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May 2010 Updates for AT&T


Below is a summary of  ATG's May 2010 highlights for AT&T. 

 ATG is a 7 year member of AT&T's Business Alliance Channel.  When appropriate, where ATG sells either an AT&T certified LOB application or non-stocked device, ATG can be utilized as a co-sell partner which allows you to get full credit for the activation, and for it to count as an In-Channel activation.

 Some of the highlights of this month's promotions include;  

  • ATG is extending their MIFI killer promotion through 6/31/10. Competing against MiFi from Verizon ?  ATG is providing a free Cradlepoint PHS 300 router as an alternative to the MiFi

  • ATG has completed a partnership with Absolute Software for their "Computrace for Netbook" software tool. ATG will be providing a free license for this tool when accompanied with a Netbook activation.

  • Lenovo has released the X100e laptop – which is a great alternative for clients who don’t like the limitations of a Netbook.

  • ATG and Canvas have partnered to offer a $99 rebate for clients who are getting a BlackBerry and the Canvas service. 

  • ATG has available refurbished BlackBerry 8820's and other spare inactive devices.  These devices are FREE with a voice $(39.99) and data activation.

 Give me a call directly to better understand any of our May solutions

Computrace for Netbooks - Powerful tool for Managing Netbooks 
 ATG has completed a partnership with Absolute Software for their Computrace software tools.
ATG is providing clients a free license of Computrace for Netcbooks when accompanied with a new Netbook activation.

Computrace for Netbooks by AbsoluteSoftware provides your clients  with the technology they need to manage the netbooks in their  deployment.

And - in the event of theft - Computrace for Netbooks can help your clients  recover their  netbook.
Including BlackBerry 8820's8820 
If your client still has requirements for the BLackBerry 8820 - ATG has stock of  factory refurbished BlacKBerry 8820's.  These units come with a 90 day warranty from ATG. 
Pricing is as follows
  • FREE with a voice (39.99 or higher) and data activation
  • $99 with a data only activation
  • $149 with no activation
 ATG's MiFi Killer Promotion - 3G Personal WiFi Hotspot Free with ActivationPHS300



The CradlePoint PHS300 Personal WiFi Hotspot is a true plug-n-play solution that creates a powerful WiFi network almost anywhere*. Simply connect up to 16 WiFi enabled devices by plugging in your USB mobile broadband data modem and turning on the PHS300. 



Our most portable wireless router, the CradlePoint PHS300 comes standard with a fully rechargeable Li-Ion battery providing hours of access even when no power outlets are in sight.  


This router has many advantages over the MiFi from Sprint and Verizon - ask us for a detailed analysis.


Click Link for ATG CradlePoint PHS300 Pricing and Data Sheet

ATG has moved our Buyback program to the WEB.  We have built a customized website (www.lifecyclewireless.com)  where you or your clients can get a buyback quote for your old devices.
The pricing on this website assumes that ATG's role will be to simply "buyback" the legacy equipment. If we are also providing a line of business solution and participating as a co-sell partner ask us about a special promo code that your clients can use to enhance their buyback amounts.

We buy old wireless devices including: Cell Phones, PDAs, Blackberrys, Netbooks and Aircards. We accept phones from all major US carriers including Verizon Wireless, AT&T, Sprint/Nextel, and T-Mobile operating on GSM or CDMA technologies.  
Click on Link to visit www.lifecyclewireless.com
Canvas makes it easy to publish custom software applications for your phone. These apps are great for collecting real-time information critical to your business or personal productivity. When you use Canvas mobile apps, you’ll reduce your reliance on paper, and you’ll eliminate redundant data entry and excess process for your employees and customers. Our software service is comprehensive, empowering you to share information, create connections, and grow your business.

All new users get a 60 day free trial and a Bold 9700 for Free

(requires voice (39.99) and data activation)


The ThinkPad X100e,
a great solution for clients who don’t like the limitation of netbooks!!!

The ThinkPad X100e
is a business-class ultraportable that meets the demands of your customers including durability, long battery life and small form factor all with a starting price of $499. .
The Lenovo ThinkPad is an entry ultraportable that is suited for the largest enterprise to the smallest business. In addition, it also fits the needs of students and educational institutions. The X100e is an
affordably priced professional-grade ultraportable, designed for usability and portability. It offers reliability, ease-of-use and manageability features that provide the utmost computing experience. Help your business scale new heights with the latest corporate operating system preloads and award-winning Lenovo services.

ThinkPad X100e Notebook: The Netbook Killer

ThinkPad X100e


Standard Netbook

Lenovo ThinkPad X100e


10.1" or less

11.6" HD, 16:9


Intel Atom or ARM

AMD Neo Single or Dual Core



Enterprise, Self Maintain


Consumer Channels

Large Rollouts



ThinkVantage Technologies, BIOS


Home OS

Enterprise OS


Touchpad only

Trackpoint and Touchpad


85% keyboard

ISO full-size keyboard

1 to 1

Must make sacrifices


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