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Wax Junior Leadership Conference
2012 Making Tracks
2012 Making Tracks
Activities at the 20th annual Making Tracks ranged from AI to public speaking and from forages to a cattle working contest.
We thank the faculty and staff at Mississippi State University for their help with a great camp.
Ag in the Classroom
CattleWomen and Beef Council staff demonstrated the fat content of different grades of ground beef at the Ag in the Classroom teacher training sessions.
Participants cooked ground beef, ground chuck and ground round at sessions in Grenada, Jackson and Biloxi.
Following the program, over 200 attendees enjoyed taco salad at the three events.
Board Sale Deadline Friday
 Homeplace Sale
Consignments to the Mississippi Homeplace Feeder Calf Board sale are due by June 29th.
The sale will be held at Southeastern Livestock in Hattiesburg on August 6th.
This deadline is necessary in order to get the cattle videoed and have truckload lots advertised prior to the sale.
Download the online application or contact Mike Howell, 662 566 2201 or Mike Keene, 601 606 7382 for more information.  

BBQ-Rubbed Roast
  BBQ roast

Try Molly's Meaty Monday recipe for BBQ-Rubbed Roast.
Treat the family to a delicious roast this week!
Hinds Family Night
Hinds County cattlemen held their annual "Family Night" meeting at Brown Loam Experiment Station.
The event included the stick horse rodeo and other activities for the members' children and grandchildren.

National News

House Punts Ag Bill
Politico reports that having delayed a farm bill markup in deference to an agriculture appropriations bill due on the floor this week, the House Republican leadership confirmed Friday that the $19.4 billion appropriations measure isn't likely to come up either before the July Fourth recess.
Instead Majority Leader Eric Cantor (R-Va.) has assigned the first slot to a transportation appropriations bill which will be called up Tuesday night. Given the press of other legislation-and some annual social events for lawmakers-both the leader's office and the Appropriations Committee signaled that it is unlikely the agriculture measure will make it to the floor before the holiday.
House Agriculture Committee Chairman Frank Lucas (R-Okla.) was described as unfazed. But just days ago, Cantor asked him to delay any action on the farm bill precisely because of the conflict. Why the leader didn't follow through and schedule the agriculture appropriations first next week is unclear. But it is sure to feed into doubts that he and top GOP leaders really want to move on a farm bill this summer at all.

Policy News

NCBA Statement on Farm Bill
The U.S. Senate in a 64 to 35 vote passed the 2012 Farm Bill (S. 3240) . The National Cattlemen's Beef Association (NCBA) commended the passage of the legislation. NCBA Vice President of Government Affairs Colin Woodall issued the following statement.
"Like many of us who have a vested interest in this legislation (S. 3240), I was pleasantly surprised by the bipartisan efforts made to move this bill through the Senate very efficiently and without much partisan rhetoric. Both Chairwoman Debbie Stabenow (D-Mich.) and Minority Leader Pat Roberts (R-Kan.) should be commended for their leadership on this very important piece of legislation. Their transparency and willingness to listen to all vested interests was very refreshing for the National Cattlemen's Beef Association and other like-minded organizations. NCBA stands firm in our commitment to support this legislation.
"Although the amendment process was certainly concerning in its early stages, all is well for cattlemen and women thanks to their outspoken grassroots advocacy. This legislation, as written, incorporates all NCBA priorities. Bottom-line, there is no livestock title, conversation programs - specifically EQIP (Environmental Quality Incentives Program) - are maintained and the research title is sustained. All this is done with more than $20 billion in savings to the American taxpayer.
"We support this legislation and will continue working with the House to ensure amendments that would interject the federal government into production agriculture are left out of the legislation or soundly defeated. As we focus our efforts on working with the House Committee on Agriculture to ensure another version of this legislation that is positive for cattlemen, I must stress the importance of family farmers and ranchers being engaged in this process."


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Market  Notes  

June 22, 2012   

Dr. John Michael Riley 


Cash Cattle:
Cash cattle were lower again this week. Cash fed cattle were called at mostly $2-$3/cwt lower compared to last week.  In Texas, live prices were called at $116/cwt. In Nebraska, live and dressed prices were called at $115.50-$116/cwt and $188-$190/cwt, respectively. Despite the falling prices trade was light, but look for packers to start shoring up purchases next week to take advantage of the low prices in advance of the Independence holiday. Oklahoma City feeder steers and heifers were $2-$4/cwt lower; steer calves were $1-$4/cwt lower; heifer calves were $3-$5/cwt lower. In Mississippi markets, steers and heifers were steady, while cull cows and bulls were $1-$5/cwt lower.  


Live cattle futures barely improved, while feeder cattle futures suffered as a result of higher corn prices. Prices began the week drifting higher but boke mid-week and fell hard Thursday along with all commodity and equity markets. On Thursday, the Dow Jones Industrial Average dropped 250.82 points, it's second worse decline in 2012 on somber domestic and global reports. It is feared that proposed measures in the European Union will not be enough and, to make matters worse, the world's bright spot -China- reported weakening manufacturing productivity. The positive spin on this was crude oil futures dropping below $80 per barrel. Cash prices are still at a premium to futures, which has helped hold futures up thus far, but they have been dropping the past few weeks. Cash prices typically fall as we move further into the summer so, as the June contract sets to expire next week, expect the trend to continue.
Corn futures were on fire this week following Monday's Crop Progress report that, once again, showed the condition of the crop deteriorating. The pull back across all markets on Thursday impacted corn as well. The concern on the current (2012) crop are evident in the moves made by the nearby (July) and harvest (December) contract prices, where December gained about 50 cents/bushel compared to only 10 cents for the July contract.

Wholesale beef prices slid just a bit this week. Choice wholesale beef finished mostly steady with a weekly average of $197.45/cwt, down $0.37. Select ended the week at $180.38/cwt, down $1.82. 

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