Biodiesel Review by Utah Biodiesel Supply
May 2012
Sky High Fuel Prices Make Biodiesel A Bargain!
If you've passed any gas stations lately or had to put fuel in your vehicle, you've seen just how crazy fuel prices have been over the last few months and probably felt it in the pocket book.

With Biodiesel still being able to be made for around a buck a gallon assuming you get your oil feedstock for free, there's never been a better time to brew your own Biodiesel! 

To keep you brewing in top form, we've loaded up the store with a bevy of new products, written some great articles to help you stay at the top of your game and are featuring three of our awesome customers with some sweet customer spotlights! (One spotlight even involves a Biodiesel powered jet engine!)

So, with that, let the fun begin! It's time for Biodiesel Review!
In This Issue
2012 Collective Biofuel Conference
Building An Oil/Biodiesel Dewatering Tank
Four Test Kits Every Biodieseler Should Own
Latest Batch Of New Products
Powered By Biodiesel Survey
Biodiesel Glycerin - Can You Really Make Soap Out Of It?
Customer Spotlights - Three Great Success Stories
Noteworthy Biodiesel Stories & Customer Pictures
6th Annual Collective Biofuels Conference
Biodiesel Reveiw Archive Title
The absolute best conference for Biodiesel homebrewers is coming! We've been attending these since 2006 and highly recommend them!
This year the conference is being hosted by Promethean Biofuels in Temecula, California. Workshops will cover a host of subjects including Biofuel Basics, Research, Community, Quality Testing, ASTM Testing, Acid Esterification, and more! They'll even be doing a tour of their commercial Biodiesel plant and doing a workshop on what it takes to scale up a production operation into a commercial entity.
You can get an idea of what past conferences have been like at the Conference Presentation Archive Page. Several of the presentations were even filmed and available to watch as well as download the presentation materials. 
We're already scheduled to speak and would love to see as many of you there as possible. Early bird pricing runs through May 31st, so register early and save!
Building An Oil/Biodiesel Dewatering Tank From A 55 Gallon Drum
Oil/Biodiesel Dewatering Tank
Looking for an easy way to dry oil & Biodiesel faster? Want to speed up your operation? Then you'll love this awesome article on how to build a sweet dewatering tank to remove water from Biodiesel or waste vegetable oil really fast!
All it requires is a drum, a band heater, a pump, a Dry Pro nozzle, and some plumbing and you're ready to dry your oil or Biodiesel fast!
We walk through how to build this awesome tank from start to finish, show how to use it and even have a sweet video demo of it working in action! We've had several customers build this style of dewatering tank and rave about how well it works!

Four Test Kits Every Biodieseler Should Own
Oil/Biodiesel Dewatering Tank
Ever since we started helping folks make Biodiesel, one thing has remained the same. If you want to make a quality batch of Biodiesel, you need to test  your batch at various points along the way to ensure everything is going as planned. 
By doing the proper tests, you'll be able to catch any problems and solve them before they become big headaches.
With this testing in mind, we've created a list of the 4 test kits we think every small scale Biodiesel producer should have on hand and use on a regular basis. When used consistently, these tests will allow you to ensure that you're making great Biodiesel, batch after batch.

Check Out Our New Products!
New Products
We've been crazy busy expanding our filtration line. From offering new micron sizes on our drum, tote, and suction filters and the addition of Goldenrod fuel filters to our totally cool new attachment for our Monster Gear Pumps to let you attach it to a gas powered motor turning the pump into an oil sucking beast! Check out all details below!

Stainless Steel Tote Filters - Now in more sizes!
Stainless Steel Tote FiltersYou asked, we listened! We now offer our extremely popular stainless steel tote filters in additional micron sizes.

You now have a choice of 800 micron, 600 micron, 400 micron, or 150 micron. 

Need to go even smaller? Just drop one of our great bag filters into the tote filter and you can filter clear down to 1 micron!

The feedback we've received from these has been overwhelmingly positive! In fact, most people like them so much that they're coming back for more!


We've heard of them being used in totes on site at restaurants, back at the shop as oil is poured through them, or even to suck oil out of a tote through the opening in the top.  

Since we launched our suction filters, we've had several requests for different micron ratings, flow ratings, and sizes. We've been busy working on all the requests and now have a great line of additional sizes and flow rates.

We now have the following suction filters available:

And also, two new filters that can fit right through a standard 2" drum bung!


Biodiesel Glycerin Bar SoapsWhen we first released our stainless drum filters, they were an instant hit! (We sold out of our first build in less than a week). Since that time they've continued to be extremely popular. 


Based on all the great feedback we've been receiving, we now offer these filters in a full range of micron sizes as well. 


You can now purchase them in everything from a fairly large 800 micron clear down to a super fine 74 micron size! We also offer several new combination sizes as well. Don't see the combo you'd like? Just call. Chances are we can build it for you!

 Click here to check out all the new sizes!

Coming soon! 
5 Gallon Bucket Stainless Filters!
Biodiesel Reveiw Archive TitleBiodiesel Reveiw Archive Title
We're working on getting a selection of 5 gallon stainless steel bucket filters put up on our website in the near future. We have them made & ready to go, we just have to do some final work to get them up on the site.

We'll have them initially available in 400 & 74 Micron as well as a large grate style material with additional sizes to be released shortly after the launch. Watch for them soon!

Custom Fabrication Shop Open For Business!
We mentioned this opportunity in our last newsletter, and wow, was the response incredible! We've been busy creating just about every kind of filter you can think of...literally! 
Custom Fabrication Work
If you get a chance, stop on by our custom filter page & check out all the cool, new projects we've been building! And, if you need a custom filter made from stainless, contact us. Chances are, we can get it built!
In our last newsletter we mentioned that we were working on a cool, new adapter to connect our WVO Designs Monster Pump heads directly to a gas motor! Well, the work is complete and the motor mounts are here!
Pump Motor Mounting Plate Pump Mounding Adapter 
You've gotta see these things in action! It turns our Monster Gear Pump Heads into absolute oil sucking beastss! In testing, we even had one customer report that it'd suck up chicken bones & spit them out the other side! Check out this amazing video of the pump in action!
The pump just moves the oil like there's no tomorrow! Customers that have built this combination continue to report amazing results.


Biodiesel Reveiw Archive TitleWe're pleased to introduce these cool fuel filters! They're 100% Biodiesel compatible, have replaceable filter elements, feature a see-through filter bowl, and a sampling drain on the bottom.
The removable threaded bowl seals against a Biodiesel compatible viton seal in the mount ensuring an air-tight seal.
We've used this exact filter on our dry wash towers for years with great success and finally had the opportunity to offer them individually. 
We have them available in a complete assembly as well as just the filter elements. We love the see-through bowl as it lets you perform a visual inspection of the fuel without having to remove the filter (awesome for checking fuel-gelling in the cold!) The drain on the bottom also lets you quickly pull a sample of the fuel for quick & easy testing (no more unscrewing the filter & getting a sloppy mess all over you!)
Check out these cool disposable pipettes! We've stocked them in our titration kits for years and we've had requests to make them available separately. They're now available in 25, 100, or 250 packs. And the price rocks!

Powered By Biodiesel Survey:
What Do You Run Biodiesel In?
Powered By Biodiesel Survey
Our ground breaking survey to find out what diesel powered vehicles & equipment are the most popular to use Biodiesel in is still open and running. We'll be leaving it open for another month or two to gather as many responses as possible.

Once complete, we'll be sharing the results in an upcoming newsletter with all sorts of graphs & charts. If you haven't had a chance to participate, stop on by.

Biodiesel Glycerin - Can You Really Make Soap Out Of It?
Biodiesel Glycerin Bar Soaps

by Rick Knicely from the Knice-n-Clean Soap Company 


If you are like the rest of us that make biodiesel, your biodiesel glycerin may be piling up adding to the proverbial "glycerin lake".


I'm sure at one point or another you thought to yourself, "What the heck am I going to do with all this glycerin?" The answer? Make soap!


 Click Here To Learn More!

Customer Spotlights:
Three Great Success Stories!
Customer Spotlight - Philippines Plant
Ricky Cuenca, one of our awesome customers, recently shared a success story with us about the awesome commercial Biodiesel plant they built from scratch!
They're operating a commercial Biodiesel plant in the Philippines and producing between 3,000 to 4,000 gallons of Biodiesel a week!
Check out our "virtual tour" of their exciting Biodiesel plant and learn how they started from by making 50 gallon batches and quickly expanded it into a full fledged commercial plant! 
The company, called eWay54 Ecodiesel, is growing like crazy and making a great difference in their local community by helping otherwise black smoke belching vehicles burn practically smoke free! 
Biodiesel Powered Jet EngineRoger Snow, a teacher at a local High School here in Utah, decided to put together one of the absolute coolest Biodiesel projects I've ever seen!
Instead of doing the usual "science fair" style Biodiesel project, Roger and his students kicked it way up by testing Biodiesel in a minature jet engine! 
They made several batches of Biodiesel, performed several tests to ensure proper fuel quality, and then experimented with seeing how well the Biodiesel would burn in jet engine and measured the output.
I had the incredible opportunity to be invited to see the engine fired on the good stuff. Myself, along with Rogers class, and a group of administrators that funded the project all stood outside and watched with awe as the jet was fired up & starting roaring to life (and believe me, that little jet engine was LOUD!!!) Totally awesome!!! Check out our exciting spotlight on them!

Biodiesel Glycerin Bar Soaps 
The College of Southern Idaho have built one heck of a cool alternative fuels trailer to demonstrate what can be done with alternative fuels. From wind & solar power to growing oil seed crops & crushing the oil and reacting it into Biodiesel, they've got it covered! Stop by our spotlight on them & check out the awesome pictures of their setup! Talk about impressive!
Noteworthy Biodiesel Stories
& Customer Pictures

As always, we try to keep up to date with the Biodiesel industry as well as stay on top of cool Biodiesel related stories. We do our best to share these interesting stories on our Facebook page on a regular basis.


Here's the latest crop of cool stories you may enjoy...

Michigan school teacher to launch commercial biodiesel plant

Renewable Diesel surges: Emerald Biofuels announces major project in Louisiana

Understanding The Weight Game on Pickup Classes

National Biodiesel Board releases several videos on using Biodiesel in diesel engines

Investigators try to catch grease bandits

Tipco Technologies - Offering heavy duty Biodiesel compatible hoses

Record gas prices across the country this spring!



Lots of customer pictures!

We continue to receive great pictures from our awesome customers of their Biodiesel and production equipment! Stop by & check out all the great pictures that have been sent in in our Customer Pictures Facebook Photo Album (and if you have pictures, send them in & we'll share them with everyone!)


Biodiesel Pictures Online 

Check Out Our Facebook Page 

For Even More Great Biodiesel Stories 

and Customer Pictures! 

Do you have a topic you'd like to see covered in future issues? We're always looking for cool topics to cover here so send in your idea! Send it to with the subject line NEWSLETTER SUGGESTION.




Graydon Blair

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