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Southern Producers Heifer Sale 
Over 300 locally-raised bred replacement heifers will be offered on Saturday, August 25th in Hattiesburg.
All heifers will be preg-checked by a veterinarian and scored for their pelvic measurements.
For details on the heifers, visit the T3 Brangus website or call Mike Keene at 601.606.7382. 
Beefin' up the Bulldogs

The Mississippi State Bulldogs enjoyed a great steak dinner sponsored by First South Farm Credit, MS Beef Council, MS Cattlemen's Assoc. and the Animal & Dairy Sciences Dept.
Learn @ Lunch: Economics

Each Tuesday and Thursday during September, cattlemen may attend the free online educational sessions from their own home or office.
Learn @ Lunch sessions provide practical knowledge for beef cattle producers of all types to enhance financial viability and improve farm management decision making.
Click here for speakers and webinar details.
Restaurant University
 Restaurant U
Restaurant University, sponsored by Mississippi Hospitality & Restaurant Association, provided an opportunity for chefs and restaurant managers to see the latest in beef menu ideas for their operations.
Quick, Easy & GOOD!

           Asian Beef & Noodles 


  Click here for a list of participating merchants.


RFS Waiver - Maybe

The National Corn Growers Association conceded last week that the federal government might - might - be justified in waiving its requirement to turn nearly 5 billion bushels of scarce corn into ethanol for the gas tank. That startling concession from boosters of the government-backed ethanol industry is brought to you by the drought of 2012.
Hot, dry weather continues to ravage America's agricultural heartland, according to a Chicago Tribune editorial. Recent showers in the Chicago area come nowhere close to making up the rainfall deficit.
The severe conditions in farm country have produced new resolve in policy and political camps who see this government program for the disaster it is. With any luck, ethanol's grip on official Washington finally will be broken.
The drought gives every American a direct stake in the ethanol debate. The cost of corn and other grain has soared along with the summer temperatures.
That in turn raises the cost of livestock feed.
In developed countries, prices for beef, pork, chicken, milk and eggs will be on the rise at the grocery store. In the poorest parts of the developing world, soaring grain prices lead to political unrest, hunger and, in the most extreme cases, starvation. 



Market  Notes  

August 17, 2012   

Dr. John Michael Riley 


Cash Cattle:
Stronger boxed beef prices helped push cash fed cattle higher for the third week in a row. Live trade in the Texas Panhandle was at $120/cwt, while in Kansas live prices were $121/cwt. Nebraska live and dressed cattle traded at $120-$121/cwt and $190/cwt, respectively. In Oklahoma City, feeder steers were $3-$5/cwt higher and feeder heifers were $1-$3/cwt higher. Calves in OKC were $2-$5/cwt higher for steers and heifers were steady to $2/cwt higher. Mississippi feeders steers and heifers were called at $1-$5/cwt higher. Cull cows and bulls were steady.



Live cattle futures were mostly steady this week. After getting off to a strong start prices slid late in the week. The increase in beef prices late last week and continuing into this week provided a spark on Monday and the nearby contract reached it's highest level since mid May. However, prices dropped hard in early trading on Thursday and even as the positive news flew in - strong export sales, weakening dollar, improving equities markets, higher boxed beef and higher cash fed cattle - it wasn't enough to overcome the steep early losses.
Corn futures ended the week mostly even with last week and have been trading in a sideways pattern since late July. Prices dropped on Monday mostly due to weakness in crude and energy prices. Some supportive news related to the ethanol market hit Wednesday and provided an offsetting boost.

Wholesale beef prices took off this week. Last week's prices were a solid improvement and the higher prices that started late last week and the trend continued into this week as prices jumped about $3/cwt on Monday for both Choice and Select. Prices continued to climb throughout the week. Choice wholesale beef finished with a weekly average of $190.23/cwt, up $8.77. Select ended the week up $7.54/cwt at $182.73  

ash price  



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