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March 2010 Updates for AT&T

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Below is a summary of  ATG's March 2010 highlights for AT&T. 

 ATG is a 7 year member of AT&T's Business Alliance Channel.  When appropriate, where ATG sells either an AT&T certified LOB application or non-stocked device, ATG can be utilized as a co-sell partner which allows you to get full credit for the activation, and for it to count as an In-Channel activation.

 Some of the highlights of this month's promotions include;  

  • CradlePoint CBA 750 Adapter - The CBA750 Mobile Broadband Adapter is an simple,
    innovative solution  that provides mobile broadband over ethernet.  Some of the possible uses for it are;

·         Antenna Remoting - Place the CBA750 anywhere in the building that has a strong signal  signal and utilize the clients existing cabling to get the mobile broadband  signal back to the server room.

·         As Failover Connection for network equipment that supports redundant WANs.

·         As Primary Connection in "remote, lights-out" devices like kiosks, ATMs, digital signage, and point of sale devices

  • ATG is extending their MIFI killer promotion through 3/31/10. Competing against MiFi from Verizon ?  ATG is providing a free Cradlepoint PHS 300 router as an alternative to the MiFi
  • Intermec has enhanced the CN50 device to now include 256mb ram.  This enhances the ability to run LOB applications on the device.
  • ATG can provide discounted in-building repeaters when the client is also getting new lines.  Help your clients address In-Building coverage problems with the Digital Signal Repeater Solution from CSI.
  • Go Canvas Store for Android Business Applications - Go Canvas has opened their store for a variety of business applications that will support a variety of handsets - including Android. ATG will provide your client a free 60 day trial for any of the business aplications in the store.
  • Mobile Frame - MobileFrame's code-free mobility platform enables novice users to easily create, deploy and administer sophisticated custom mobile applications. 

 Give me a call directly to better understand any of our March solutions.

 ATG's MiFi Killer Promotion - 3G Personal WiFi Hotspot Free with ActivationPHS300


The CradlePoint PHS300 Personal WiFi Hotspot is a true plug-n-play solution that creates a powerful WiFi network almost anywhere*. Simply connect up to 16 WiFi enabled devices by plugging in your USB mobile broadband data modem and turning on the PHS300. 



Our most portable wireless router, the CradlePoint PHS300 comes standard with a fully rechargeable Li-Ion battery providing hours of access even when no power outlets are in sight.  

This router has many advantages over the MiFi from Sprint and Verizon - ask us for a detailed analysis.


Click Link for ATG CradlePoint PHS300 Pricing and Data Sheet


The Intermec CN50 is the only 3. wireless mobile computer that combines a small and lightweight form factor with a rugged design to deliver the most advanced, high performance voice and data communication solution specifically designed for the highly mobile field worker. With the class leading capabilities of the CN50 in their mobile workers' hands, enterprises can improve their business processes, expand their service offerings and reduce the cost and complexity of a field mobility solution.

With a single hardware solution to deploy, enterprises can simplify application development, lessen verification complexity, reduce deployment costs, and dramatically lower overall cost-of-ownership.  
ATG completes partnership with MobileFrame
MobileFrame's Platform Provides a Complete Mobility Solution to extend applications to Mobile employees
MobileFrame's code-free mobility platform enables novice users to easily create, deploy and administer sophisticated custom mobile applications.   
 Reliable. Mobile applications operate with or without network connectivity via Smart Client and Intelligent Networking technology.
Versatile. Mobile workers can capture rich data types such as photos, signatures, sketches, barcode scans, fingerprints, RFID etc and the results are returned to the back office in electronic format.
Integrated. Secure, real-time bi-directional access to existing CRM, SCM, ERP, accounting, scheduling, and other back office systems. 
Scalable. Leverages industry standard servers and networks for maximum flexibility to update applications as needs evolve.
Click Link for Customer Facing PDF
Are your clients unable to get a wireless signal in the data center ? 
If so, the CBA750 is an easy solution to get the 3G signal back to the server room.
The CradlePoint CBA750 is an easy solution to bring the strongest 3G wireless broadband signal back to the server room for true wireless broadband connection or redundancy. Place the CBA750 anywhere in the building where the client gets their best wireless signal and with the CBA750 Power-over-Ethernet (PoE) feature take advantage of existing CAT5 cabling to bring the connection back to the
equipment room.  Adding a wireless backup or even primary connection utilizing braodband has never been easier.   This is a great solution for Redundancy in the Server Room or Kisok's
Mobile Broadband to Ethernet
ATG has recently signed a partnership agreement with Cellular Specialities for their Digital Signal Repaters.  This product has been certified by AT&T's In-Building Team.
The DSP85 utilizes Digital Signal Processing (DSP) technology to achieve the highest level of performance and flexibility available today. This product offers major benefits over traditional repeaters including unlimited spectrum agility, sharp filtering, and state of the art monitoring and control 
If your customer will be getting new activations and needs a repeater ATG can help.  Call for more information.
The first mobile app store in the market that : 
Is primarily focused on business applications
2.     Gives users the added power to customize their any app from the store  
3.    Will support the broadest number of handsets of any app store including Blackberry, Windows Mobile, Windows PC. 

ATG has moved our Buyback program to the WEB.  We have built a customized website (www.lifecyclewireless.com)  where you or your clients can get a buyback quote for your old devices.
The pricing on this website assumes that ATG's role will be to simply "buyback" the legacy equipment. If we are also providing a line of business solution and participating as a co-sell partner ask us about a special promo code that your clients can use to enhance their buyback amounts.

We buy old wireless devices including: Cell Phones, PDAs, Blackberrys, Netbooks and Aircards. We accept phones from all major US carriers including Verizon Wireless, AT&T, Sprint/Nextel, and T-Mobile operating on GSM or CDMA technologies.  
Click on Link to visit www.lifecyclewireless.com

Give us a call if you have any questions.
Your ATG Sales Team!
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