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Mounting research indicates significant problems associated with technology overuse by children. Children now use an average of 7.5 hours per day of entertainment technologies. Technology overuse by children is causally linked to developmental delay, sleep deprivation, obesity, attachment disorders, depression, anxiety, aggression, speech impairments, socialization problems, attention deficit, learning disorders and poor academic performance.

Why not try a Christmas Day unplug?

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Twas the Night Before Nannybots
Cris in the News

Just say no to keyboarding

By Rae Pika for the Huffington Post on November 2, 2011
Cris tells us, because today's children are spending so much time in front of screens and not on the playground, they don't have the muscle tone "integral for the development of motor coordination." She cited a 2009 study stating that, due to technology overuse, one-third of children entering school are developmentally delayed. The last thing they need is to spend more time in front of screens.

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Maternal Exposure to Magnetic Fields During Pregnancy in Relation to the Risk of Asthma in Offspring

By D Li et al for Archives of Pediatrics and  Adolescent Medicine Vol 165, No 10 October 2011
Finding provide new epidemiological evidence that high maternal MF levels in pregnancy may increase the risk of asthma in offspring.

Pulse modulated 900 Mhz radiation induces hypothyroidism and apoptosis in thyroid cells
By MA Esmekaya et al for Journal of Radiation Biology Vol 86 No 12 December 2010
Whole body exposure to pulse modulated RF radiation that is similar to that emitted by global systems for mobile communication (GSM) mobile phones, can cause pathological changes in the thyroid gland.

Selective Serotonin Reuptake Inhibitor-Induced Apathy: A Pediatric Case Series
By SP Reinblatt et al for Journal of Child and Adolscent Psychopharmacology, Vol 16, No 1/2, 2006
Two children on fluvoxamine (out of sample of 43) showed drug-induced apathy; neither had depressive illness.

Exposure Limits: The underestimation of absorbed cell phone radiation, especially in children
By Om P. Gandhi et al for Electromagnetic Biology and Medicine, Early Online: 1-18, 2011
When electrical properties are considered, a child's head's absorption for electromagnetic radiation can be over two times greater, and absorption of the skull's bone marrow can be ten times greater than adults.

Problematic video game use: Estimated prevalence and associations with mental and physical health
By Mentzoni RA et al for Cyberpsychology, Behavior and Social Networking Vol 14, No 10, 2011
Problematic use of video games was associated with lower scores on life satisfaction and with elevated levels of anxiety and depression.

Profanity in Media Associated with Attitudes and Behaviour Regarding Profanity Use and Aggression
By Coyne, S et al for Pediatrics published online Oct. 17, 2011
Results revealed a positive association between exposure to profanity in multiple forms of media and beliefs about profanity, profanity use, and engagement in physical and relational aggression.

National Survey of American Attitudes on Substance Abuse XVI: Teens and Parents
By The National Center on Addiction and Substance Abuse at Columbia University on August 2011
Teens viewing pictures on social networking sites of teens getting drunk, passing out, or using drugs are twice as likely to say they are very or somewhat likely in the future to use drugs, compared to teens who had not viewed such pictures.

Communication patterns and satisfaction levels in three-dimensional vs. real-life intimate relationships
By Gilbert RL et al for Cyberpsychology, Behavior and Social Networking Vol 14, No 10, 2011
Participants indicated that the quality of their communication was significantly better in their Second-Life relationships and that they experienced higher levels of satisfaction with their virtual partners.

New Research: Antidepressants can cause long-term depression
By Dr. Peter Breggin for Huffington Post on December 3, 2011
Since the 1990's researchers have known that there continues to be little or no evidence that anti-depressants are effective, and considerable evidence that anti-depressants would worsen depression and cause severe behavioral abnormalities. Why then does anti-depressant use continue to escalate, even with very young children?

Are Tablets and Smartphones good gifts for kids?
By Janelle Sorensen for WebMD on November 30, 2011
According to a new report from the Neilsen Company, iPads, iPod Touches and iPhones top the electronics wish list. But those clamoring to stuff their kids' holiday stocking with the latest gadgets would do well to ponder experts' warnings before buying one.

Screen Time Higher Than Ever for Children
By Tamar Lewin on October 25. 2011 for the New York Times
Despite the American Academy of Pediatrics longstanding recommendations to the contrary, children under 8 are spending more time than ever in front of screens, according to a study scheduled for release Tuesday.

Boys' poor results in reading feared to be spreading to math, science
By Kate Hammer for the Globe and Mail on November 29, 2011
Boys have fallen behind in science and lost their long-held dominance in math, and though the results are a Canadian first, the problem may be a familiar one: reading.

Cris Rowan's response published in Globe and Mail - Letter to the Editor "To tweet...or not"

Teenage video game players have brains 'like gambling addicts'
This study is the first to connect differences in brain structure and activity with frequent gaming.

Canadian Children drugged in record numbers - Atypical antipsychotics lead to complications
By Sharon Kirkey and Pamela Fayerman for the Vancouver Sun Nov. 14, 2011
From 2005 to 2009 antipsychotic use in children increased 114 percent with consequent complications of dramatic weight gain, tremors, and abnormal face and jaw movements. Antipsychotics are not approved by Health Canada for use in children under 18 years of age.

Health Canada warns public of increased risk of blood pressure with Strattera (ADHD medication)
Eli Lilly Canada Inc. together with Health Canada would like to inform patients and their caregivers of important information about the risk of increased blood pressure and increased heart rate with the use of STRATTERA (atomoxetine).  

Canadian Drug Agency supports drugs as first-line therapy for ADHD
Evidence-based recommendations support the use of stimulants as first-line therapy when treating adolescents  with severe ADHD.

WiFi links to autism and adhd
By Dr. Andrew Goldsworthy for EMFacts Consultancy on Nov. 9, 2011
Dr. Andrew Goldsworthy specifically explaining the risksto children from wi-fi in schools, and links to autism and ADHD among other health damages.
Film and Video Clips

Goodnight iPad
Cute rendition of child book "Goodnight Moon" by Ann Droyd

Play Again
Children spend 90% of their time indoors. Great film on the dangers of technology overuse and the benefits of nature.

Stop Psychiatric Labelling of Kids
Film clip by Citizens Commission on Human Rights about diagnosing and drugging children.

Drugging our children - side effects
Film clip by Citizens Commission on Human Rights about diagnosing and drugging children. 
New Products

Squeezease Therapeutic Vest
Squeezease Therapy has developed a new inflatable vest for providing deep pressure to the torso to help relieve anxiety and increase focus and attention, and are presently completing alpha testing for physiological measures such as heart rate, cortisol levels, etc as well as cognitive tests with and without the inflatable vest.  Click here for more info.

Book - Mrs. Gorski, I think I have the Wiggle Figets
Another great Adventures of Everyday Geniuses book by Barbara Esham
Cris's 2011-12 Workshop Schedule

January 25/26, 2012 - Kamloops, BC
Parent/ Education and Health professional workshops sponsored by Boys and Girls Clubs
Contact: Traci Anderson 250-554-5437

January 26/27, 2012 - Salmon Arm, BC

Parent/Early Intervention workshops sponsored by Literacy Alliance.
Contact: Jennifer Findlay 250-833-1541

March 3, 2012 - Surrey, BC
School District and Professional workshop sponsored by Learning Disabilities Association of BC
Contact: Tania Wittal 604-591-5156

March 24, 2012 - Glenn County, Calif
Glenn County School District Conference sponsored by Child Care Resource and Referral
Contact: Joie Owen 530-865-1118

March 31, 2012 - Abbotsford, BC
Early Intervention workshop sponsored by Child Care Resource and Referral
Contact: Catherine Imbeault 604-850-7934

May 7, 8 & 9, 2012 - Vancouver, BC
Foundation Series Comprehensive
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Cris Rowan is now offering private phone/Skype consultations as guidance for parents, educators, therapists, and government to manage balance between activities children need for growth and success with technology. Give Cris a call and find out how your organization can work to enhance child development.

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Child now use 7.5 hours per day of technology, at great cost to their health and academic performance. One third of children enter school developmentally delayed, and one in four children are obese. Child aggression is causing significant behaviour challenges in schools and homes, as evidenced by soaring rates of child behaviour diagnosis and use of psychotropic medications. Sleep deprived, isolated and illiterate, the ways in which we raise and educate new millennium children are threatening their very sustainability.

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Virtual ChildVirtual Child - The terrifying truth about what technology is doing to children

By Cris Rowan, pediatric occupational therapist.


Virtual Child documents the impact technology has had on the developing child, and proposes tools and techniques to manage balance between activities children need for growth and success with technology use.

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Instructor Training in Vancouver, BC - May 10, 11, 2012

OT's can now take the three day Foundation Series Workshops recorded webinars, and then travel to Vancouver, BC, May 10 and 11, 2012 for the two day instructor training with Cris Rowan and become fully certified to deliver these ground breaking workshops in their own communities.


Innovative team-based approach to manage balance between activities children need to grow and succeed with technology use.

Cris Rowan is now offering private phone/Skype consultations.

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