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I had trouble sleeping last night. I was worried about someone near and dear to me who is ill. I was desperate to do something, anything to help her and alleviate her suffering. There was nothing I could do, so I got out of bed and opened a Bible and studied in her merit.

I had trouble sleeping last night. I was worried about a country near and dear to me that is under missile fire and is almost universally hated and resented. I was desperate to do something for her, anything to protect and support her. There was nothing I could do, so I rose from bed a second time and opened a Talmud and studied in her merit.

I couldn't sleep last night. I was worried about all the hatred and condemnation pouring out over a country that must fight for her life. I wanted to support her, but there was nothing for me to do. I took out a Bible and reviewed all the texts that give voice to God's promise to protect the Land of Israel. I gathered all the charity boxes in the house and sent a check for the insignificant amount to Friends of the IDF.

We worry for Israel. We suffer when we hear how many people all over the globe criticize her for fighting back against Hamas. Our stomachs churn when we hear of Jews joining in the worldwide criticism and condemnation of the bombing of Gaza. But, are we losing sleep? Are we far enough away that we can worry for a few moments and then redirect our attention elsewhere? Do we chant a few extra Psalms in the synagogue and then rush off to our lives as if all is normal? Have we raised our voices in support? Have we written to the White House and our representatives in Congress to urge their support for a nation under siege?

We have posted three short thoughts in the i-Basic: General Tools Section so we can have something to do when, hopefully, we cannot sleep. Land for Peace?   The Land of Israel  Gaza We Have also posted the English text of The Prayer for Israel's Soldiers and we have added an Essay on Jerusalem to help us with our Amidah.

A great, dear, and long time friend has contributed an essay on Responding to Tragedy I thank him. I am honored.

Staying Awake

Rabbi Simcha L. Weinberg

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