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Elementary Porn - 42% of ten year old children view internet pornography

In a study in the February 2007 Pediatrics, researchers found that 42 percent of a nationally representative sample of 1,500 Internet users ages 10 to 17 had been exposed to online porn in the last year. This study was completed five years ago, and since that time, unrestricted use of technologies by children has risen to a startling level of an average of 7.5 hours per day. Even if only a small percentage of this time is spent engaged in pornography, we could reasonably assume that children who use pornography are undergoing an epic shift in how they view sexual relationships, and relationships in general.

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Cris in the News

When children text all day, what happens to their social skills?

By Katherine Bindley for the Huffington Post on December 9, 2011

Rowan argues that we should be less focused on how kids are using technology and more focused on why they are using so much. "We are seeing very, very young children being given these devices to soothe them and to entertain them, and it's displacing the formation of the connection with the parents.
Cris's New Book
Virtual Child
Virtual Child - The terrifying truth about what technology is doing to children.



ADHD: Clinical Practice Guideline for the Diagnosis, Evaluation, and Treatment fo Attention-Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder in Children and Adolescents

New guidelines from the American Academy of Pedicatics Subcommittee on ADHD, Steering Committee on Quality Improvement and Management for Pediatrics on Dec 11, 2011

Unwanted and Wanted Exposure to Online Pornography in a National Sample of Youth Internet Users
By Wolack J et al for Pediatrics 2007; Vol 119,No 2, 247-257.
Researchers report 42% of children ages 10-17 use pornography.

Exposure to Internet Pornography among Children and Adolescents: A National Survey
By Ybarra ML et al for CyberPsychology and Behavior 2005; Vol 8, No 5, 473-482.
Children who use pornography are significantly more likely to report delinquent behaviour and substance use in the previous year, as well as depression and lower levels of emotional bonding with their caregiver.

Students take field trip to virtual rain forest without leaving the classroom
By Anne McIlroy, Science Reporter for the Globe and Mail on December 20, 2011
Students experience virtual nature.
Cris's subsequent Letter to the Editor "Wow Factor"

Web Pornography's Effects On Children
By Tori DeAngelis for American Psychological Association Newsletter November 2007, Vol 38, No 10, pg 50
Researchers report links between young people who access internet porn and unhealthy attitudes toward sex.
Cris's 201-12 Workshop Schedule

January 25/26, 2012 - Kamloops, BC
Parent/ Education and Health professional workshops sponsored by Boys and Girls Clubs
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January 26/27, 2012 - Salmon Arm, BC

Parent/Early Intervention workshops sponsored by Literacy Alliance.
Contact: Jennifer Findlay 250-833-1541

March 3, 2012 - Surrey, BC
School District and Professional workshop sponsored by Learning Disabilities Association of BC
Contact: Tania Wittal 604-591-5156

March 24, 2012 - Glenn County, Calif
Glenn County School District Conference sponsored by Child Care Resource and Referral
Contact: Joie Owen 530-865-1118

March 31, 2012 - Abbotsford, BC
Early Intervention workshop sponsored by Child Care Resource and Referral
Contact: Catherine Imbeault 604-850-7934

May 7, 8 & 9, 2012 - Vancouver, BC
Foundation Series Comprehensive
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Get kids moving to learn with the new
ZUMA Rockers by Virco  

Video Games and Your Kids: How Parents Stay in Control
by Hilarie Cash and Kim McDaniel
Cash and McDaniel detail how video gaming can become a serious problem and what steps to take to prevent it from happening.

The Shallows-What the internet is doing to your brain
by Nicholas Carr
Carr explores one of the most important debates of our time: As we enjoy the internet's boundaries, are we sacrificing our ability to read and think deeply.

The Child and the Machine - How computers put our childrens education at risk
by Alison Armstrong
Armstrong provides a framework for a long overdue public discussion about computers in elementary schools.
Videos / DVD's

The Autism Enigma Documentary on CBC's The Nature of ThingsDecember 8, 2011

David Susuki explores the role of gastrointestinal bacteria as a possible causal factor for autism.


Healthy Touch DVD by TCU Institute of Child Development

Explores research about touch and provides practical applications for adding healthy touch into daily lives.


Healthy Touch DVD  

by TCU Institute of Child Development

Building child-parent attachment and connection

using the Trust-Based Relational Intervention (TBRI).


Playful Interaction - Unlocking the mysteries of nurturing human relationships DVD  

by TCU Institute of Child Development


Details the importance of play and provides practical examples of playful interaction.


Dead Wrong - How psychiatric drugs can kill your child DVD documentary  

by the Citizens Commission on Human Rights

Tells the story of eight brave mothers, their families, health experts, drug counselors and doctors on the dangers associated with use of psychotropic medications by children.


Psychiatry - No science, no cures DVD documentary  

by the Citizens Commission on Human Rights

Features Dr. Thomas Szasz, Professor of Psychiatry Emeritus talking about inherent dangers associated with psychiatric diagnosis.


TVOParents is an awesome website for parents, education and health professions and great source of information on the developing child.

reSTART is a technology addiciton centre for children and adolscents in Seattle Washington, which has an awesome website with amazing resources.

Cris Rowan is pleased to announce the certification of three new dynamic Foundation Series Workshops Instructors:


Sharon Arndt from Saskatchewan

 Mina Lee from Alberta

 Pam Becker from Manitoba


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Cris Rowan is now offering private phone/Skype consultations as guidance for parents, educators, therapists, and government to manage balance between activities children need for growth and success with technology. Give Cris a call and find out how your organization can work to enhance child development.

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Child now use 7.5 hours per day of technology, at great cost to their health and academic performance. One third of children enter school developmentally delayed, and one in four children are obese. Child aggression is causing significant behaviour challenges in schools and homes, as evidenced by soaring rates of child behaviour diagnosis and use of psychotropic medications. Sleep deprived, isolated and illiterate, the ways in which we raise and educate new millennium children are threatening their very sustainability.

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Virtual ChildVirtual Child - The terrifying truth about what technology is doing to children

By Cris Rowan, pediatric occupational therapist.


Virtual Child documents the impact technology has had on the developing child, and proposes tools and techniques to manage balance between activities children need for growth and success with technology use.

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Workshops are offered in the following formats:

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Instructor training for Foundation Series Workshops places pediatric occupational therapists on the cutting edge as experts in the field of technology's impact on child development.


Instructor Training in Vancouver, BC - May 10, 11, 2012

OT's can now take the three day Foundation Series Workshops recorded webinars, and then travel to Vancouver, BC, May 10 and 11, 2012 for the two day instructor training with Cris Rowan and become fully certified to deliver these ground breaking workshops in their own communities.


Innovative team-based approach to manage balance between activities children need to grow and succeed with technology use.

Cris Rowan is now offering private phone/Skype consultations.

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