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July 2012
Summer Vacations Powered By Biodiesel
Welcome to summer! We've heard from several of you that your vacations this year are being "Powered by Biodiesel" and we couldn't be happier for you! From short camping trips to cross country adventures, your Biodiesel powered rigs are saving you money by the mile!

With Biodiesel still being able to be made for about a buck a gallon, we think it's an awesome way to power your fun this summer! Whether you're traveling to exotic locations, or just around the block, saving money with Biodiesel just plain rocks!

So, with all that money saving going on, we've thrown together another issue of Biodiesel review to keep the savings going strong!
In This Issue
2012 Collective Biofuel Conference
Introducing Happy To Survive Magazine
Stainless Steel Micron Ratings
New Products & Bargain Bin
Powered By Biodiesel Survey
Noteworthy Biodiesel Stories & Customer Pictures
6th Annual Collective Biofuels Conference
Collective Biodiesel Conference
If you have time in your schedule at all, we would love to see you at this years Collective Biofuels Conference! Not only will we be there, but the speaker list continues to get more & more impressive! It's like a mini National Biodiesel Board conference only a heck of a lot cheaper and with a much cozier atmosphere! Even Dr. Jon Van Gerpen is speaking!!!
Check out some of the impressive speakers on tap!
Dr. Jon Van Gerpen a.k.a. The Biodiesel God in my book. You know that thing called the ASTM Standard for Biodiesel? Much of the research that it's based on was done by this guy. Yeah. He's THAT guy! If you've ever wanted to know ANYTYHING about Biodiesel, this is THE MAN!
Dr. Gerhard Knothe a.k.a. The Biodiesel Chemist God. This guy is so smart he's probably forgotten more than I'll ever know about the chemistry involved in making Biodiesel. He's also the editor of The Biodiesel Handbook, which is considered by many as the bible of Biodiesel.
Jeff Fetkenhour - Jeff owns and operates a premier ASTM Lab in Hood River, Oregon. His knowledge of Biodiesel is amazing! He's become rather famous among commercial Biodiesel producers as the go-to guy when they have an ASTM related question or when they're trouble-shooting their ASTM test results. He has helped numerous commercial Biodiesel plants get their Biodiesel quality programs going in the right direction. He's my go to guy for really technical questions on the ASTM Standard because of how well he knows it and can explain it. His pricing on testing services rocks too!
Rod Yawn - Rod is a Biodiesel dry wash ion exchange guru! The guy REALLY knows dry wash and how to implement it correctly! If you've been kicking around the idea of dry washing, this is the guy you want to hear & work with! The folks I refer to him always call back to say what an incredibly guy he is to work with.
Norm McFarling - Norm has been making Biodiesel on a small scale for several years now and has become somewhat of an expert at methanol recovery and acid esterification. He also is the author of our popular article on How To Use Sulfuric Acid To Produce Biodiesel
Dr. Jonathan Meuser - Jonathan is the Algae Biodiesel Master! His research into making Biodiesel from Algae is incredible! He's been researching it for years and knows the industry incredibly well! His no-nonsense approach to everything algae is awesome as he doesn't sugar coat it & goes right to the meat of the issues. If you want to get a REAL answer about Algae & Biodiesel, this is the man to talk to!
Jason Burroughs - Jason is the king of Biodiesel when it comes to rules & regulations. The guy has mastered what it takes to get certified, get registered, get signed up & sell RIN's, and how to do it all in the best way possible. He owns DieselGreen Fuels and will be sharing some of his vast knowledge of how to get up & running in the commercial Biodiesel market!
We'll also be speaking as well as several other awesome speakers. You can check out the full speaker list here. If you have room in your schedule at all, we would LOVE to see you there! With the amazing speakers set to speak, it's going to be one of the best conferences they've ever put on!
Introducing Happy To Survive Magazine!
Happy To Survive
We've been invited to become a regular writer for a cool, new survivalist magazine called Happy To Survive which is available through iTunes for the iPad.
The magazine is published monthly and covers all sorts of survivalist / prepping style topics.
Here's the articles the first issue had:
The Best Caliber For Home Defence
The Boy Scout Handbook: Constantly Teaching Us
Portable Generators: Noisy Yet Necessary
Collecting Waste Vegetable Oil To Make Biodiesel (yeah, that's ours)
Hitchhiking: The Rules Of The Road
Urban Survival: Homelessness
Light My Fire
Roasting Coffee At Home: A Beginner's Guide
Spring Planning For Seed Saving
Always Be Prepared: A Mom's Look At Prepping
Tie The Knot If You Want To Live
Some Like It Electric 
The August issue coming up is full of similar topics too!
So, if you've got an iPad, like to learn about these kind of topics, sign up for a trial & give it a try! It's looking like it'll be one heck of a cool magazine. 
Stainless Steel Micron Ratings
Oil/Biodiesel Dewatering Tank
We get asked all the time what the difference between two different micron ratings are. We figured it's such a common question that we decided to write an article dedicated to what the different micron ratings look like.
We collected several stainless mesh samples of different micron ratings, laid them next to each other and under a bright light.

It was really cool to see just what the different micron ratings really looked like & how they stacked up at letting light pass through! We also added a handy chart to help you go between Micron & Mesh ratings too!

Check Out Our New Products!
The summer has been crazy busy around here, but we've still managed to squeeze in a few new products and an exciting new discount page!

We've created this great new page where we sell our discounted items, scratch & dent, & clearance items at great prices! Right now we have eductors and a couple of stainless filters listed, but stop by often as we'll be adding things to it periodically!

Biodiesel Reveiw Archive Title Biodiesel Reveiw Archive Title
We now have stainless steel 5 gallon bucket filters available!
You can get them in 400, 74 micron, or even a cool 1/4" mesh style!

These fit perfectly in 5 gallon buckets and are really easy to use! They're made from the same stainless steel that we use on our drum & tote filters, so they're extra tough! Check them out today!

Our custom filter shop continues to turn out some of the coolest custom filters you've ever seen. If you're looking for something that that you just can't find anywhere else, give us a ring or shoot us an email & let us quote it. Chances are we can get it built & sent your way pretty fast! 
Custom Fabrication Work
If you get a chance, stop on by our custom filter page & check out all the cool, new projects we've been building! And, if you need a custom filter made from stainless, contact usChances are, we can get it built!

Powered By Biodiesel Survey:
What Do You Run Biodiesel In?
Powered By Biodiesel Survey
If you haven't had a chance to stop by our survey, do so soon! We're just about ready to wrap it up and start analyzing the data. We've had a great response so far & look forward to seeing which diesels are the most popular and which have been fairing the best on Biodiesel. 

Once complete, we'll be sharing the results in an upcoming newsletter with all sorts of graphs & charts. If you haven't had a chance to participate, stop on by.

Noteworthy Biodiesel Stories
& Customer Pictures

As always, we try to keep up to date with the Biodiesel industry as well as stay on top of cool Biodiesel related stories. We do our best to share these interesting stories on our Facebook page on a regular basis.


Here's the latest crop of cool stories you may enjoy...

Bio-based engine oil

Diesel Tuning: A Guide To Diesel Engines

GE Committing To Buy 5 Million Gallons of Biofuels Annually

Fuel Price Down? Anyone Still Using Veggie?

The End of OPEC's Influence

Happy To Survive Magazine

Tracing Diesel's Roots

Inside The VM Motori 3.0 L V6 Diesel Engine

Grand Canyon Railway Powered By WVO

Big Island Biodiesel Opens

Air Canada To Conduct First Flight with Sustainable Biofuel

Boeing, Petrochina aim for second biofuel flight test

The Coalition of the Unwilling and the Doctrine of Underwhelming Force

Ultrasonic Biodiesel Production research

Mill, Baby, Mill

Energy Commission Awards More Than $35 Million for Green Transporation in California



Biodiesel Pictures Online 

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Do you have a topic you'd like to see covered in future issues? We're always looking for cool topics to cover here so send in your idea! Send it to with the subject line NEWSLETTER SUGGESTION.




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