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Nov 2011
Biodiesel Is Off To The Races!  
If you've been watching diesel prices the last few weeks you've probably noticed quite a jump. We're over the $4/gallon hump in many parts of the United States and prices are climbing around the world as well. If you've been making Biodiesel, you're probably smiling all the way to the bank. If you're just getting started or thinking of getting started, now is a great time! 

To help kick off this resurgence in Biodiesel, we're having our biggest sale of the year, our annual Black Friday/Cyber Monday Sale. Be sure to stop by the web site this Friday through Monday for some truly incredible deals! We'll also be bringing you a host of new products in the coming months as well. But for now, grab a chair & enjoy the Newsletter! It's time for Biodiesel Review!
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Black Friday/Cyber Monday Sale!
Test Your Methanol For Purity
Stainless Steel Filters Are Here!
Customer Spotlights & Success Stories
Understanding How Biodiesel Is Made
Noteworthy Biodiesel Stories
Black Friday/Cyber Monday Sale!

Biodiesel Pictures Online    It's Our Biggest Sale Of The Year!


We put nearly everything we offer on sale and discount it deep! From production chemicals and 

lab ware to centrifuges and filters. 

We pull out all the stops and give you the absolutely best prices of the year!


Starts Midnight On Thanksgiving And Runs Through Midnight On Monday

(11/25/2011 through 11/28/2011)


The link to the sale page goes live

on our main page at midnight Thanksgiving Day


Join Us! 

We'll See You There!

Test Your Methanol For Purity!
If you're into methanol recovery, or you're dealing with some old methanol that's been sitting around, or you just want to make sure that the methanol you buy is pure enough for Biodiesel, then stop by our latest tutorial article and learn how to test methanol for purity using one of our Deluxe Methanol Test Kits!

We walk you through everything you need to know to test your methanol and determine just how pure it is. We even have a cool tutorial video that you can watch to see just how easy it is to test methanol!

Why Test Your Methanol?
Methanol really loves water and can absorb it like crazy! Get too much water in your methanol and it'll screw up your Biodiesel reactions. It's just like using wet oil. All that excess water attacks the catalyst and reacts with the oil to make soap instead of making Biodiesel. Get too much water in your methanol and it'll create nothing but headaches (and a lot of soap too!)

So, if you're interesting in seeing what it takes to properly test methanol for purity, stop on by & learn how you can test that drum you have sitting in your shop!
New Stainless Drum Filters Are Here!!!
The stainless steel filter's 
are a reality. 
Based on the incredibly positive feedback you gave us, we've gone forward with getting the stainless steel drum filters made.
We'll be releasing them as part of our Black Friday/Cyber Monday sale, so be sure to stop on by & pick yours up!
Biodiesel Pictures Online
They'll be offered in 400 micron and 150 micron and can be had individually or as a combo pack together. 
Based on the feedback you sent us, we've gone ahead and made the 400 Micron filter fit inside the 150 micron filter so that you can have staged filtering at the same time!
Also based on your feedback, we beefed up the hangers on the sides of the filters so they can handle more weight than the prototype. The hangers are also oversized to handle more weight in the filter and in testing, these things are gonna hold up like crazy! 
The wire mesh we used is also different. It's a much stronger wire than we originally started with which means the filter material is going to be able to really hold up well. We were extremely impressed with how tough they are!
Cleaning is a breeze! We threw some really nasty oil at them (and I mean gross nasty with crackers & goo in it) and it filtered well and cleaned right up.
Biodiesel Pictures OnlineBiodiesel Pictures Online  

You can read more about the filters on the page we built for them. It doesn't have the pricing on the page yet as we'll be offering special introductory pricing on them at the sale this coming Friday through Monday. 

Customer Spotlights & Success Stories
We've had lots of great customer stories sent in over the past couple months detailing our customers Biodiesel success stories!

Check out the latest crop!
Biodiesel Pictures OnlineIn Gainesville, Florida, the folks that run the Alachua County HAZMAT drop off facility decided to get into Biodiesel and boy, did they jump in with both feet!

Starting off with a BioPro 190 Automated Biodiesel Processor, they began making Biodiesel out of the waste cooking oil that county residents were bringing by. From there they expanded into bringing a Biodiesel powered generator on board and can now power their facility using the Biodiesel they produce right on site! Talk about a great way to be green and save their county residences some green as well! They've been featured by the local media and recently even showed off their program at a local Gators game!!
Check out the rest of their story here!

Biodiesel Pictures OnlineHonduras Biodiesel Project
Deep in Honduras, a small Biodiesel plant has been brewing high quality Biodiesel thanks to the efforts of another one of our great customers and his brother!

They're powering a couple of diesel vehicles and plan to expand their efforts to more vehicles as they get their production up & running! We visited with them several times via email & phone and taught them the basics of making high quality Biodiesel and away they went! At first the brother was extremely skeptical, but after a few tankfuls of the good stuff, he was hooked and they've been making it ever since! Read more about their story here!

We've been fans of Turner Biodiesel for quite a while now and even sell their awesome Drum Cones and Drum Strainer/Funnels

Recently, they were commissioned to build a completely self-contained Biodiesel production research lab for the Chippawa Valley Technical College, which is in their state. This incredible trailer was built to show students and the public just how easy it can be to start with grain and end up with high quality, ready to use Biodiesel. Starting from one side of the trailer students can watch grain be crushed into oil and seed cake and then watch the oil get filtered using a turnkey oil cleaning centrifuge. From there the oil travels through a sock filter and into one of Turner Biodiesels heavy duty all steel Biodiesel processors. The oil is then reacted into Biodiesel and is stored right in tanks on the trailer. They even have a dispensing pump too!

But wait, it gets better! They're able to power the whole thing with a diesel generator powered by--yep, you guessed it! Biodiesel! How cool is that!

Do you have a great success story or even just some sweet pictures of your Biodiesel & your setup? By all means, send them in! We love to see and hear about your successes! You can check out even more great pictures from our great customers on our Facebook Page! We regularly post customer pictures and share success stories as often as we hear about them!

Keep the success stories coming! 
We love hearing them!
Understanding How Biodiesel Is Made

We recently had a school teacher call in and want to learn more about the chemistry behind how Biodiesel is produced. We put together a great email for her with lots of resources and links to great articles that explain the mystery behind that thing we call Biodiesel production and pulled out all the stops in putting it together (if you've ever called in & asked a question, you know how thorough we tend to be).


Well, instead of just keeping that email to ourselves and the school teacher, we decided to turn it into an article and post it on the Utah Biodiesel Supply Blog site. So, since we're all about sharing what we know, we figured some of you might want to hear about it as well. If you're interested stop on by & read for a spell. You may just learn something new about Biodiesel production yet.


Check It Out For Yourself

Understanding How Biodiesel Is Made


Noteworthy Biodiesel Stories

Thanks for being a part of the Biodiesel Review family! We hope you enjoyed this issue.

Do you have a topic you'd like to see covered in future issues? We're always looking for cool topics to cover here so send in your idea! Send it to with the subject line NEWSLETTER SUGGESTION.




Graydon Blair

Utah Biodiesel Supply
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