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November 2009 Updates for AT&T

Below is a summary of  ATG's November highlights for AT&T. 


ATG is a 7 year member of AT&T's Business Alliance Channel.  When appropriate, where ATG sells either an AT&T certified LOB application or non-stocked device, ATG can be utilized as a co-sell partner which allows you to get full credit for the activation, and for it to count as an In-Channel activation.


Some of the highlights of Novembers promotions include; 

  Competing against MiFi from Verizon ?  ATG is providing a free Cradlepoint PHS 300 router

  Looking for a lower cost alternative than Intermec or Symbol ? Consider the Opticon devices.

  Help your clients address In-Building coverage problems with a Spotwave Solution


 Give me a call directly to better understand any of our November solutions.

AT&T's version of MiFi -CradlePoint PHS300

Free with Activation.

3G Personal WiFi Hotspot

Create WiFi from Broadband USB Modem or Tethered PhonePHS300



The CradlePoint PHS300 Personal WiFi Hotspot is a true plug-in-play solution that creates a powerful WiFi network almost anywhere*. Simply connect up to 16 WiFi enabled devices by plugging in your USB mobile broadband data modem and turning on the PHS300. 



Our most portable wireless router, the CradlePoint PHS300 comes standard with a fully rechargeable Li-Ion battery providing hours of access even when no power outlets are in sight.  

This router has many advantages over the MiFi from Sprint and Verizon - ask us for a detailed analysis.


Click Link for ATG CradlePoint PHS300 Pricing and Data Sheet

 Opticon H19A Smartphone

The H19A is a high-performance rugged smartphone with an integrated 1Dscan engine and multiple modes of wireless communication (GSM/GPRS/EDGE, WiFi and Bluetooth™) and GPS to meet the needs of your mobile workforce. This device is priced at $895.

Network Access Regardless of Location
With GSM/GPRS/EDGE, WiFi (802.11b/g) and Bluetooth™ support onboard, your workforce can easily
connect to voice/data networks and peripheral devices for real-time remote data-capture, email and office productivity on the go, and other business applications that require network connectivity while away from the office.

GPS plus Larger Memory as Standard
In addition to the broad array of standard communication features, the H19A also provides integrated GPS capability using the SiRF Star III chip.  When combined with the default ROM configuration of 512MB for high-volume data storage, there is a wide range of applications for which the H19A is the right choice.

Click Link for ATG Opticon H19A Pricing and Data Sheet
Opticon H16A SmartphoneH16A

The H16A is a high-performance rugged smartphone with an integrated 1D scan engine, a slide-out QWERTY keyboard and multiple modes of wireless communication (GSM/GPRS/EDGE, WiFi and Bluetooth™) to meet the needs of your mobile workforce.

Product Features 

Click Link for ATG Opticon H16A Pricing and Data Sheet

Looking to Adress In-Building Coverage Problems ?
ATG has recently signed a partnership agreement with Spotwave. Spotwave's indoor wireless coverage systems seamlessly bring the outdoor signal inside - ensuring cell phones, PDAs and 3G laptop air cards work reliably in small office and commercial facilities.  Spotwave's solutions are scalable to address almost any amount of space that needs coverage.
One of Spotwave's unique capabilities is the ability to filter carriers signals so that it enhances only AT&T's coverage.
Call for more information.

ATG has moved our Buyback program to the WEB.  We have built a customized website (www.lifecyclewireless.com)  where you or your clients can get a buyback quote for your old devices.
The pricing on this website assumes that ATG's role will be to simply "buyback" the legacy equipment. If we are also providing a line of business solution and participating as a co-sell partner ask us about a special promo code that your clients can use to enhance their buyback amounts.

We buy old wireless devices including: Cell Phones, PDAs, Blackberrys, Netbooks and Aircards. We accept phones from all major US carriers including Verizon Wireless, AT&T, Sprint/Nextel, and T-Mobile operating on GSM or CDMA technologies.  
Click on Link to visit www.lifecyclewireless.com

ATG Web Store adds a number of Products for AT&T !
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We have added a number of products to our Web Store that you and your clients have been asking for.  We have expanded the number of AT&T Non-Stock products that we offer.  We have added the following items to the store; 
  • AT&T Broadband Routers from numerous manufacturers
  • Spare - Inactive AT&T devices
  • Complete Selection of HP Netbooks
  • Netbook Accessories
  • Complete line of accessories for AT&T devices
  • Ruggedized Devices for AT&T
Give us a call to find out how we can help your customers save MORE with custom discounts! 
Virtual Wireless Assistant - ATG can provide your clients with a Virtual Wireless Assistant.  We've heard from a number of clients that they would like to offload the chores of procuring, accessorizing, upgrading, moving and retiring their wireless devices.  At the core of our solution is a dedicated account manager who will act as your clients single point of contact for all wireless needs.
This service is available for as little as $100 per month.  Give us a call to find out more    


ATG is now stocking the new Intermec CN50.  This rugged device is the only 3G wireless mobile computer that combines a small and light-weight form factor with a rugged design to deliver the most advanced, high performance voice and data communication solution specifically designed for the highly mobile field worker. This device is priced at less than $1600.

Give us a call if you have any questions.
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