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Feb 2012
Ready To Kiss Winter Goodbye?
With winter starting to slowly draw to a close, we can sense the excitement of a new Biodiesel brewing season on tap! As old man winter starts to prepare to give it a rest and spring nears, now is a great time to bone up on all the great information and new gear related to brewing Biodiesel!

To prepare for this, we've loaded up the store with lots of great new products and have lots of great tutorial articles ready to keep you at the top of your game! In this issue, be sure to check out the cool, new article on how sulfuric acid works in making Biodiesel, our Powered By Biodiesel survey, new products and Biodiesel related news. So, sit back, grab a snack & enjoy another great issue of Biodiesel Review!
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How Sulfuric Acid Works When Making Biodiesel
Powered By Biodiesel Survey
Latest Batch Of New Products
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Customer Spotlight
Noteworthy Biodiesel Stories & Customer Pictures
Refurbished Centrifuge For Sale
How Sulfuric Acid Works
When Making Biodiesel
Sulfuric Acid
If you've been making Biodiesel for a while, chances are you've run across oil that titrates really high. You know, that really crappy stuff that ends up making really big emulsions, creating big globs of soap, lowering your Biodiesel yield, and generally makes life a pain when using it to make Biodiesel.

Most people try to avoid it at all costs, but there is a method you can use that actually can help you generate great batches of Biodiesel from this nasty stuff...and it involves using sulfuric acid....

Powered By Biodiesel Survey:
What Do You Run Biodiesel In?
Powered By Biodiesel Survey
Over the next few months we're conducting a survey to find out what diesel powered vehicles and equipment are the most popular to use Biodiesel in. 

Once complete, we'll be sharing the results in an upcoming newsletter with all sorts of cool graphs & charts. To do this, we need your help! 

Check Out Our New Products!
New Products
We've been introducing several new products over the past couple months including several stainless steel filters. We have many more in the works and love all the great feedback you've been providing! 

Here's a few more new products that are ready to go!

Stainless Steel Tote FiltersIntroduced as a prototype last year, you overwhelmingly said "Build Them!" so build them we did!

These super cool filters can be placed inside a 275 gallon tote and easily filter oil down to 400 microns through their heavy duty stainless steel mesh.

They're 34" long, have a 5" inner diameter, and have a really cool handle built into the top to easily move them from tote to tote! Cleaning is a cinch too! Just pull it out, hose it off, and you're good to go!

You can also drop our popular bag filters into them and have a great easy to use bag filter canister!

These neat suction filters are perfect to add to a suction wand on a pump! They're available in two varieties. A 10 Gallon Per Minute and a 50 Gallon Per Minute capacity. The 10 GPM pump comes in 600 micron and the larger 50 GPM model will start out in 149 micron. 

They're 5.75" and 8.25" tall with 1" and 2" NPT female threaded fittings to allow them to easily attach to the end of an oil suction hose or wand. 

The heavy duty stainless steel filter mesh is pleated allowing for three times the filtering surface area of a standard filter. This means you can flow through the filter a lot faster than traditional non-pleated designs! The micron rating is currently available in 600 and 149 micron but we can custom build them to fit any micron range you might need.
Lockable Oil Collection Drum LidsWe've been hard at work developing a new locking oil collection drum lid over the past few months and it's finally ready! It features a massive 18" opening, the biggest of any locking drum lid on the market that's a full 5" deep! It utilizes perforated steel on the sides and bottom of the filtering grate which means it can handle massive quantities of oil all at once without splashing and without overfilling.
We even made a cool video where you can see the locking drum lid in action, see the cool locking mechanism, the awesome filtering grate, and how it attaches to a drum. Click here to see the video!
We also are excited to announce that we have a custom fitting 400 micron stainless steel filter basket insert available as an option too! This means you can filter oil right on site and because it's removable it can be cleaned without even having to unlock the lid!

Custom Fabrication Shop Open For Business!
We now have access to a complete fabrication shop! As such, we can design, build, and ship just about any kind of metal filter or fitting you can come up with!
Custom Fabrication Work
Whether it's a custom underwater filter designed for salt water, a replacement filter element for your equipment that you can't get anymore, or even a special stainless steel basket, chances are we can build it at an affordable price, get it built fast, and done right!

Our cool, new stainless steel drum filters, our sweet stainless tote filters, our stainless suction wand filter and our upcoming 55 gallon locking drum lid have all come out of this shop. 

We're also looking for great ideas for new custom products too! Do you have an idea for a filter you'd like to see? Contact us & send it in! 

Coming Soon! 
Our custom fabrication shop has been working on creating a really cool adapter plate that will allow you to connect any of our WVO Designs Monster Pump heads directly to a gas motor!

Pump Motor Mounting Plate Pump Mounding Adapter Monster Pump Adapter Plate
Once attached, it turns an already incredible pump head into a beast! In testing, we're seeing incredible flow rates! This will mean you won't have to source electrical power on site but instead can use a gas powered motor making the pump much easier to use behind restaurants.

These will be available to purchase shortly.
Improving Bar Soaps Made
From Biodiesel Glycerin
Biodiesel Glycerin Bar Soaps

by Rick Knicely from the Knice-n-Clean Soap Company 

Have you ever wondered how your biodiesel production process can affect the soap you make from the remaining biodiesel glycerin (BDG)?


If you have high titration oils you might be thinking about acid esterification to lower the titration of your oil and give you a higher yield of biodiesel. Well if you are a soaper this can also help you make better bar soap!

 Click Here To Read How!

Customer Spotlight - Kevin in Utah
Shortly after we started Utah Biodiesel Supply, we met Kevin. He commissioned us to build a huge double-water heater Appleseed; the biggest one we'd ever built. Kevin used the heck out of it but quickly outgrew it. Within a short time, Kevin purchased a BioPro 380 Automated Biodiesel Processor, and went to town making literally thousands of gallons of Biodiesel--now well over 50,000 gallons!

Recently, we were visiting his Biodiesel shop to test a new product and figured we'd do an interview of Kevin for our customer spotlight this month. 
His shop is amazing to see and shows just how easy it can be to make loads of Biodiesel using fairly simple techniques. Click the video link below to see our interview!
Customer Spotlight - Salt Lake City, UT - Making Biodiesel in a BioPro 380 - Utah Biodiesel Supply
Kevin at his shop in Utah
Be sure to check out all his finished Biodiesel just waiting to be fed to his fleet of Duramax diesels. He has an '04, '05, '06, and an '07 Duramax diesel pickups; all of which are fed 100% Biodiesel as often as possible!
Noteworthy Biodiesel Stories
& Customer Pictures

As always, we try to keep up to date with the Biodiesel industry as well as stay on top of cool Biodiesel related stories. We do our best to share these interesting stories on our Facebook page on a regular basis.


Here's the latest crop of cool stories you may enjoy...

Fuel Prices estimated to spike to record highs this year

Fixing every problem in a 6.0 Liter Ford Diesel Engine

Issues with Biodiesel and common rail diesel injection systems

Great pictures of a WVO Designs Filter Head installation

Driventosustain earns Guiness World Record for longest alternative fuel trip

Great article in The Economist on Biodiesel

Springboard Biodiesel wins prestigious National Restaurant Association Award for their BioPro EX line of automated Biodiesel processors


Lots of customer pictures!

We continue to receive great pictures from our awesome customers of their Biodiesel and production equipment! Stop by & check out all the great pictures that have been sent in in our Customer Pictures Facebook Photo Album (and if you have pictures, send them in & we'll share them with everyone!)


Biodiesel Pictures Online 

Check Out Our Facebook Page 

For Even More Great Biodiesel Stories 

and Customer Pictures! 

Refurbished Turnkey 6,000 RPM Centrifuge
Refurbished 6,000 RPM CentrifugeWe have a refurbished Turnkey Extreme Raw Power 6,000 RPM Centrifuge available.

It's been completely refurbished to "new" specs, has a new rotor bowl, a new control box, has a 1,000 watt bolt on heater and comes with a full factory warranty.

It was extremely lightly used (only had about 500 gallons of oil go through it) before it was returned due to it not being large enough for the customers operation. We had it cleaned up, fitted with a new bowl and power box, tested thoroughly and now have it ready for a new home! It's been discounted and is ready to sell. If you're interested, contact us, we're sure it'll go fast! 

Do you have a topic you'd like to see covered in future issues? We're always looking for cool topics to cover here so send in your idea! Send it to with the subject line NEWSLETTER SUGGESTION.




Graydon Blair

Utah Biodiesel Supply
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