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Hall of Fame Inductee
Dr. Gordon Hazard of West Point was inducted into the Cattlemen's Hall of Fame by another Hall of Famer, Jimmy Bryan. The entire Hazard family was on hand for the convention presentation. 
25th Collegiate Judging Contest
At this year's 25th Anniversary All Beef Collegiate Judging Contest, Oklahoma State University won the senior division and Redlands Community College placed first in the junior division.
The Dixie National event saw 144 students from 10 states compete in the contest sponsored by Miss. Cattlemen's Foundation, Arkansas Cattlemen's Association, Pfizer, First South Farm Credit and Ronnie Herrington.
Junior Cattlemen's Association
Miss. Junior Cattlemen's Association President Phillip Bridges presented the past-president's plaque to Katie Stanford while Peyton Williams, left, and Mack Mitchell look on.
First South Grilling Contest FirstSCHgrill

First South Farm Credit sponsored the Dixie National Grilling Contest where Scott County Cattlemen's Association's ladies team was the hands-down winner in the "showmanship" competition.
In their Crazy Heifer Grill and sporting faux fur costumes, the ladies performed their rendition of Aretha Franklin's hit "Respect", but with BEEF lyrics.
25th Calf Arrives

Dr. Louie Short called last week to report that his 26-year-old cow just had her 25th calf.
Short said he thought about selling out but couldn't quit before his cow does.
Hinds/BCIA Bull Sale
The Spring 2012 Hinds Community College Bull Test Sale and Mississippi Beef Cattle Improvement Association Spring Bull Sale will be held at noon, March 1 at the Hinds Bull Test sale facility in Raymond.
Interactive video distance bidding will be available in Verona and Batesville.
Click here for the sale catalog.

National News

When Anthrax or TB Strikes...

Southeastern cattle producers concerned about the financial impact a case of anthrax, brucellosis or tuberculosis (TB) may have on their farming operation can find a safeguard in a new partnership the Southeastern Livestock Network (SLN) is offering its members. SLN represents cattlemen and the state cattlemen's associations across the Southeast from West Virginia to Louisiana.
SLN has become a Member Services Partner with U.S. Livestock Producers (uslp) to provide unique warranty products to cattlemen, providing them with financial safeguards when faced with brucellosis and other catastrophic diseases such as foot and mouth, tuberculosis, BSE and anthrax.
The services offered by uslp give cattlemen in the SLN region control over four factors that can't be achieved by relying on the indemnification programs offered by USDA's APHIS program.
 Visit the SLN website and click on the uslp banner to learn more.  


Praise for Korea FTA

United States Trade Representative Ron Kirk announced Tues., Feb. 21, 2012, that the free trade agreement between the United States and South Korea (KORUS FTA) will be implemented on March 15, 2012. National Cattlemen's Beef Association (NCBA) President J.D. Alexander praised the announcement.
"NCBA was a key player in working vigorously to ensure passage of the trade pact with South Korea. We are pleased to see a smooth implementation process taking place and commend Ambassador Kirk for his steadfast commitment to expanding trade opportunities for farm and ranch families like mine.
"When the KORUS FTA is implemented, our competitive advantage will be secured. The KORUS pact will phase out tariffs on U.S. beef over the next 15 years and will make U.S. beef a more affordable and appealing choice for our valued Korean customers. This may very well be the most monumental bilateral trade pact our industry has ever witnessed.
"With increasing demand and tightening supplies, movement of the KORUS FTA should encourage cattlemen and women to think beyond the current prices for live cattle and think long term. Think about where demand is heading and look beyond the borders of the United States. Now is the time to retain heifers and rebuild what has now become the smallest U.S. cowherd more than five decades. In order to meet increasing demand, we have to have the beef. Now is the time.




Market  Notes

February 24, 2012
Dr. John Michael Riley 


Cash Cattle:
Cash fed cattle trade came to screeching halt this week after last week's strong advance. Bids and asks were about $6/cwt apart on Friday afternoon.  In Oklahoma City, feeder steers and heifers were $2-$5/cwt higher, steer calves were $4-$8/cwt lower, and heifer calves were $3-$10/cwt higher.  Feeder steers were $2-$10/cwt higher and heifers sold $2-$6/cwt higher in Mississippi markets. Mississippi cull cows were steady and bulls were $1-$3/cwt higher.


Nearby live futures were lower this holiday shortened week while late summer and fall contracts were steady. Prices were higher early in the week following last week's momentum and increased boxed beef, but sentiment moved to concerns about beef demand in the face of higher retail prices (and increasing fuel prices as well).  The weakness of nearby versus deferred contracts speaks to the current supply conditions. There will be more cattle in feedlots for the next few months due to liquidations across much of the drought stricken southern U.S.; however, once these are marketed the number of available cattle will likely be limited. There could likely be an influx of cattle from Mexico - as has been experienced in the past - but it is doubtful that these will fill the supply line adequately. Feeder futures were lower across most contract months on the week as a result of lower fed cattle futures.
Corn futures were lower on the week. Impacts of USDA's Outlook Conference continue to weigh on the market. USDA is expecting planted acres and production to higher this upcoming growing season which will help alleviate the supply crunch currently gripping the market. Corn futures were moderately higher the remainder of the week but could not overcome the depressed start.   


Wholesale beef prices were higher again this week.  Both Choice and Select made large gains on Monday and Tuesday before leveling off a bit. Choice finished the week at $195.42/cwt, up $6.38 from last week.  Select ended the week at $191.71/cwt, up $7.66.

Bull Sale
March 17th


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