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Jan 2012
Happy New Year!   
Welcome to 2012! We hope you all had a happy Holiday season and are enjoying the new year. We believe 2012 will be another great year for Biodiesel, and particularly for home-brewers!

We have a whole new batch of new products we're getting ready to release that make producing and using Biodiesel that much easier! We're excited for the new year and believe Biodiesel again will help lead the way in providing an alternative to diesel fuel! Thanks again for being a part of Utah Biodiesel Supply & enjoy this months newsletter!
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Ding, Dong, The Tax Credit's Dead!
Latest Batch Of New Products
New YouTube Tutorial Videos
Product Prototype: Stainless Tote Filters
New Oil Sourcing Forum
Noteworthy Biodiesel Stories & Customer Pictures
Used BioPro Classifieds
Ding, Dong, The Biodiesel Tax Credits Dead!
Biodiesel Reveiw Archive Title
On January 1st, 2012, the Biodiesel $1 per gallon tax credit expired....and I for one am thrilled!

Have you ever heard the statement, "We're from the government and we're here to help"? It's usually a sarcastic statement directed at a governments inability to really help out a cause and in most cases, it does more damage than good. In the case of the $1.00 per gallon Biodiesel blenders tax credit, I believe the statement fits extremely well.

Check Out Our New Products!
New Products
We've been busy over the holiday's getting several new products ready to be released! We've been working hard on filters and centrifuges, glassware & labware and new, cool kits for testing and analyzing your Biodiesel to help you make the best batches of Biodiesel possible!release!

Here's the latest products we have ready!
Stainless Filters For Locking Drum LidsLocking Drum Lids
We've created a custom stainless steel drum filter that fits our locking drum lids! The filter hangers are sized perfectly to go on top of a drum and still allow our popular locking drum lids to lock down on top of drum. So now you can secure the oil at your restaurant and filter it at the same time!

Want to run Biodiesel & SVO through the winter? Then check out this sweet heated fuel filter combo! We start with a fuel filter mount that is heated with engine coolant and then offer 12 volt electric fuel filter silicone heaters. 

Available in 100 or 200 watt and in 3 or 6 inches wide, they'll fit most standard diesel fuel filters and will help keep your rig running all winter long!
The heated mount and electric heaters can be purchased together in a kit or separately Stop by & check these bad boys out!

This pump is ideal for transferring Biodiesel through our dry wash towers! It's fully adjustable up to 300 gallons per hour and is made from chemically resistant polyethylene with teflon seals. 

Being powered by air pressure, you can safely use it in a Biodiesel environment! It utilizes 3/8" NPT ports and comes with hose barbs pre-installed. The air pressure regulator accepts 1/4" standard air hose. Check it out today!

We're proud to introduce an upgraded heavy duty professional heating element for our Raw Power Centrifuges This self-contained heating unit screws right into our bolt-on heater centrifuge heater housings and offers two separate heavy duty elements offering 1,000 watts of heat. It also includes a wider range thermostat (60 to 250 deg. F / 15.5 to 121 deg C), the ability to handle either 120 or 230 volts, and has it's own enclosure. This can be purchased as an option on new centrifuges or will retrofit into existing bolt-on heaters as well. Learn More Today!
Centrifuge Cone Booster
We now have a cool attachment for our Raw Power Centrifuges that improves the flow of oil into the centrifuge bowl! It attaches in the center of the bowl and ensures that all the oil gets directed to the side and that none of it splashes over. It can retrofit into our existing centrifuges or can be added as an option to new units. Check it out today!

We just received a new stock of Biodiesel glycerin soap bars! We now have Cinnamon/Oatmeal (our personal favorite), Orange/Rosemary, Wintergreen/Eucalyptus, Almond, and Lavender.

We completely sold out over the holidays due to their popularity! The high glycerin content moisturizes skin while cleaning extremely well! We use them as hand soap and bath soap and love them! It's a green way to get extra clean! And, if you buy 2 or more bars, we'll ship your order via US Priority Mail so it'll get to you fast! Get Clean Today!

50 mL Glass Burettes
Deluxe 50 mL Glass Burette Kits
When you want the ultimate in titrating ease of use and accuracy, opt for one of these babies! Just stick your titration container below the glass burette, fill it with titration solution, and slowly turn the stopcock on the bottom until your solution titrates.

The glass burettes have reverse numbers on them, so it's super simple to identify how much solution you used! Just look where the level is on the burette! The kits are available with one or two burettes, include a burette cleaning brush, a heavy duty burette clamp, a 250 mL filling bottle, and a heavy duty stand and rod. Pick one of these up & be the envy of all your brewing friends! Learn more here!

Updated Oil Titration Kits , Methanol Test Kits, Soap Test Kits
Deluxe Titration Kit Ultimate Methanol Test Kit Soap Test Kit Deluxe
We've added a handy electronic calculator to our Titration, Soap, and Methanol Test Kits so you don't have to go hunting for one when figuring out the final results! We've also updated directions on our titration and methanol test kits as well! Check out the links below to each kit!

Coming Soon!
Locking Drum Lids Biodiesel Reveiw Archive Title Locking Drum Lid
These lids will have an 18" opening, feature perforated heavy duty steel baskets with 3/8" holes, have a fully opening lid, and will be available with custom fitting stainless steel filtering baskets. They'll also have a locking ring to attach them to a drum that can be padlocked tight to offer great security! Stop by & let us know what you think
New YouTube Tutorial Videos
Biodiesel 27/3 Conversion Test - Tests completeness of the reaction - Utah Biodiesel Supply
Learn all about how to test your Biodiesel to ensure that the reaction went well. Daniel Bowen from Springboard Biodiesel explains how the tests works, what it indicates, and how to properly perform the test. When fuel is properly reacted, it will burn better in diesel engines. Learn more about the test here

Why Titrating Oil Is Important To Biodiesel Quality
In this video we show the results of three separate 27/3 tests and discuss how  titrating waste vegetable oil properly can effect the conversion process when producing Biodiesel. 

You can clearly see in these examples batches that failed (because not enough catalyst was used) and batches that fully converted (because titration was performed correctly).

Ever wondered about the difference between titrating with Sodium Hydroxide vs Potassium Hydroxide? In this video we titrate the same oil both ways. We also discuss how titrating oil for use in a BioPro can help save on the amount of chemicals you may have to use.

New YouTube Play Lists!
We recently created some great play lists for all the video's we have on our YouTube channel to help organize things a bit. Here's links to all of the play lists for your benefit.

In this play list, the videos cover the basics of Biodiesel production including the differences between SVO and Biodiesel, the chemistry of the Biodiesel reaction, titrating oil, and even make a mini-batch of Biodiesel!
This series of videos covers such things as making mini-batches, testing methanol purity, titrating wvo with Tumeric, testing Biodiesel for soap content, explaining how dry washing works, and even a video on how to properly flush a dry wash column!
Over the past year we created a series called Biodiesel Updates where we give commentary on the Biodiesel industry, discuss waste oil prices and how they effect Biodiesel prices, and introduce new products. As time permits we'll continue to add to this series.
This series contains video's of every presentation from last years Collective Biofuels Conference held in beautiful Duncan, Victoria, Canada. 
In this series we share many of the presentations from the Collective Biodiesel Conference when it was held in Golden, Colorado in 2008.
Yep! You guessed it! Videos from the Collective Biodiesel Conference from 2007! Many of the presentations are missing as this was our first year video taping and we didn't get all of them. Also, sound on some of these are a bit rough and the camera operators were definitely amateurs. But, enjoy!
As we get more video's edited, we'll continue posting them! Click the button below to go right to our YouTube channel and see what we have brewing!
View our videos on YouTube
Stainless Steel Tote Filters:
Should We Build Them? Let Us Know
Stainless Steel Tote Filters
We need your help again. We're looking at offering a cool, new tote filter.
It would be made from the same heavy duty stainless mesh as our stainless drum filters and would fit perfectly inside the large 275 gallon or larger totes!
Stainless Tote Filter Stainless Tote Filter
32" long with a 5" opening and a 6" Flange makes a perfect fit!
Included Handle Handle easily removes
Includes an easy to remove handle!
The filter can also be placed in a 55 gallon drum of oil to act as a filter for your oil suction wand to fit into. Just stick the filter in the oil, place the suction want in the filter, and you can pre-filter your oil down to 400 microns right in the collection drum! With it's large surface area it'll make filtering a breeze!

See video of the filter below!
Product Prototype: Stainless Steel Tote Filters
Product Prototype: Stainless Steel Tote Filters
We're estimating price on these to be around the $42-$45 range + shipping.

So, as with our Stainless Steel Drum Filters, we want to know what you think. Should we build them? Would you buy one? What changes would you recommend making? Let us know by replying to this email, clicking on this email link, leaving a comment on our blog post, calling, or any way you'd like. 
New Oil Sourcing Forum
There's a brand new online forum now available for sourcing and selling new and used vegetable oils. They have sections for all the states in the US and for countries all over the world.

Registration is free and open to all. They also have sections on general Biodiesel & SVO topics such as dewatering, filtering, and fuel blending. There's even sections for wind, solar, and other alternative energy sources.

Noteworthy Biodiesel Stories
& Customer Pictures

As always, we try to keep up to date with the Biodiesel industry as well as stay on top of cool Biodiesel related stories. We do our best to share these interesting stories on our Facebook page on a regular basis.


Here's the latest crop of cool stories you may enjoy...

Gas & Fuel Exports are top US Export

Smyrna, Georgia discusses their Biodiesel program on CNN

US Federal Court issues injunction against California Low Carbon Fuel Standard

Mahindra may not be dead yet! Planning a plant in Alabama in 2012

Headspace Desiccation (translated: drying Biodiesel w/ heat & circulation

Record-Setting motorcycle runs on vegetable oil!


Lots of customer pictures!

We've been receiving lots of great customer pictures the last couple months! Check out all the great pictures that have been sent in in our Customer Pictures Facebook Photo Album (and if you have pictures, send them in & we'll share them with everyone!)


Biodiesel Pictures Online 

Check Out Our Facebook Page 

For Even More Great Biodiesel Stories 

and Customer Pictures! 

Used BioPro Classifieds Now Available
Biodiesel Reveiw Archive TitleWe've had a used BioPro classifieds section on our Biodiesel Pictures website for a while now & keep forgetting to mention it here. It's been a really nice way for people to buy & sell used BioPro's. Most units listed are in good condition and could easily make thousands more gallons.

Depending on asking price, we see most units moving within a few months to a few weeks once an ad is placed. 

If you're interested in a BioPro but don't want to go brand new, then stop on by & see what's available.

You can learn more about each of the the BioPro's by visiting our BioPro pages on our main website. BioPro 150BioPro 190 | BioPro 380

Do you have a topic you'd like to see covered in future issues? We're always looking for cool topics to cover here so send in your idea! Send it to with the subject line NEWSLETTER SUGGESTION.




Graydon Blair

Utah Biodiesel Supply
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