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Newsletter                 February 5, 2009 - 12 of Shevat 5769


Rabbi Noach Weinberg zt"l
My life has been torn apart by the passing of my uncle and Rebbi, Rabbi Noach Weinberg. Yet, I may not weep in my pain, and speak of my personal devastating loss without honoring my Uncle Noach ZT"L. I sit an abridged Shiva now for my Rebbi, and I remember.

The stories about him are endless. The number of people transformed because of him is too huge to count. But there is so much more: The words of the Torah weep for there is no one who reads her verses with the clarity of Rav Noach. The Chovot Halevavot - The Duties of the Heart - cries for him; "Who could bring his words to life and practical application as did Rav Noach?" Ezekiel the prophet mourns in heaven for a teacher who would read Ezekiel's words with such passion that we felt the Navi's presence? All the rabbis and teachers of Pirkei Avot stand at the Gates of Heaven to welcome Rav Noach who lived by their words and taught so many how to do the same, but they wonder, "Who will give them voice now that Rav Noach is no longer here?" The Rambam waits at the entrance to Gan Eden waiting to greet his great student who lived by the Rambam's words. And my father zt"l, my father has been waiting for his brother, his talmid, his best friend, who understood and appreciated him as no other.

Rav Noach related to God as a Father to all and devoted his life to repairing the relationship between Father and His children. Who else feels , as did Uncle Noach, God's pain over the distance between Him and His children?

May His Soul Be Bound Up In The Bonds Of Eternal Life

Rabbi Simcha L. Weinberg

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