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Our current state director is David Muraki, the first former staff member to be appointed director.  David began his CCC career on January 22, 1978 as a crew supervisor and remained with the Corps until 1996.  During that time he started the CCC's renowned Backcountry Program, which he headed for 10 years.  In that capacity, he spent more than 60 weeks living out of a tent, supervising three trail crews in the backcountry of Yosemite National Park. Many of you may also recall David as the center director of the Del Norte Center.


His experience also includes many years with California Volunteers, formerly the California Service Corps.


David was appointed to his position by Gov. Schwarzenegger in 2007.


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Fortuna corpsmembers had a chance to meet Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger in January.  Schwarzenegger was visiting the city of Eureka to see earthquake damage after a 6.5 quake hit the area January 9. The photo was taken by the Fortuna Center's VISTA, Erika Stowe-Madison.


Some of you may remember other governors meeting with corpsmembers -- below, that's then-Governor Jerry Brown,center, in front of the 1530 Capitol Avenue headquarters. Then-director B.T. Collins is in the dark suit at right.

Right now corpsmembers based at the residential Camarillo Center are actually living at a former school in Oxnard.  But soon the new facility under construction will be finished, and if all goes according to plan, ready to move into this fall.


The work is about 95 percent finished, and once completed, will be home to 104 corpsmembers. It is a LEED-certified green building, with silver certification.

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As a certified green building, the center will include parking for alternative fuel vehicles, windows letting in significant natural light, a light-colored roof and a minimal impact on local water and sewer facilities.


On the perimeter of the site will be a "wellness track," or par course, and Chris will be meeting with people from Cal State Channel Islands to have students research and draw up each station. The course will be a part of the center's physical training program.


The aerial photo below dates from January 2009, with construction underway.  The other photo shows Center Director Chris Rochte and  Conservation Supervisor Juan Mercado with corpsmembers in front of one of the buildings.

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We recently heard from former corpsmember Shane Healy of Ireland, who was part of the CCC in 1988-89, in San Luis Obispo and other locations. He went to college in Colorado but returned to Ireland and participated in the Atlanta Olympic Games in CCC Alumni Logo1996, running in the 1,500 meters competition and making it to the semi-finals. He was later profiled in the New York Times.


Shane forwarded a copy of "IrishRunner 2010 Yearbook," which includes a nice profile on him.

 In the article, he says, "I may never have set foot on a running track but for the help I received as a member of the California Conservation Corps.  I was living in a homeless shelter with no work to sustain me when I was offered the opportunity to join the Corps.  I was just 19 at the time and learned a whole lot in my year in the Corps ... I was rewarded with a $1,200 scholarship and that started me on my journey into education and athletics."


Shane concludes that "the time is ripe" to set up an Irish Conservation Corps. "I believe that many of our troubled young people would respond to this type of disciplined and purposeful regime and would become better human beings in the process.


California State Parks Director Ruth Coleman joins CCC Director David Muraki and two Los Padres corpsmembers in putting the final touches on the installation of solar CCC Alumni Logophotovoltaic panels.  The panels are among the 31 the CCC installed at Montaņa de Oro State Park in San Luis Obispo County.


The two directors were on hand in December  to mark the completion of the effort and highlight the energy-saving efforts. The panels will provide up to 75 percent of the park's electricity needs.  At the same time, corpsmembers received classroom training in basic wiring and electrical theory and honed their green technology skills through the installation work.


Corpsmembers are slated to help with a similar solar installation at Morro Bay State Park later this year.

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Some of you may remember the early days of the CCC's solar program, and travelling to various State Parks to install solar panels.


Thanks to Field Operations Chief Mark Rathswohl for the photo above. Another photo and article were included in the State Parks newsletter.


David Marwil, one of the CCC's VISTA volunteers working at the San Diego Center in National City, is hoping to link up with former San Diego corpsmembers or those living in the San Diego area.  David wants to share some CCC "success stories" with current corpsmembers.  Contact him at or call (619) 409-4382, ext. 212.

If you're in the Watsonville/Santa Cruz area, two of our Monterey Bay VISTA volunteers are organizing an alumni panel for May 10 in that area.  They're looking for alumni who would be willing to talk to current corpsmembers about life after the Corps, challenges they may have encountered, and how they got into their present careers.  The panel will be held during the day.


The CCC's Monterey Bay Center, based in Watsonville, serves Monterey, Santa Clara and Santa Cruz counties and includes satellite operations in Salinas and San Jose.    


If this sounds like something you'd like to do, contact Gelsey Azhderian at

If you were on a Backcountry crew during your time in the CCC,  David Villarino (Kings Canyon, 1999), has a short survey for you.  David is doing his thesis at UC Berkeley on the effects, both short-term and long-term, the experience has on its participants. 
 To take the survey, just click on this link:

 For those who were corpsmembers in the last few years, you may still be able to take advantage of CCC and AmeriCorps scholarships.  CCC scholarships are available, for those who qualify, for up to $2,000 per year, within two years of your leaving the Corps.


The CCC scholarships can be used for both vocational and higher education institutions, for both part-time and full-time enrollment. You'll  need to apply through your former center's scholarship coordinator.


AmeriCorps scholarships ($4,725 for 1700 hours of work, also part-time awards) can be used for up to seven years after you leave the CCC.  AmeriCorps sends an education award packet after you leave the Corps with all the details.


Questions? You can e-mail the CCC's scholarship coordinator, Cassie Del Mugnaio at


For those former corpsmembers who served at least one full year or who are CCC graduates, and who receive a passing mark on an open, non-promotional state civil service exam, something to keep in mind.  You are eligible to have three career credits added to your score, regardless of the department.
Eligibility expires
two years after graduation (or five years, if you used a scholarship)  Those eligible should note this in a blank spot on the application form or in an attachment.  When you receive your exam results, the form should indicate if the career credits were included.

If you were at the Stockton Energy Center around 1982-83, you may have been a part of the group pictured here, who were honored at the Capitol by then-SenatorJohn Garamendi and others.  The photo was submitted by Steven Fultz, top row, right. 


And that's Ken Leap, who would later become a center director at the newly-named Delta CCC Alumni LogoCenter, in the front row.


Steve is now a staff

member at CCC

Headquarters, where he

is an Associate

Construction Analyst

in the Budget Office. If you

recognize anyone in the

photo, let Steve know at



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Patti Lynch is interested in reconnecting with SLO friends from 1978.  Contact her at



Jon Fortner is looking forward to reconnecting with CCC/CDF members from Butte County from 1984-86.  E-mail Jon at




Alfredo Canela worked out of the CCC's San Diego Center from December 1999 to December 2000.  If you were there at that time, e-mail him at




Tyroc Vineyard was at the Pomona Center from 1986-87, the CCC Academy in 1987, and a participant in the Katimavik Exchange with Canada in 1987.  You can reach him at




Cheryl Mooney would love to connect with some old friends from Oat Mountain,1982-83.  Contact her at




Richard Harmison is seeking to connect with corpsmembers who were at the Butte Fire Center in 1980. E-mail Richard at




Robert Fields was based at the San Luis Obispo Center from 2000 to 2002 and would like to hear from people who knew him:



If you might make a good alumni profile, or you have a suggestion (and contact information) for someone who might, let us know.  We're also looking for good photos that might be of interest to others.  E-mail CCC Public Information Ofifcer Susanne Levitsky at or call her at (916) 341-3145.


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