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Atlantic Technology Group Promotions and Highlights

February 2011


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XCO Software
Intermec 7 Series
Mobile Credit Card Terminal
FREE HP Printer
Non Stock Devices
Novatel 2372
USB Data Cards
Novatel CTR 35
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Below is a summary of  ATG's February highlights for AT&T.  ATG is a 9 year member of AT&T's Industry & Mobility Alliance Program.  When appropriate, where ATG sells either an AT&T certified LOB application or non-stocked device, ATG can be utilized as a co-sell partner which allows you to get full credit for the activation, and for it to count as an In-Channel activation.

Some of the highlights of this month's promotions include;  


  • ATG has established a partnership with ChargeAnywhere.  Their certified application will turn your smartphone into a credit card terminal.
  • ATG establishes partnership with XCO software.  This is a certified application that is a great tool for your clients that want to push content to smartphones/tablets. 
  • ATG has expanded our Mifi products to include the Novatel 2372 Mifi Router.  This router is Free w a new activation. We continue to offer the Cradlepoint PHS 300 for free.
  • ATG has available a number ofDevices from Morotorola and LG that are free with a new activationThese device only require a 1 year term.
  • ATG has available the Lightning Data Card.  These are free with a new 1 year activation.
  • Cradlepoint Announces their new CTR 35 Router.  Combine this router with a 3G data card and you get a Wifi Hotspot for up to 16 users that can cover up to 350 feet radius.
  • EPrint, HP's Mobile printing application enables wireless printing from SmartPhones.
  • ATG Establishes partnership with Notevault.  This certified application provides a great solution for clients in the Construction industry.
  • Intermec announces their new 70 Series Products.  This is a family of four Rugged devices that are built for a consistent platform for enterprises.

 Give me a call directly to better understand any of our February solutions.



notevaultNoteVault provides voice-based mobile reporting solutions for the construction industry

notevaultThe NoteVault service fills a huge void in the construction industry by enabling field workers to easily report project activity directly from the field using nothing but their mobile phone. Superintendents simply speak their notes into their mobile phone, which NoteVault converts to text and makes the report available through email or a web-based interface. NoteVault can also import data directly into project management software solution, including Prolog, Viewpoint, CMiC, and Primavera Contract Manager



xcoXCO Software - Connecting People -One Click at a time....

Companies need to extend their own brand beyond the web and directly to their customers. With XCO Springboard, orgnizations have the opportunity to reach out to their new and existing customers, on


a personal level, leveraging millions of smartphones.  XCO Springboard is a perfect smartphone solution for the established company or the up-and-coming new venture or product. It provides multiple techniques and strategies for companies to create or promote their own brand, keep their customers informed, and promote their products and services.





Intermec Releases their New 70 Series

Juggling multiple devices, vendors and service contracts can distract from your goals of operational efficiency andim 70 profitability.  With its single platform approach, the Intermec 70 Series is unique in delivering the benefits that come with one architecture, one software build, one set of peripherals and one charging system.  It brings simplicity to the frequent tasks of software updates, training new employees, managing spare pools and charging devices.

Call us today to learn more about Intermec 70 Series



ChargeAnywhere Help Your Clients Turn Their Smartphone Into a Mobile Credit Card Terminal 

chargeitWith CHARGE Anywhere's Award-Winning Mobile Payment App

CHARGE Anywhere's Mobile Payment App transforms mobile phones into secure & wireless card payment terminals.


For More Info and to sign up, Click here



hpprinterEprint, HP's Mobile  Application now provides for wireless printing. 

ATG will be providing a free HP printer (Photosmart D110A) and HPhpd110a's Eprint application with a new smartphone activation.  


Mobility. Print from across the room or across the country by attaching your document to an e-mail on your mobile device and sending it to print directly on your HP ePrint-enabled printer!




NONSTOCKNon Stock Devices available for Free with an Activation

ATG has available the following Non Stock devices available for free with a activation on a rate plan of $39.99 or higher.  The required term is 1 year.



Sierra Wireless USB Lightning Data Cards

Produced by Sierra Wireless, it is also known as Sierra Wireless USB305, and is the first HSPA/HSUPA modem capable of lightning 7.2Mpbs downloads and 5.76 Mbps uploads 


Pantech C810 Duo Black


This Windows Mobile smartphone sports a dual-slide, dual-keyboard. Key features include HSDPA data, 1 megapixel camera, stereo Bluetooth, and a memory card slot.


Samsung A767 Propel


Features include a 1.3-megapixel camera/camcorder, Bluetooth for handsfree devices and stereo music streaming, MicroSD memory expansion



This sleek finger-touch phone  Key features include a large 3" screen, HSDPA 3.6, a 2 megapixel camera, video sharing, stereo Bluetooth, and a memory card slot.


Motorola EM330

Features include Bluetooth connectivity , a 1.3-megapixel camera/camcorder, MicroSD memory expansion to 2 GB,.




MIFI Novatel 2372 MIFI router mifi2
ATG is now stocking the Novatel 2372 MIFI router.  The price on this router is Free  with an new activation. 

We will continue to offer the Cradlepoint PHS300 Mifi product for free when accompanied with a new activation..

Click here for PDF



MIFI Lightning Data Cards Free w/Activation
 ATG now has available Sierra Wireless USB Data Cards - these are free with a data activation. Produced by Sierra Wireless, it is also known as Sierra Wireless USB305, and is the first HSPA/HSUPA modem capable of lightning 7.2Mpbs downloads and 5.76 Mbps uploads



MIFI Cradlepoint Releases their new CTR 35 Router - Free with an Activation 

The CTR35 converts a AT&T  USB Data Modem into a secure 16-CTR35connection wireless network.  It can also use traditional Cable/DSL Ethernet-based modems to create ~350-feet of WiFi.  Or use existing WiFi to create a secure connection with an unsecure public hotspot.



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