Magnitude 4.2 shake here in Yamanashi-Shizuoka area, and it has nothing to do with the big earth quakes that hit northeastern Pacific coastal line.  We also live on another different earth quake nest or rift or fault dislocation .. whatever scholars call it... from the Sea of Japan to the Pacific Ocean side along the Japan Alps ranges west of Mt. Fuji.

I hope to bring you a bit brighter report if possible in my next one.


God is our Refuge, our Mighty Fortress, and in His name,


PS: what you and I really need actually is our preparation for His Coming Back in His time.


Motoyuki Nomura, Bethany Home

Your gifts of prayer and financial support can be sent through:


Healing Hands International


International Disaster Emergency Service, Inc.


Week of Compassion


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